Nation Absorbs New “Devastating,” Fox Poll, Repubs Running


We reported over the weekend on a new Fox News Poll indicating a slight rise in the support for both impeachment and removal, with now fully half of Americans believing that Trump needs to be removed from office. The zoo crew at Morning Joe (actually, I like the show) broke down the importance of the numbers as the House readies to take its full impeachment vote: Via Rawstory:

“Fifty-three percent think President Trump abused the power of his office, 38 percent do not.

48 percent think he obstructed Congress. 34 percent do not,” she continued.

“And when looking at other charges, House Democrats could have brought forward as articles of impeachment against the president,

50 percent think that President Trump obstructed justice, 37 percent do not, and

45 percent think the president committed bribery, 37 percent do not

“They are devastating up and down the line,” Scarborough chimed in. “My gosh, you look at all of the numbers. I’m still stunned by the top number; 50 percent still want him impeached and removed from office, only 41 percent don’t. You know, 4 percent want him impeached but not removed.”

More and more, it appears that the lies about how “horrible” this has been for the Democrats are just that, lies:

“Bill Clinton never got into the 30’s on impeachment and it just — I just think about the Republicans that have been running around telling everybody, and also the Trump hacks who work for online newspapers running around writing columns saying that this has been horrible for the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi. Those numbers are devastating up and down the line for any politician, Republican or Democrat alike.

To be sure, those are devastating numbers, but as I’ have said before, the Republicans live in an electoral college world, where they don’t care if half the nation thinks Trump should be removed. They only care about the numbers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. We don’t have those specific numbers, but the trend – always increasing support for impeachment should worry Republicans.

Moreover, a new report from Politico highlights the fact that the trend is impacting Trump’s re-election chances, as state candidates and state party-workers increasingly separate themselves from Trump.

Barring their way is a lack of support at the state level from establishment Republicans who don’t want to be associated with the president and are tending to their own careers.

I find this quote particularly scary, because whenever I hear that “normal rules don’t apply to Trump,” I think about all we still don’t know about his support from Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia:

“How after everything — abysmal polls, the 2018 midterm debacle, this week’s impeachment — is a second-term even a possibility?” the report asks. “The belief that the usual rules of politics simply do not apply to this president — whether due to political dark arts or some kind of cosmic destiny — is one of the only things that unites Trump loathers and Trump loyalists

Political dark arts is one way to put it, flat cheating on a massive scale is another. We know this, if there is a way to cheat on the election in a manner that helps Trump, he’ll do it.

The Politico report states that the Trump campaign near admits that it won’t win the popular vote, and could actually lose it by double the amount it lost last time, possibly by five to six million. Yet they hope to retain small majorities in key states. This terrifies me, because – again – this is where manipulation of all kinds thrives, specific pressure in specific places being the key to success.

I am really not sure this nation could take a scenario where Trump loses the popular vote by 5-6 million and yet is re-elected.

Yet the Trumpers cannot even count upon electoral college success. Trump has demoralized so many in the old GOP guard in these states that it has left “loyalists” to do the work of getting out the vote. These loyalists may not even know what they’re doing:

“Trump, meanwhile, is facing demoralized ranks among some establishment GOP figures in the states, who won’t be doing much to help his cause,” the report states. “It is far from clear the Trump loyalists who took their places are first-rate, and even in the best of circumstances it is hard for either party to get previous non-voters or infrequent voters to the polls.”

One would hope there are built-in disadvantages to appointing people to posts based upon loyalty, not effectiveness.

But all in all, we start the week with two surprisingly good reports, and I suggest we take them and hold them tightly. Once Trump is formally impeached, and everything gets tossed over to the Senate, literally anything can happen. The only thing we know is that it will be brutal and particularly ugly.

No matter how pre-determined we’re told the results must be, the trial still involves an attempt to remove a sitting United States president. It will not be pretty, not matter how just the cause. So, keep these reports close, our heads high, and hearts open.


Peace, y’all

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We don’t, strictly speaking, live in an Electoral College world, Jason. Do recall that Senators enjoy no such protection and that the last few years have proven that if voters can’t touch Trump, they WILL take it out on his stooges and enablers. THOSE elections, not Trump’s, are what the likes of McConnell and Graham have to be thinking about right now. They may be secure but I doubt folks like Gardener and McSally are.

Cherl Harrell

If Trump loses by 5 to 6 million votes and gets re-elected, I’m pretty sure there will be rioting in the streets. Not just demonstrations, but rioting. It may not do any good.


My mom has said much the same of late. Personally, I think people are just TIRED of Trump and his neverending drama. Assuming we don’t get a candidate who can be more hated than him (read: the REAL reason why Boris Johnson just got his majority in the UK), that may well be enough.