Julian Castro threw in the towel on his presidential race this morning, one year after he launched his campaign. He had problems of fundraising, and in a glutted field of candidates with higher name recognition, his campaign never really gained traction. Politico:


Castro is the latest candidate of color to end their presidential campaign, following Sen. Kamala Harris’ exit last month, and his departure is sure to revive concerns about diversity in the Democratic primary — he was extremely vocal in criticizing the way minority candidates are covered and treated on the day that Harris dropped out.

He also joined every other Democrat in the race in a letter to the DNC last month calling for the debate thresholds to be lowered to allow for more candidates of color on stage. And he’d previously gotten out in front of the field with a call for reshuffling the primary schedule so that it included more diverse states in the beginning of the calendar.

“Ganaremos un día!” Castro says at the end of the video, which includes the English translation in a subtitle: “One day we’ll win!”

We have had a lot of good candidates in this primary. With the exception of Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard, I would say that the rest have shown some good possibilities. Unfortunately, this is like the immortals on Highlander, “in the end there can be only one.” Castro was right not to drag it out any longer.

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8 Comments on "‘It Simply Isn’t Our Time’ says Julian Castro As He Quits Presidential Race"

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Cherl Harrell

It is sad that we are losing the younger, more diverse people as candidates.


Well, this sucks. But, the msm is getting what they want …


I’m sure it made sense but I am heartbroken anyway. I am disappointed that we are winnowing out all the diversity and hope someone chooses him as a running mate.
He’s right about the primaries, too. By the time we get to my state, a lot of folks are gone.

Well, for starters, this year has a pretty diverse primary schedule once you get past the initial month. As for his *whine* about “more diverse states,” it’s funny because who won the 2008 Iowa caucus? Why, that Black guy, Barack Obama. And Hillary’s win in New Hampshire was first muted by the very narrow margin and then effectively invalidated after John Edwards’ delegates were awarded to Obama following Edwards’ withdrawal a month later. So, the winners of the first caucus and the first primary that year (in overwhelmingly white states) were a Black man and a white woman. Then, the… Read more »
p j evans

I’d rather keep Castro than several of the other candidates. Maybe he can be the VP candidate.

Carol O
He turned me off during the first couple of debates with his attack mode, and as his candidacy went no where, I wonder how many others felt the same way. Same for Harris’ manipulative ploys against Biden and others. While diversity is a fine thing, what we really want is a good candidate, one that can win, regardless of gender, color or ethnicity. There is a lot of repair work that will need to be done once we get into office, and I’d like to see someone who has experience with government and knows how it’s supposed to work, and… Read more »