New Reports Trump and McConnell FEUDING Over Witnesses


Well well well.

After writing about three articles over two days about how Trump and Mitch McConnell are oh so simpatico over this upcoming trial in the senate, we now have word that … maybe not so much.

Trump will find a way to have his way.

That is okay, Mitch. One can only work under Trump for so long, maybe fifteen minutes, tops, before finding himself utterly cursing the fates that brought the two together.

It would seem that our two heroes of the right have reached an impasse over who to call as witnesses in Trump’s defense in the senate.

You know what Trump wants. He wants the shitshow extravaganza to end all trials, like literally, the type that would have most of the U.S. clamoring to never have a trial again, only a thumb up or down by Trump. Trump wants a trial that will punish others as much as he feels punished. He feels very very punished for being so perfect.

Details out of today’s New York Times:

Trump would like to see former Vice President Joe Bidens’ son Hunter called to testify along with the whistleblower whose report led to the impeachment inquiry. Additionally, the president wants to House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to take the stand.

Sorry, but that is just so gd damned Trump, I almost get misty over its perfection. Forget phone calls, this is the perfect call. Nancy Pelosi could not have less to do with a trial in which Trump fights for his presidency. Yet he wants her there, answering questions about … not sure, we’ll figure out “about what!” later. He just knows he’s extremely pissed off at Nancy Pelosi and he’s going to show her who’s boss, that’s for damn sure.

Hunter Biden? Hunter Biden took a job for which he wasn’t qualified. It was stupid and corrupt, just like all rich people who get jobs on boards to have their name on the board. But, it was not, and still isn’t, against the law. Not for nothing, but it’s also wholly irrelevant. Hunter Biden could’ve taken an illegal job in rhe First Order, fighting Rea with a pre-owned light saber, and it would be irrelevant if Trump broke the law while investigating Biden. So, what is Hunter supposed to testify about? Shup up!!

Only Trump, and I mean only Trump, could get caught abusing the power of his office, attempting to set up an extortion scheme in which he tried so hard to make Joe Biden look bad, and then when Trump goes on trial for that crime, wants to call Hunter Biden in order to make Joe Biden look bad!

McConnell – being evil and un-American, but not being entirely stupid, and realizing that there will be a life after the trial, one way or another – doesn’t want any of this shit.

“The McConnell camp worries that could open a ‘Pandora’s box,’ as one person close to the senator said, clearing the way for other witnesses and lines of questioning that could reflect poorly on the president.”

You better believe it could. Ask anyone that has evert run a trial of any type. The one variable everyone fears is what any one witness may say that turns the entire matter on its head. Granted, in this particular trial, it won’t likely turn the guilty/not-guilty question on its head, since Republicans have pointed heads and would simply topple over.

But it could turn the country’s attitudes about the whole thing altogether. Put Hunter Biden in that chair. What if Hunter comes across as uniquely human, flawed, sad and scared. What if he speaks eloquently about not being afraid to answer the call to answer for his actions, and says something about: “If they had questions, the FBI could’ve called me. I would’ve sat down with them and gone through it all. Why am I here in an impeachment trial I have nothing to do with, answering questions, but the man who wanted a corrupt country to haul me into a foreign court is hiding in the White House?”


That is why McConnell doesn’t want him there. Trump assumes that the country will hate Hunter as much as he hates Hunter, and Trump only wants to hurt Hunter anyway.

McConnell wants to avoid all potential pit falls. The turtle believes he has this thing in the bag and the only possible way he could screw it up is using the to attempt to use the matter as a commercial to hurt perceived enemies. That is not the function of an impeachment trial.

Were that not enough to persuade you and McConnell that it is all a bad idea, Louise Gohmert, dumbest man receiving a dumb government paycheck, totally agrees with Trump and thinks Hunter, Nancy Pelosi, baby Yoda and the president of Greenland should be called.

“I understand their desire to just get it behind us, but the country needs to hear what a farce this was,” Gohmert told reporters. “They really need to bring in witnesses. They are the chance to clean this mess up.”

There you have it. If Louise Gohmert believes something is a good idea, you might live forever by picking the alternative.

But  for now, I think Louise has hit it right on the head! I think the country needs to hear what a  farce this whole thing was. I think that Trump needs to call each Democrat in the House. I think he should call both Bidens and call Hillary Clinton, I think he should make this a six month O.J. type of trial. Trump needs to call witness after witness, in alphabetical order, till we get to Yoda (baby version).

All so the country can watch it and take note of the fact that the one guy not willing to testify, or let anyone who knows about it testify, is the one guy on trial, sitting a few blocks away, shitting his pants that he could be the first president ever removed from office through impeachment.

So take that idea and run, Louie.

And Mitch? Remember who’s the boss here. You must do what the Emperor says. After all, you owe your station in life and the millions in your bank to the Russians backing this fcker. Time to listen-up turtle pup. Stop thinking and start doing as your lord does, act first, speak later, think never.

God these people so deserve each other.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom



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gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Be curious to see how this plays out. MitchBitch likely won’t let it happen, but if the Dickwad in chief forces it, it could get really interesting!


Jason, I’m more than a bit put off by your NUMEROUS uses of “Louise” to refer to Gohmert. Once could be written off as a mere typo (considering the moron’s first name is actually “Louis” but, for some unknown reason, he goes for the “spelling for morons” version). Twice could be an unfortunate mistake, but three times starts down that slippery slope of misogynist-inspired belittling taunting. You do rectify matters by finally writing “Louie” the final time but it still rankles.


Hi, Joseph. I know Jason personally. I am an old woman who has endured many instances of misogyny in my life time, in the form of discrimination in hiring and pay, sexual harassment and sexual assault, along with the general humiliating verbal assault that is ingrained in the vocabulary of too many people. Jason makes typos occasionally, but he is not a misogynist. You can rest assured in that. I hope you will continue to read his writing. Best wishes to you. –Liz


Trump gets his way here, it’s practically a Democrat ad campaign in the making. Turtle better hold firm if he doesn’t want that to happen.

What do you suggest as a covert way of saying publicly, speaking for that losing Democrat Trump loves to denigrate? “OMG, I hope Trump does not call in his point people for witnesses, they surely will get Trump totally out in the clear, we don’t want that.” He just might bring in the Ghoul, Mr. ‘Get over it’ and a couple other, ‘key’ people … he wants his own super show … that surely could open up one, if our people on the Senate trial dias asked the right questions … BOOM!! The intensity he has shown to absolutely do… Read more »

How the hell should I know? I’m not any of his lawyers…THANK GOD.