Report: Trump in Major Trouble in Mid-West State He Had Won Big, Broader Problems?


It took Republicans and their need to please Trump to invent the term “electoral college landslide” to describe one of the closest elections in American history, one in which Trump came in second with respect to total votes.

I find it critical to remember how narrowly Trump won, because it is easy to forget. He governs like he was unanimously elected, and anyone arguing otherwise is citing “fake news.”

Thus it is, that when AP has a report that Trump is in major trouble in Iowa, a state he won comfortably, it is extremely significant. Per Rawstory:

In 2016 Trump easily defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Iowa, wrapping up 93 of Iowa’s 99 counties, but times have changed.

According to former Democratic Gov. Tom Vilsak, “They’ve gone too far to the right and there is the slow movement back. This is an actual correction.”

Umm, only if you view “too far right” as synonymous with “insane” and “tariff-crazed.” Iowa has perhaps suffered the greatest damage under Trump’s “easy to win” tariff war with China, and I suspect they don’t appreciate it.

But the damage is not coming from the agricultural communities so much as from the suburbs and exurbs.

“Iowa’s metropolitan areas, some of the fastest growing in the country over the past two decades, have given birth to a new political front where Democrats saw gains in 2018. The once-GOP-leaning suburbs and exurbs, especially to the north and west of Des Moines and the corridor linking Cedar Rapids and the University of Iowa in Iowa City, swelled with college-educated adults in the past decade, giving rise to a new class of rising Democratic leaders.”

The consensus is that “Iowa is in play.”

Iowa has only six electoral votes, and will likely not swing the election on its own. But the lesson is in the emerging importance of those darn suburbs, with those college-educated people who aren’t as racist, watch the news and don’t particularly like Trump. Iowa has growing suburbs and it is giving Trump’s campaign problems.

Wanna know another state with lots of suburbs and soccer moms that aren’t racist?


Yes, Texas. It has become increasingly purple, and though no Democrat has won Texas since LBJ, the 2020 Democratic nominee has a chance at winning Texas for the same reason that Iowa may be in play. Simply put, Texas swung way to the left in 2018, and may be poised to go further in 2020.

The state’s increasing competitiveness is due in part to its diversifying population, since people of color are more likely to support Democrats. The Census Bureau data put the state’s Hispanic population at nearly 40 percent. Trump is also struggling to win over higher-educated and wealthier voters in the suburbs. Immigration will likely continue to be a top issue for voters in the border state.

When you put Hispanic immigrant children in cages, and then campaign in a state that is 40% Hispanic, you are going to have – deservedly so – huge problems. And here’s the good part, if Texas goes Democratic, forget Republican presidents for a long time. Texas has 38 electoral votes, second only to California. The reliably Republican nature of Texas has almost offset the advantage that Democrats have in California. If Republicans now lose Texas, or even have to significantly invest in Texas, the entire dynamic changes.

We keep going back to election issues because history has taught us that it is just so damned hard to defeat an incumbent president when the economy is “good.” We can argue whether the economy is actually good for most Americans, but it is perceived to be good. This puts us as Democrats behind the eight-ball, even with an impeached candidate coming in to 2020. Even one as awful as Donald Trump.

We all need to do what we can to ensure that Trump is removed. Nothing is more important to the future of this nation. We are doing what we can here, at great financial expense to us on staff. It is that important. Everyone needs to do their part, and thus it is always motivational to hear some good news. I figured you’d appreciate some on a lazy Saturday.

On that note, I think I’m going out to catch some bass with my little girl, in the lake behind the house. (One nice thing about living with Granny, the giant spread of property, with two lakes and 200 acres to explore. We love our fishing derbies, especially since we’re the only two that ever fish the lake. And we throw everything back. So it is easy.

Two fish each, biggest fish wins. Winner gets bragging rights and decides what’s for dinner. It takes about 20 minutes.

I’ll be with you later.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom




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Cherl Harrell

Basically, it sounds like the young, educated types aren’t buying the BS Trump is selling. Definitely good news. Another bit of good news, is what I read today. That congress is working on a bill to enact sanctions against China for human rights abuses, specifically the Uiger people. (please correct if misspelled) The report says the bill has bipartisan support. So, we shall see if they actually do stand up to the dictator in chief.


I believe it’s Uighur, actually, and yes, that IS good news. As to the kids, even the young, angry fascists aren’t following Trump’s lead. A group of them known as “groypers” booed Don Jr. during his book tour and have designs on seizing the Crossroads PAC for themselves from the GOP fossils.


How can the Republicans criticize China when this administration separates families at the border without so much as a ‘that doesn’t seem right’?
I am a white boomer born 5 miles from the Mexican border. My high school class was 85% hispanic. Ninety nine point nine percent of them are better human beings and citizens than the trump clan.


Hypocrites are never short on either sanctimony or excuses, CAZ.

p j evans

It’s probably mostly the Ds driving this bill.

Bryan W

Cheryl, Bareshark, it’s actually irrelevant how its written because the writing doesn’t match how they pronounce their name. That would be Ooyoor. The “g” is never pronounced and the emphasis is on the second syllable “yoor”. Since they write in turkic letters I couldn’t possibly tell you how THEY spell it, just that how we do it in latin letters doesn’t yield the correct pronunciation, which is definitively NOT “Weeghurs”. I spent a week in their capital Kashgar, in 1994, following Marco Polo’s route along the Silk road. They are a truly interesting and welcoming people.


History is only applicable, I say, if enough of the right conditions apply. Trump has done a lot of table flipping on many of the typical conditions or the Dems would never have retaken the House nor a Democrat Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat in Alabama (the Doolittle Raid of our era, as I call it). Combine Trump’s problems in Iowa with the possible fallout of his remarks in Michigan and Texas is looking less like a pipe dream all the time.


Manufacturing has had a down turn two quarters in a row. That is not good. No one wants to talk about that. Manufacturing is in a recession.

As a person that does not adore and watch the regular programming on tv, when I watched the bank of self-made millionaires, (sharks), examine and listen to the inventor’s demo and explain their ideas and prototypes, the first thing out of their mouths, was, “TAKE IT TO CHINA”, a frustrating and disturbing part of the current monetary monster that runs our country, owns our politicians and sends production away from our shores ….. It’s ALWAYS about the money, it’s why DJT is where he is, AND one of the reasons he is faltering … the big money boys riding on… Read more »
old grey dude

Carter won Texas in 1976.