Fox News may have finally met it’s match. EN24, which is a 24 hour Malaysian entertainment channel, which advertises itself as a news organization, is reporting that Iran state TV is running a story that Iran will pay a bounty of $80 Million for the head of Donald Trump. EN24:

In the propaganda war against the United States and its president, the Iranian mullah regime is now using a particularly perfidious tactic.

The state television announced during the broadcast of a funeral service for the killed terror general Ghassem Soleimani that $ 80 million bounty would be placed on US President Donald Trump. The one who kills him should receive this amount.

“Iran has 80 million inhabitants. Based on the Iranian population, we want to raise $ 80 million, which is a reward for those who get close to the head of President Trump, ” it said on state TV, Each Iranian should therefore donate a dollar to pay the amount to the alleged murderer.

If you listen to the tape, you can hear the words “million” and “dollar” followed by cheers. This is banana republic behavior and right up Donald Trump’s and Fox News’ alley. What’s intriguing about this, is that Trump’s entire appeal has always been as the rule-breaker, the one who will actually go there and say things that nobody else would dream of. He has gotten away with it, because the rest of the civilized world is not down in the gutter with him — other than Fox News. But Iran is. And so is their state TV. So Trump has met his match and we’ll see what a big, tough guy he is when he’s surrounded by opponents who will use his same low life tactics and then some.

Trump has always depended upon shock value and now he’s lost it. Now the only one who will be shocked as these events in the Middle East develop will be him. Anybody who has been watching the Middle East knows that this is standard fare. Trump’s about to get a crash course in third world cultures and he’s not expecting it. All he’s achieved the past few days is to exponentially expand the number of people in the world who hate his guts — and who are not constrained by civil standards from expressing it, and in his own crass terms. This will be like a slap in the face with a wet towel when Trump hears about it.

Trump has been protected from the harsh realities of the world his entire life. Against all odds, he managed to parlay his persona of the barroom drunk ranting about the ills of the world into being elected president. He has never grasped the full dimension of what he set out to do and he’s clueless about the responsibility entailed in the office he holds. Now, he’s made the most consequential decision of his playboy celebrity life, the assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

While Trump’s presidency may be faux and his concept of his actions no more than scripted maneuvers to impress the rubes, to get their vote, the Middle East is taking his action as seriously as a heart attack. All the veils are dropping right now and Trump is going to find out how just how real all this is and what he has done. To a man who has lived in denial and fantasy his entire life, and been able to create a bubble which would allow that, due to inherited wealth and a warped mind, things are about to get a lesson in cause and effect — something the rest of us start to learn at age three. One thing’s for certain, this isn’t going to get any prettier and it’s not going to be resolved by the commercial break or in next week’s episode. Donald Trump will not be able to handle this.

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p j evans

I can see the “80” in the text at the top of that tweet: the two characters at the far left of the first line. (They read left to right: 80.) (Numerals are the limit of my Arabic.)


Is this the decision of the state TV, of the secular Iranian government, or is Khamenei actually going to issue a fatwa against Trump?


Can we safely say that now Trump in the most hated man of the 21st century worldwide? I think he has exceeded Dick Cheney, so that’s something.


Finally! He has accomplished something by popular acclaim.

Clifford Ishii

Trump and the American people need to become Biblical Christians to endure and persevere.


Well, Trump may not be worth billions of dollars, but his fat head may be worth $80,000,000. What do you think the Iranians would do with it? Maybe give a quarter ounce of brain matter or powdered bone to everyone that donated to the bounty.

First, there is no sign that trump owns a mind, second, his permanent scowl, that only changes to a smile or grin is when he is being his usual cruel and sadistic self, hurting others, those children at the southern border must make him giddy just thinking about all those brown people that he kidnapped their children from and may never be reunited with their family … since the last number I heard was about 70 thousand children snatched and lost to tent cities and warehoused, who knows where, with all the tight security for the operators of the snatch… Read more »