Donald Trump is on the ropes these days, wondering if Fox News is going to betray him and just what he’s gonna do about it if they do. Recently Fox News decided to not allow Rudy Giuliani access to its airwaves anymore, which came as a shock, not only to viewers, but to Trump. He expects Fox News to be his bulwark against impeachment, far more than he depends upon the Senate, in point of fact — and he’s not sure exactly what they’re doing. I mean, they carried the impeachment hearings, like it was news or something. What’s up with that? Gabriel Sherman, Vanity Fair:

So far, Trump’s wall of support from House and Senate Republicans appears as solid as ever. But Trump is less certain about the strength of his ultimate line of defense: Fox News. According to multiple sources who’ve spoken with Trump as impeachment has unfolded in the House, Trump is furious with pockets of Fox’s coverage. “He’s pissed. He thinks Fox screwed him,” a former West Wing official said. The news division carried the impeachment hearings live, a rare instance in which unmediated evidence of Trump’s misdeeds could pierce the Fox bubble. The network’s legal commentator, Judge Andrew Napolitano, declared Trump’s defiance of Congress “an impeachable offense,” a position that directly contradicted the House Republicans’ handpicked witness, George Washington University law scholar Jonathan Turley. Trump has also been engaged in a running war with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace; after Trump tweeted last month that Wallace was “nasty,” fellow Foxer Neil Cavuto rushed to Wallace’s defense. […]

On Sunday, Trump lashed out on Twitter, writing: “Don’t get why @FoxNews puts losers on like @RepSwalwell (who got ZERO as presidential candidate before quitting), Pramila Jayapal, David Cicilline and others who are Radical Left Haters? The Dems wouldn’t let @FoxNews get near their bad ratings debates, yet Fox panders. Pathetic!” Also over the weekend, Trump tweeted multiple stories from Fox rival Newsmax run by Trump’s friend Chris Ruddy. “Having any opposing voices is a problem for Trump,” a Republican who spoke with the president told me. “He was saying this coverage is bullshit. This was a shot across the bow to all the hosts.”

Inside Fox, the message was received. “He’s clearly worried we’re really going to cover this fairly, and he’s starting to freak. This is about keeping us in line,” a Fox staffer told me.

Richard Nixon would have killed his own dog to have a propaganda machine like Fox News in his corner back in the day. Trump is depending upon it, and like a lover, he’s trying to make them jealous by going over to Newsmax and OAN. Trump does not want anything resembling actual news coverage, he wants his shills to do his bidding or get fired, period. He’s an authoritarian and he wants a compliant media like Kim Jong Un has. Who knows what Fox is up to, particuarly Cavuto, Wallace and Napolitano, who all deign to disagree with Trump regularly? Could it be that Rupert Murdoch is already contemplating a post-Trump world and preparing for it? No one knows, but one thing is certain: this is an area of Trump displeasure to keep your eyes on. This is Trump’s achilles heel.

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I’d say that this is less Rupert and more Rupert’s sons, since the latter now run the day-to-day. And the bet on Fox News looking past the Trump presidency is all but a mortal lock. As I keep reminding people, this is the only part of the Fox-branded operation that the Murdochs still own. Now that Disney owns the majority of everything else, they either make Fox News work or they take over a small country so they can rule as satraps (or, as we regular people would call it, work for a living). The first option carries a lot… Read more »