Trump Rages at Macron and Trudeau Over NATO


If you thought that Trump had limited his outrage at being mocked by P.M. Trudeau and President Macron to his petulant early departure from the meetings, and grumblings about two-faced Trudeau, the object of Melania’s lover eyes, then you don’t know our Donnie.

No, news is leaking now that in the days after the NATO meetings Trump – seemingly out of the blue – went off on a gathering of otherwise unawares UN Ambassadors (UN, NATO, who can keep track of all these foreign socialist entities, not Trump). Trump treated these innocent guests to the full American experience, launching into an outburst worthy of the Vice-Principal’s office.

The Daily Beast found the leak:

“During this private airing of grievances, President Trump repeatedly denigrated the Canadian prime minister behind his back and called the French president a ‘pain in the ass’ while referring to him as ‘short,’ according to an individual who was present for the meeting. Trump also bashed the French leader for not doing enough to help in recent Iran negotiations,”

Excuse me, but what a freakin dick. “Repeatedly denigrated,” is likely short for “called him names, over and over,” or what the kids now call “bullying.” Speaking of short, the president of the United States is now judging people based on their height? Height! Macron stands taller than …

C’mon, man. Get better.

He tried:

“Over lunch with the ambassadors, President Trump again addressed the video and went on a prolonged tangent, complaining to the diplomats about Trudeau and Macron, according to two sources briefed on the meeting. This lasted several minutes and was enough to derail the ongoing conversation about NATO countries contributing more money to security,” the report states. “Another individual in the meeting told The Daily Beast that Trump’s comments made ambassadors present ‘visibly uncomfortable,’ especially those whose leaders were involved in the hot-mic video.

Can you possibly imagine how embarrassing it must have been for those ambassadors, representing the dignity of nations from all over the world, being forced to sit there and act like they gave a flying fck what this man thinks, or what some other leaders said? Can you imagine the looks they were giving each other as they sat “visibly uncomfortable”?

I swear, I would’ve figured out a way to toss my soup in order to get out of the meeting with my dignity. I suppose that’s how bad it is, one would rather pretend to spit-up lunch (embarrassing) rather than sit there and listen to a child (more embarrassing).

Yet, this is what the United States has been reduced to, an unstated joke, a cartoon, and a damned embarrassing one at that. Each and every one of those poor bastards at that meeting went away and wrote a report to their leaders that likely went like this:

“The man is mentally ill. Could cause world war three fast. Do nothing but communicate that our people worship statues of him, and we plan to bring him gold, franks, and mryney, as offerings to him as earthly deity. It will not take a lot. I figure a couple hundred bucks and a bucket of fresh Kentucky Fried Chicken. It will get us a peace treaty and get my ass out of a ton of meetings in the near future.”


I have likely reached max cynicism at this point. But I just sat through the rants and ravings of a Republican congressional group that sucked me near dry of my will to live.

Matt Gaetz saved his best for last. Brought up Hunter Biden’s accident, a crack pipe, a bag of white substance, blah blah blah. Matt Gaetz, Matt “I put gin in my Corn Flakes” Gaetz, brought up a crack pipe, a crack pipe that wasn’t even his!

This was all going through my mind as I thought about the fact that Gaetz was doing it in worship of a man who couldn’t sit through a meeting without bravely taunting others behind their backs.

I gotta go, got some meetings today, none concerning my admission to New Zealand as a landed immigrant, though at this moment, I’m not sure why. Canada feels too close right now.


Peace, y’all


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Who thought that it would be a good idea for a group of U.N. Ambassadors to have lunch with tRump? Talk about a mismatch!

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Don’t stop now. You’re on a roll.


I don’t know how you can listen to those idiots Jason, without punching out your TV anyway. You ought to be getting combat pay.