Sen. Schumer Throws First Curveball of Trial: Wants Mulvaney and Bolton on Stand


Senator Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Mitch McConnell today, requesting the production of certain withheld documents as well as the testimony of Mick Mulvaney and Ambassador John “I’m not your drug dealer” Bolton.

Politico reports that:

“In a letter sent on Sunday evening to McConnell, the majority leader, Schumer says Senate Democrats want to hear testimony from four administration witnesses, including acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton,”

Granted, there is almost no chance of that happening. But it definitely won’t happen if one doesn’t ask, or demand.

“There is almost no chance Senate Republicans would vote to subpoena those witnesses without assent from the White House and calling their own preferred witnesses.”

Who might those preferred witnesses be?

Adam Schiff? As I have said before, they best be real careful in calling Schiff, who would be smarter than Trump even if you implanted Google in Trump’s brain.

Joe Biden? Now they better be realllly careful. What if Biden actually showed up? What if Biden showed up and was afraid of nothing? What if he showed up to “defend my son, and my good name. Ask me whatever question you want.” What then? Biden would make or break his campaign in one afternoon. High stakes.

On the other hand, it would be an opportunity to take Trump out with a clean shot. On the other, he could go down in flames. But I would put my money on Biden, since he’s been there before, and likely didn’t do anything wrong. The Republicans are simply counting upon Biden to do what they would do, turn and run away, crying.

In effect, Biden would be saying: “I’ve got nothing to do with this. Yet here I am, ready to answer for my actions. Speaking of answering for one’s actions, where the hell is your coward?”

So Schumer’s letter might be a smart move. Demand the witnesses who are most relevant to the inquiry. After all, as we’ve discussed before, all Schumer needs is three Republican senate defections, and he controls the process. Three Republican senators from purple states facing election, who can hide behind “Well, I didn’t vote to convict with that vote, I just wanted to hear from the key people.” Not likely, but not impossible.

This is a great move by Schumer. Worst thing that can happen is Republicans say “No,” and continue to look like nothing but an instrument of the Trump administration, not the least bit interested in adjudicating the truth.

I would like to see more moves like this. Put as much pressure on the Republicans as possible. The Republicans’ pre-determined verdict in this matter liberates Democrats to throw these curveballs. If Democrats cannot win removal, they might well educate the public. The public will see that Republicans won’t do anything their Supreme Leaders doesn’t approve – and then they act accordingly, like automatons, or the Borg, only not as good looking.

Resistance is not futile. It is the opposite.


Peace, y’all

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Yep, two can play this game. Very good, Senator Schumer.

p j evans

Schumer seems to think that the Rs want an honest Senate trial. He’s somehow missed the various Senators, from Moscow Mitch on down, who have already say they won’t vote to convict, regardless of witnesses they won’t hear and evidence they won’t see.


He hasn’t missed it, P J. It’s just that when you sell people on the idea that you’re the actual adult in the room, it helps to pile on the evidence for the thesis. Also, recall Nadler forcing the vote on his timetable. Got a feeling that we’re going to see more technicalities being used here.

Nick Sullivan

I’m baffled as to how and why the GOP gets to decide who can be called as a witness. We ALL want to hear what those two dirtbags have to say …and we have to ask permission? How is this even called a ‘trial’?


Very simple answer, Nick: they currently control the Senate. So…be reasonable, expect the unreasonable response and exploit the latter later.


I would love to see them call Adam Schiff. Wouldn’t miss that for the world.