Oh No! the Boss Infuriated by Fox, Interviews Schiff and Comey


Well, well, well.


The lord of the Right is not happy with the medium of the Right. I suppose Trump is practicing being “Putin” and since polonium shakes are not in Trump’s current repertoire (yet), Trump must resort to his favorite weapon, his mouth: Via Rawstory:

“Hard to believe that Fox News will be interviewing sleazebag & totally discredited former FBI Director James Comey, & also corrupt politician Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff,” Trump said.

Sleazebag and corrupt.

How he doesn’t choke on those words as they roll down the marble ramp from his brain to his mouth is beyond me. The current Webster’s dictionary must have Trump’s smiling picture under both words, or it’s “discrediting” itself.

But two aspects are more noteworthy.

First, and most obviously, I doubt there’s ever been an American politician, or person, more comfortable expressing his entitlement to be de facto programing director for his “news” station of choice. Trump’s first commandment to Fox: “I am the lord your god, you shall have no guests before me.”

Second, how snowflake is it that it discomforts Trump so, for “his” audience to hear views not pre-approved? The “discredited” Jim Comey? Discredited by who? I am not a huge Comey fan (who is?) but when I think of “discredited” people, I think of folks that get spanked by porn stars, three months after his new wife gives birth to a baby son and then has to pay a fortune to get said porn star to keep quiet about it all, such that the he is not “discredited” with the evangelical right that normally would find it “discrediting” behavior. That would discredit a person in my eyes.

One might also point to someone who holds up $400 million in aid to get a foreign country to fake an investigation into one’s political opponent and gets his ass impeached for it while hiding all the evidence as “discrediting” his word?

“Corrupt politician?” Holy ships. We don’t have time and the internet doesn’t have enough memory to itemize corrupt acts by …

“Fox is trying sooo hard to be politically correct, and yet they were totally shut out from the failed Dem debates,”


I will resist the temptation to write an entire treatise on political correctness run amok.

It is so ironic that Fox has done far more to assure its viewers it is anything but “politically correct.” Moreover, Trump using that phrase while believing it extends to booking guests (!) just goes to prove for the millionth time that Trump doesn’t have the slightest clue what the phrase entails. Regardless, even without any familiarity with the phrase, he manages to live life proving he hates being correct, political or otherwise.

But hey, any rancor between Trump and Fox is to be encouraged. Division in the Trump camp can only help that camp populated by the “anyone but Trump” folks. That camp is far more fun anyway, especially on Saturday night.

Might I add, when it gets right down to it, the biggest snowflake around is that one that melts hearing words insufficiently praising him. Has it ever occurred to the MAGA heads that they’re led by a big baby, terribly terribly afraid that the MAGA heads might hear something that makes them reconsider?


Peace, y’all


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Cherl Harrell

Trouble in toyland! How dare Fox air anything contrary or not approved? tsk tsk tsk


Because they’re over the age of five at Fox, yes, Jason, it’s occurred to them. I see this as more of Trump’s acting out. He’s getting impeached and nothing is stopping that. Not even the Senate likely acquitting him is enough to make up the insult. So he’s trying to take it out on others. Look for more of that in the New Year.


Dimwit Donny is going to become even more unhinged over the coming weeks.
A possibly frightening and undoubtedly comic prospect.

DJT INSISTS on being stupid, everything he does is self aggrandizing on the biggest scale and most everything he says is wrong AND a lie … it is scary how the whole world is laughing AT Trump, the despots as well as our former friends that have been screwed by Trump idiocy, his total lack of knowledge about any thing to do with world trading and claims such, “wonderful crap about our true enemies in north Korea and the Arab paradise in the desert …”, even as they butcher people or kill americans in detention centers … So, he does… Read more »