Trump Responds to Impeachment His Way: He Is Perfect Opponents Hoaxers


The president approaches microphones after the House Committee votes on articles of impeachment on party lines:

“What I want the American people to know, what I want the Congress to know, is that I am profoundly sorry for all I have done wrong in words and deeds,

The apology is issued despite the fact that the impeachment vote went along straight party lines. The president had cover from his own party, yet still found it in himself to act with contrition.

The president is Bill Clinton, 1998, in the exact same position Trump finds himself right now.

Now picture Trump, again facing a House committee vote along straight party lines: (A real quote)

“It’s a scam,  It’s something that shouldn’t be allowed and it’s a very bad thing for our country. … I watched the Democrats and the committee make fools out of themselves.

Trump being Trump. A man with such little self-awareness that he will only accept association with positive developments, indeed every positive aspect of American governance relates to, or result from him This is a man who has never once owned up to his behavior, not once.

Indeed, Trump is so incapable of remorse, introspection, circumspection or contrition, that he welcomed Rudy Giuliani to the White House just yesterday. Yes, on the day that the House committee voted articles of impeachment for demanding Ukraine interfere in our election, and on the day Rudy returned from his latest trip to Kyiv, Trump was busying himself to do more Ukrainian/Russian mob dirty work of the type that got Trump in the trouble he’s in now.

That is who Trump is. You think he’s been wrong, he’ll do it twice as strongly just to show you he doesn’t care.

And that is the tragedy and nation-threatening danger in all this.

Democrats have limited means to stop this president, or even temper his actions into something approaching normality. Impeachment is coming. But the ultimate outcome seems preordained. Due to Trump’s Saddam-like hold on his party, he’s never been more sure or secure. From his point of view, the only people risking anything are those “scum” hoaxers that dare to question his perfection. Perfection is not hyperbole, Trump believes in his infallibility more than he believes in the importance of money.

That is another danger.

Impeachment will have no deterant impact on the man who knows he controls every Republican vote in the Senate, similar to Stalin’s hold on votes in his committee. Similarly, Trump “knows” that every vote against him represents nothing more than people who question his greatness and are upset he was voted president in the first place, voted in an “electoral college landslide,” a ballsy term for a guy who lost by 2.8 million votes.

If the act of impeachment can do nothing to curb Trump’s self-adulation, than nothing can.

He doesn’t care about the Senate vote, so long as it is only Democrats against him. The human scum. Now if a few Republicans peeled away, that is an entirely different story. Then his anger will explode through the roof of the White House. Nothing infuriates Trump like disloyalty by others against him. Disloyalty is only properly used by Trump to save himself from others.

Trump is so sure of the loyalty owed him, that he will likely be impeached formally by the House on Wednesday, yet just yesterday Trump was bragging that Rudy has “good information.”

Whatever information Rudy has, it didn’t come from an American. Nor did it likely come from a lawful Ukrainian in the current government.

When truth is no longer a factor, good information is literally everywhere. Really great information is for sale by those who don’t care about truth, either.

Unlike Clinton, Trump’s response is to prove he’s invulnerable by pushing the exact offense harder. Contrition? Humility? Embarrassment? Pffft. Like always, you hit Trump, he’s going to hit back four times as hard, just to teach you a lesson: “Don’t even try to tell me what to do, or punish me.”

It leaves the Democrats feeling part of a modern Shakesperian play. They could have ignored it all, complained, but did nothing, keeping Trump in is toes and afraid. Or the Democrats do all they can with impeachment to send a message, possibly throw Trump out of office – through impeachment or later election.

With Trump more sure than ever that he can’t be impeached, even for blatant violations of law, Democrats and the public will now face Trump unleashed. He will use dark money from forces all over. He will use Russia, and China and Saudi Arabia and anyone else who might help him win, the price being American policy at fire sale prices.

At the risk of sounding like some uber-confident know-it all, someone with a lock on truth and uniquely gifted in the ability to prescribe the best course of action for Democrats, in other words, at the risk of sounding like a lefty Trump, but for months now readers heard me cry out for the need to gather everything, all of it, all information out there against Trump.

It was the only thing that made Trump nervous, the fear as to what the Democrats had. Wondering if the Democrats had “the” stuff, the unforgiveable stuff, the prison stuff.

At least for now, as we enter the week during which Trump will be formally impeached by the entire House, Trump knows they don’t have it. So there he sits, the anti-Clinton, bragging his ass off, whining like a little bitc …, and moving harder at gathering illegal and untruthful evidence.

In other words, nothing has changed. Yes, his legacy will have changed. But Trump has never acted as though he cares about the legacy he leaves, only the money.

Meanwhile, somewhere out there, the true ties to Russia sit, awaiting to be found, awaiting the day that the unforgiveable information hits the fan.

We are left to wait, also.


Peace, y’all






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Think about it like this: impeachment is a no-lose situation for Democrats. Imagine how shitty and terrible Trump will be. With every attempt at holding him accountable, he slips through and does something even more egregious.

He’s going to piss off a lot of voters. Those voters will go to the polls and be much more like to vote a straight Dem ticket.

Boom! There goes the Senate. Maybe even filibuster proof and maybe even 2/3. Reintroduce impeachment and hold a quickie trial.

Lone Wolf

But he’s the president and he can do whatever he wants, because he said so, TWICE! President Pumpkin Spice Pol Pot can go sit on his golden toilet, and get another golden shower.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

‘…his anger will explode through the roof of the White House’…I wanna waaaatch!!!