Andrew Romanoff is set to do a run-off with John Hickenlooper, for the Democratic ticket in Colorado, running against incumbent Republican Senator Cory Gardner. Hickenlooper is pro-fracking, Gardner is a rabid climate denier, and Romanoff has produced one of the most moving political ads I’ve ever seen in my life. It puts me in mind of “Daisy” a :30 spot in the 60’s which warned about nuclear war. Watch the piece in it’s entirety. It’s only 4:16 long. To say it’s food for thought is an understatement as extreme as the threat of undealt with climate change itself.

This spot must have pushed Cory Gardner’s buttons, because this was his reaction.

There are none so blind as he who will not see. I just love these Republicans who deny proven facts and regard science as a matter of opinion. Sweet Jesus. Wonder if Gardner thinks the earth is flat, too, or round, but just 6,000 years old? Ya spose? Or he doesn’t think about it at all, he just cashes the checks from the oil companies? It will be interesting to see if Colorado stays blue and votes out Gardner and against Trump in 2020. Very interesting. A race to watch, to be sure.

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Yes, but we need centerest. My god the weather here is nothing like when I was growing up. We have yet to have much of any winter. And I just don’t want to go outside in the summer. Can’t breath. Used to have a foot of snow every year. Oh well. God sent us Trump so everything is OK.

We had a couple of bad winters at the top of the decade around here. If the long-term forecast is on point, we’re about to get another one next year. There’s no longer any true spring or fall, just an arm-wrestling match between winter and summer that makes the temperatures swing wildly. Summers are unbearable, 100 percent humidity meeting 80 to 90 degree heat. The only safe time to go out is at night. The old folks around here want to hide behind “God’s will” but I know better and so do they. They’re leaving the world as a hellish… Read more »
John Thierry

Kill the RepubliKLAN party. Burn it to the fucking ground.


Cory Gardner is somebody my mother is looking forward to voting out of office next year. And yeah, that ad does have strong echoes of Daisy. It’s a potent reminder of why giving up was never a serious option.

I’m reminded of the time, on one of my remote job assignments, working in Tucson, AZ … 117 degrees at night, 120+ daytime, staying in a motel with individual combo heat/air conditioners in every room, I was on the second floor, decided to go up to the office for a couple candybars and a cold pop … the hallways did not cut through to the office portion so I had to go outside my door, walk down an outdoors stairway to a ground level cement walkway up to the office … the roar of the air conditioners hanging out from… Read more »

Andrew Romanoff ran for Senate against Michael Bennett; Obama came to CO to push for Dems to elect the Third Way Blue Dog Bennett instead. (Yes, very irritating.) Between then and now, Romanoff has been working in mental health field. So interesting Cory would choose to call him “insane” — I think the word he was looking for was “truthful.”

Living in Mexico
I am a Colorado native and long time Democratic activist now retired in Mexico, but I still vote in Colorado. I first met Andy Romanoff at a town hall meeting hosted by my then State Senator Ken Gordon in 2000. I was so impressed I went home and woke my husband to tell him about the amazing young State Representative I had met. I told him “I have just met the future of the Colorado Democratic Party and I am sooo encouraged.” I have not changed my mind. If you have a little money to spare – bad time I… Read more »