Evidence Trickles Out that Mulvaney Readying to Dump Trump


No one would fault Mick Mulvaney for sweating a bit over his exposure in the whole Ukraine matter. Makes sense. After all, if the worst happens, and Trump is deposed, Pence will surely pardon Trump “for the good of the nation.” But the pardon wouldn’t likely extend to Mulvaney, who may well end-up being blamed for the entire damned thing, inside a nation dearly wanting someone to suffer “real punishment” for the matter.

Mulvaney seems to realize this, and is attempting to take subtle steps to distance himself from Trump, fooling absolutely no one.

Wanna know what all this means? It means that the last chapters in the impeachment book haven’t been written yet, Kinda like the sequel to my novel, which has been 90% done for two years. I just cannot figure out if one of the characters has to die. Trump won’t die in this chapter in American history, but his dream of being the “chosen one” who is president for life, or even another year, might.

Anyway, Salon has Mick figured out, quoting parts of the New York Times article that I told y’all was a paradigm shift, just this morning: From the NYTimes as quoted by Salon:

Mr. Mulvaney is said by associates to have stepped out of the room whenever Mr. Trump would talk with [Rudy] Giuliani to preserve Mr. Trump’s attorney-client privilege, leaving him with limited knowledge about their efforts regarding Ukraine. Mr. Mulvaney has told associates he learned of the substance of Mr. Trump’s July 25 call [with Zelensky] weeks after the fact.

Let’s all say it together, both parts.

First: Bullshit.

Second: So what? Doesn’t mean he didn’t know everything and kept the plan moving.

Salon notes:

It sure sounds like Mulvaney is setting up the possibility of throwing the president under the bus, by suggesting that he was simply following orders, and that Trump and Giuliani were the only people who knew why those orders were being issued.

Riiight. Mulvaney not knowing “why” the orders were issued is about as likely as me winning the Nobel Prize for literature. Actually, I might well win it if I keep writing such clever analogies.


Salon dispenses with the bullshit by noting:

That story (Mulvaney knew nothing) rests on the premise that Mulvaney, Trump’s top aide, had no curiosity about why his boss was bucking a legal requirement to release aid that would boost Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Moreover, we’re asked to believe that Mulvaney continued not to be curious, even though Trump was already under a cloud of suspicion for his enthusiastic support of Russia, a hostile foreign power that just so happened to have illegally interfered with the 2016 election on Trump’s behalf.

To say nothing of the fact that Mulvaney stood at a podium, admitted what happened (after the fact, true) and told everyone to “get over it.” He did not, in point of fact, stand there and say; “Look guys, I wasn’t personally there, and I know that some of the appearances are not quite right, but there is going to be some politics in foreign policy, and I think that is all that happened here.”

(If I were Trump’s press secretary he would get in far less trouble)

Salon noticed the same thing, while noting that Mulvaney might be betting on people just having too many facts to really pay attention to minor moves made the White House chief of staff. Salon also takes a shot at the Times for even printing some of Mulvaney’s obvious lies:

Mulvaney’s “associates” referenced in the Times article are simply hoping that the short attention spans caused by our chaotic news cycle will cause people to forget that the chief of staff confessed on live TV less than three months ago. That bet isn’t a bad one, because the Times’ painstakingly credulous reporters repeat the claim that Mulvaney walked out of rooms where the extortion scheme was being discussed, while entirely failing to mention the Oct. 17 public confession.

He might have walked out of the room alright, just as soon as the meeting was over, he did not say.

Salon finally gets to the ultimate point:

The most likely explanation why Mulvaney’s “associates” are spreading this story of his innocence is because he is considering his exit strategies and would like to walk away unscathed by the role he played in all of this. He should absolutely not be allowed to do that.

Okay, let me make some assurances here. Mulvaney is not walking away unscathed. The left likes to beat the media around one hell of a lot, sometimes justified, but the media isn’t going to let someone walk away who A) admitted the quid pro quo on national TV, and B) scolded the reporters by telling them all to get over themselves. The media will do its job, and that job will involve reminding people, often, that Mulvaney was knee deep in this “drug deal,” as referenced by none other than John Bolton himself.

