Memo from Dems to Trump voters, in the hopes some of you have woken up:

Why are you so surprised?

You always knew that  he was capable of making dangerously selfish decisions that could jeopardize the lives of millions…or start another major war…or just gum up the oil producing Gulf…as long as they distracted attention away from his own personal problems…like Impeachment.

Which is why his order to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, the Middle East terrorist, is more than just another convenient distraction.

Obviously, Soleimani’s death and any ensuing problems are Donald’s fault, but in some measure, it is also the fault of our country’s voting population. We need a Congress, who understands that it is their role to declare war…not the role of an unguided Presidential opportunist. Donald Trump’s imprudent, undocumented and (probably) untrue claim that he has evidence to support the fact that his attack was necessary to prevent an “imminent” attack is an ill-informed risk not outweighed by its rewards.

Donald can rationalize just about anything. That’s why in his mind, “If we keep “picking “on him with our “witch hunt Impeachment”, he could even go to the next level with  a “nuclear option distraction”.

In case there is any slight amount of confusion about his state of mind, let’s be clear about his thought process.

This assassination is tantamount to Trump saying: “I am ignorantly proud to state that I am so stupid, selfish and cynically depraved that you (the public) can interpret this  impromptu “distraction” attack to assume that I might even create such a distraction, nuclear in nature, for example, to solve the North Korea “problem”…if my (Impeachment) problems get bad enough”.

Why would he do such a thing? Because he can…and as long as no one stops him, he will continue in his selfish, lawless, reckless ways.  And so far, no one has stopped him. He just keeps getting worse…from the Kurds to Ukraine and now this…and we (like Trump) have no idea how bad this is going to be.

Memo from DJT to his GOP followers…”NOT to worry folks…everything is going perfectly…just as I carefully planned.” “So, until further notice please do not be concerned if the “Left Leaning Fake Press” describes you as the Party who”:

“Fears the future…out of pure greed”… or the Party who is in danger of becoming  a

“Fearful, rural, ethnic white minority”…or whose behavior is

“Ugly, appalling and frightening…or weak, bitter and cowardly.”

“And for sure ignore the “Vulgarians” who simply describe you as “Chickens—t”…afraid of the “Wrath of Trump”.

“Just ignore all of the fake evidences against me and remain steadfast in your support of NO CONVICTION by the Senate.

Follow my lead faithfully and without fear or doubt, and your reward will come in due time.

You have my promise. My Perfect Promise.”

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At least he doesn’t have any valid nuclear launch codes. That is what really bothers him. He flunked his mental evaluation.


funny. but fantasy.