This “Process” Argument Works Both Ways


I believe in the rules. If you don’t have rules, there isn’t a game.   Lawrence Sanders   Timothy’s Game

The House Republicans, as well as the White House and Glorious Bleater, have spent the last three months whining incessantly about the “process” of impeachment. First they whined about the Democrats opening an impeachment inquiry without holding a floor vote, until the House held a floor vote. Then they whined about not being able to call witnesses in the House Intelligence Committee hearings, ignoring the fact that the House Intel hearings were “investigative” hearings, doing the job that should have been done by a Special Prosecutor. Then they whined about the closed door depositions, ignoring the dozens of closed door depositions they themselves did during the Benghazi investigation. Then they whined about the “inflammatory” televised open hearings. And finally, they bitched about Judiciary Chair Gerry Nadler stealing their thunder by calling a recess before the actual impeachment vote, after they wasted 14 hours trying to ensure that the vote took place “in the dead of night.”

If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the facts are against you, argue the law. And if the law and the facts are against you, scream and pound the table. That pretty well sums up the last three months for the GOP in defense of The Mango Messiah. Since the facts prove that His Lowness violated the constitution, they have spent the last three months in a desperate attempt to muddy the waters, and sicken people with the process. But that strategy may be about to backfire on them, if the Democrats play their cards right.

Last week, Brian Williams had Real Clear Politics editor AB Stoddard on The 11th Hour. In the segment, he asked her to put her “bumper sticker hat” on, and create a bumper sticker slogan to help Democrats continue to attract the white suburban women that helped them to turn the tide in 2018. Stoddard replied that while she was miserable a slogans, in her many varied conversations with women all over the country, of all stripes and parties, what they worried about most was the way that Trump was tearing down the norms and functions of the government, such as in ditching our allies, and denigrating law enforcement and intelligence. She said that if the Democrats wanted to keep these women, they should concentrate on Trump’s continuing destruction of the functions of government.

In other words, key in on the process, the very thing that the GOP House has been pissing and moaning about for the last three months. Hammer home their continued attempts to subvert and demolish the very processes that they themselves put n place for the Clinton impeachment, as well as the Benghazi investigation. Remind people that when asked if he preferred a short or long trial in the Senate, Trump said I can do it any way  want. Since when does a defendant get to pick the method of his own trial

And now, the Democrats have their poster children for this argument, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham. Leningrad Lindsey has already declared that the entire House process was a total sham, and that he has no interest in hearing a single thing they have to say, Trump is good to g as far as he’s concerned/ And Yertl the Turtle went on Hannity to ensure the slobbering Trump base that he’s actively coordinating the upcoming Senate trial with the White House counsel, to assure the proper outcome.

This is exactly the kind of wall-to-wall-fuck-all arrogance that has infuriated people with Trump and the GOP since day one. You know, the operative word in the phrase “suburban soccer moms” is moms. They have children that they’re trying to teach right and wrong, and fairness and civility, and how do they do that when the President is insulting everybody his oily eye lands on, and his party is literally gaming the system?

Trump and McConnell’s arrogance could come back to burn them, and badly, because there are ways of dealing with this. One option that was discussed on MSNBC this morning was the fact that once the House votes on and passes the articles of impeachment, there is no set time schedule for the House to forward the to the Senate. The Democrats can demand that the actual rules for the Senate trial be hammered out and agreed upon with all necessary votes before the articles are forwarded to them, ensuring that the trial does not end up being the sham that McConnell is promising. They can play both McConnell’s as well as Graham’s public comments, and then demand that they recuse themselves not only from being on the Senate jury, but from the entire process. And they can remind McConnell that until the trial actually starts, there is nothing to stop them from voting on additional articles of impeachment to forward to the Senate at the proper time.

You want to jazz your base through the roof for the 2020 election? You want to make sure that those suburban soccer moms stay energized to continue to vote the way that they did in 2018? Then shine the brightest spotlight that you can find on this scam, and don’t turn it off. Tell people that this isn’t politics, it’s cheating, and trying to cheat in the 2020 election is what His Lowness is about to go on trial for. A trial that he now wants to cheat at to make sure he doesn’t pay the piper. This is something that is Geico caveman simple, and is guaranteed to enrage everybody but Trump’s EEG flat line base.

The fact of the matter is that the Democrats have Trump and the GOP back on their heels right now. The House GOP’s reaction to Nadler pulling the plug on a 1 am vote Thursday night is proof of that, their squeals of outrage were music to my ears. They are so used to pulling away the football with impunity, that they can’t believe it when Charlie Brown starts kicking them in the ass on the follow through instead.  Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey were more than happy to go before every camera that they could find, to low like cattle about the lack of “fairness” in the House Democratic process. Let’s see how they like it when the shoe is on the other foot for a change. Riddle me this, Riddler. How do you stonewall against fairness?

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Jerry Nadler is smarter than Doug Collins, Gym Jordan, Steve Chabot, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz and James Sensenbrenner — COMBINED.

Yes, given how we’ve heard Republican screeching about the “unfair” process for weeks, we need to turn the tables and relentlessly dog Mitch McConnell in particular for how HE is proposing to totally sabotage the process and de-legitimize any acquittal of Trump.


Looks like repubs are just plain stupid people


What is this ” Lawrence Sanders Timothy’s Game” supposed to mean? It makes no sense at all.


Lawrence Sander’s book is called “Timothys Game.”


This is so filled with typographical errors that it turned me off from reading all of it.

William Bockemuehl
Thank you. I have also been saying this, but to have Justice Roberts remove them from the jury (hadn’t thought about the rules bit), and then, if the result won’t be acceptable, not bring the impeachment to the trial. He WILL be impeached, and they won’t be able to say ‘Not Guilty”. Heather Richardson Cox also shared, yesterday, the oath the the GOP was requiring the Senate to swear to prior to the Clinton trial. “in 1998, the Senate developed quite detailed procedures for a Senate impeachment trial (they’re really weirdly detailed, like they are a film script). One of… Read more »