The Commander in Chief Sets an Example: Racists in Academies


I don’t have a lot to say, other than this is heart-breaking. Our military academies are supposed to educate the best of the best of us. Yet in this day and age, when the commander in chief is openly proud that he’s against political correctness (which leaves only political incorrectness), I suppose this shouldn’t surprise us.

From Business Insider:

Officials from two of America’s top military academies are investigating the intentions of students at both their schools who flashed hand symbols associated with “white power” while on national television, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Service academy students from West Point and the Naval Academy were seen giving the “OK” sign behind ESPN’s Reece Davis during a pre-game show for the annual Army-Navy football game

It is all so disappointing. You would think that fighting alongside one another would stamp out any racist thoughts:

Not much to say.

I guess Stephen Miller will approve.

Speaking of Stephen Miller, he still works in the White House, so I don’t see any reason why these never-will-be men will be disciplined.



Peace, y’all

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Cherl Harrell

This partially explains the news report that Trump was greeted with cheers. Very disappointing to see this in our military.


I’m glad there’s going to be an investigation. They need to be booted from their academies.


If they are disciplined, trump will probably jump in take care of it for them.


Sadly, you are probably right.


Sure would call attention to the academies and their management, upperclassmen, and officials that built these fine units up from many years of hard work …

Damn, Trump reduces everything he talks about, touches or just points at with that sneering grin of his … to the less than normal, a sad and impotent man …. trying to swim in a river of mercury …


If they don’t get booted, we are back to 1967 when service academies would not accept black cadets.

p j evans

The first one looks like his hat is a couple of sizes too big for his head.
(I was annoyed by the number of people claiming that these “gentlemen” were playing a kids’ game. It’s not one that was played in my schools.)