Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not your most informed, and certainly not your classiest player in the world of right wing political mania, but this is beyond the pale even for her. She mocked Joe Biden’s stutter, and immediately deleted the tweet when Twitter blew up in her face. She told Biden that she “didn’t know” he had a stutter. Three presidential bids, eight years as vice president, and how many years before that as a senator — and this is new information? But it does make sense, if you think about it. If you’re going to support Trump as wholeheartedly as she has, you have to be oblivious to who’s who and what’s what, even as he is. That’s the whole trick to Trumpism, stay in your bubble and stay ignorant, keep the blinders firmly in place, because once you get some information, you won’t be able to stick to your ridiculous talking points anymore, and the game’s over. And on this occasion, she really stepped in it.

Twitter piled on with comments about SHS’s weight, her “Picasso eyes” that don’t match, all kinds of things, asking her “how do you like it?” This was don’t dish it out unless you can take it night for Sanders.

I think SHS deserves everything she has gotten tonight, and more. The last straw for me was when she lied about Jim Acosta “striking” a “young intern” — and when all was said and done the video was doctored, sped up, and the woman in question was not an intern, but an employee of the White House communications office for a number of years.

SHS is cut from the same bolt of cloth as Hanoi Hannah and Tokyo Rose. She’s a propagandist par excellence and she plays dirty. She was playing dirty with Biden tonight and she got caught. Too bad. I have zero compassion at this point. Not after all the lies that poured from the podium when she was press secretary. Maybe she should look up compassion, too, when she’s looking up empathy, and maybe it will begin to dawn on her why she’s so reviled.


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3 Comments on "Hucky Boo Boo Sanders Mocks Joe Biden’s Stutter, Turns Tail When He Calls Her On It"

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If Sarah Hillbilly Goebbels was good a propagandist as you implied, Ursula, she’d have avoided saying something this stupid. But noooooo, the defective clone of Ms. Piggy (not a slam on Ms. Piggy herself; I always thought she actually had a good heart under the abrasiveness, unlike SHS) had to show off the fact that she’s still a recovering brain donor.


She is supposed to be an adult, she is a mother, her true self shines through. I actually forgot about her, too.


I do believe she conistently mis-spells her last name – there would seem to be an ‘l’ missing – SLANDERS