I don’t blame Mick Mulvaney for looking for an out. I just think he’s being a bit unrealistic. If he wants to walk away “relatively unscathed,” he needs to call a press conference. He should begin the press conference by admitting he made a massive mistake in judgment, tell the American people they are owed the truth, then tell the truth, and end by stating that he will be happy to testify to what he witnessed in the upcoming impeachment trial.

Trump’s presidency wouldn’t last another 45 minutes, and Mulvaney might be seen as somewhat of a hero. The news will be so explosive that it will take at least two to three days for people to remember that Mulvaney was one of the people most involved, likely set the entire thing up (Trump wouldn’t be competent enough to do it), be held accountable for his crimes, and take into account his mitigating factors at sentencing – and they would be considerable.

But there is no doubt that the quotes leaked by Mulvaney’s aides absolutely do evidence the fact that Mulvaney senses the walls closing in, and prefers to be outside those same walls when they slam shut.

Which is nice to know.

We will see if he is prepared to go far enough to actually earn his position outside those walls. For now, he’s squarely inside a trash compactor, not all that different from the one Luke, Han and Leia endured while screaming at poor C3PO.

Unfortunately for Mulvaney, he is the only one that controls the communication in this matter. And he’s gotta make a call pretty quickly. It sounds to me like he’s setting the stage to make it.

Which is interesting.


Peace, y’all – and I have been blown away by the support that y’all have given me lately, lots of moral support, even some needed financial, and a lot of appreciation for what we do. Thank you, I am humbled (and that’s not easy). I will do my best to keep earning your loyalty and doing the work that brings us together.


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Thanks Jason. Y’all are doing a fantastic job. Politizoom is the first thing I read in the morning. Mulvaney like Pompeo is another peace of crap racist tea bagger. I wish he would turn on Trump. However, tea baggers gave us Trump and they are reluctant to throw their toy in the trash.


I look for them to blame the failure of their movement on Trump once it’s safe enough to do so.


“Bullshit.” As I was reading the first few paragraphs of this, that is exactly the word that came to mind.


Sounds better if you imagine it being said the same way Chris Pine said it in Star Trek.

p j evans

(Which one? there are three.)


Sorry, the first one.


Thanks Jason. Another great article. I have long dreamed of someone on trumps staff calling a press conference, and laying it all out. It would never happen, unfortunately.

On the other hand mae, think like what Mulvaney’s struggle with the truth, just laying there means for Trump’s non-survival, but possible crawl through like this post shows, a simple public reveal on the podium where Mulvaney actually made his original pronouncements COULD solve the whole deal, AND if Pence tried to pardon Trump, Trump would forever be, “GUILTY as CHARGED”, but pardoned, that factoid would screw Trump’s mind, narcissism, into mashed potatoes … so I think a pardon would injure his perfect mind, something he could not overcome, especially if reminded of it constantly in the media … There… Read more »
Cheryl Lawrence

Following orders is not a Nuremberg excuse. If you take orders willingly from a twitler, you are charged using the pre knowledge of where the trains are going and what they do to old ladies when they get there.


It feels like this square snowball is starting to round itself out. Giddy up.


What’s happening to Mulvaney will eventually apply to all other enablers and subordinates of Trump. If there is ANYONE who isn’t protected from the upcoming fallout of this maladministration, it’s them. I look for most to all of the loudmouth supporters to get the OJ treatment, which can be summed up by a headline I saw after his acquittal: “Not Guilty Doesn’t Mean Welcome Back”.

p j evans

Mulvaney isn’t at all innocent. He’s trying to escape from the consequences of his own actions.


Never said he was, just pointing out that he can’t escape the blowback because Trump will not protect him.


Mulvaney is slime. He still owes 2.5 MILLION for a judgement against him for screwing a business partner. You know, everyone that ever screwed me in business was a republiCLOWN. I hope these losers burn in hell for eternity.


‘..if the worst happens, and Trump is deposed, Pence will surely pardon Trump “for the good of the nation.” ‘ All the more reason to reiterate the need to impeach Pence before Trump.

p j evans

Mulvaney is implicated up to his front hairline. With him running both OMB and WH staff, he could do things like this without others finding out (at least not immediately).