Stunning: McConnell Admits Coordinating With White House


This offends our faith in the constitution as a document that presumes each branch will check the other. Indeed, we’re busy nullifying branches in favor of parties. We got here as a result of a godfather sitting atop the family that is the Republican party, ruthlessly mirroring the mob bosses (or dictators) that he clearly admires. Just as John Gotti always intimidated or rewarded jurors with offers they couldn’t refuse, Donald Trump has assured himself an acquittal by calling the shots in his own trial.

Trump and the White House are coordinating every move with respect to the trial and those moves are not to ensure a fair and free process.

“Everything I do during this, I’m coordinating with White House Counsel,” the Kentucky Republican Leader told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night. “There will be no difference between the President’s position and our position as to how to handle this.”


“I’m coordinating with the White House counsel.” This is so ironic since the Republicans have been complaining about “no due process” from the beginning. Now it would appear that they have assured themselves “do my process,” as the defense attorneys are telling the jurors how that process will proceed.

That did not go over well with experts in the law and constitution.

Legal, political, and ethics experts seeing McConnell admit to relinquishing control of a co-equal branch of government to the person who will be on trial in the Senate are expressing shock.

Despite the fact that Trump has rigged this impeachment process to a degree that makes the election look like a carnival game, we can be sure that we’ll still hear about due process violations.

These people are shameless.

Breaking news. Right?

A little, I thought that they might be more subtle. Ha, over and over again, I prove my naivety.


Peace, y’all

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Is there anything that can be done?


And also, Jason, people say how smart Moscow Mitch is. Is he just rubbing noses in it? I fail to see how announcing this in such a blatant way is helpful, to republicans, in any way. What am i missing?


I totally agree with you, mae. This basically says that he doesn’t give a flying fig about the Constitution. I’m saving a few dollars every month to send to the Democrat who runs against him. He’s got to go!


So true liz!

I guess it is good that the GOP are no longer hiding the fact that they are fascists who don’t give a crap about the Constitution or democracy, and intend to use whatever means at their disposal, no matter how corrupt or devious, to take/keep power. Now we can be clear about who they are and what we are up against. A lot of folks still are in denial and have not yet been willing to face the fact of the fascist takeover proceeding apace in the US and the methodical dismantling of our 240+ year experiment with Constitutional Democracy.… Read more »

GOP …all the sick men

Maybe the Democrats should pull up videos of all those GOPers (back in the early days of this decade) who pulled that “read the Constitution” bit of theater as part of their “prove your bill follows the Constitution” gimmick as part of a commercial buy with the tagline of “Remember when Republicans actually CLAIMED they were following the Constitution?” Then, follow with “And what does Mitch McConnell plan to do when it comes to the impeachment process? ‘I’m coordinating with White House Counsel . . . There will be no difference between the President’s position and our position as to… Read more »
chris whitley

This will definitely cause him m trouble. I don’t think he has it wrapped that tight. He will soon find out his hat people won’t let this stand. I really think they are in for a surprise.