Parnas in Trouble Again, Hid One Million Payment from Russia


One of my favorite open doors into deep Trumpworld is Lev Parnas and his most unfortunate arrest. Snark.

Now, it would appear that Parnas has even more reason to assist in possible charges against Giuliani and Trump (since they go together like peanut butter and bananas). Federal prosecutors are now looking at charging Parnas with hiding an additional one million payment from Russia prior to his initial arrest. To be clear, Parnas did not commit another crime while under house arrest (a compromise with being bonded out, he has to stay in house or have limited time outside), this criminal charge applies to a Russian payment which occurred prior to his original arrest. Brief overview by Rawstory:

Parnas, along with his alleged co-conspirator Igor Fruman, are charged with campaign finance violations relating to Giuliani’s schemes in Ukraine. Giuliani, a key mastermind of the plot to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine to force them to open investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden’s family, is himself reportedly under criminal investigation.

Under criminal investigation?

Rudy is hanging out to dry, and perhaps is only still free because Bill Barr intervened, since the appearance of criminal impropriety never stopped Barr, or because the FBI is too busy building a case against others in Rudy’s orbit to stop Rudy from giving them away at this point.

The new possible charge really doesn’t hang much on Parnas that he didn’t already face. The campaign finance violations and money laundering was baked-in, so it isn’t like there is a giant new investigation about to open. Well, wait, the new payment is known to have come from Russia itself, which one might find interesting.

But the money certainly should raise some eyebrows. Old Parnas and Fruman were nabbed on campaign finance violations associated with donations of $300,000. Sorry, but that amount won’t even get you lunch with someone high-up in American government. Hiding one million is more in the ballpark where people start paying attention. We know Trump was paying attention while grinning away for cameras in those lovely family shots with the two henchmen. Trump’s grifter son was paying attention as he lunched with his weird lunch dates. Rudy was glued to these guys like they were special prom dates. If one mixes a million dollars – from RUSSIA – in and among those people and soon the matter can’t help but draw a crowd, a crowd of prosecutors and media folks.

Last, there has long been an question hanging over the entire Trump – Ukraine – Russia cloud. Who is Rudy’s sugar-daddy? Rudy isn’t hurting for change, but he’s not rich enough to be flying around the world playing Inspector Clouseau on his own money. The presumption has been that when law enforcement (or the press) finds whoever is paying Rudy, one will find the person at the heart of the Ukraine conspiracy. The fact that the payment came from Russia, according to prosecutors, well, that’s a bird of a different species.

Parnas had one million hidden away, and – sorry to Lev, no offense, but he doesn’t strike me to be a guy that you’ll find down at the country club, enjoying the fruits of behind an executive vice-president of a large bank. He isn’t the one bankrolling the entire matter, no. The payment from Russia wasn’t for services rendered in anything … normal He appears to be the guy willing to do the dirty work for another criminal. The guy who is to take the fall if it all blows apart. No Russian oligarch is wanting to take that fall. Moreover, the recipients of those payments, most certainly do not want to be linked to Russian money.

Since he’s been arrested, he’s been shoveling evidence at the prosecutors in a hope to garner some good will that will help him down the road. No one can fault him for that, not at all. But you need not have gone to law school to know that guys heaving up evidence know they are guilty and are offering stuff on other criminals. Or better, they are offering stuff that could be a breakthrough on the entire Russian involvement in this matter.

Those other criminals, the American one, an American criminal who is possibly a close “friend,” the type who appears in all kinds of pictures, and the type of friend who had booked a flight to Vienna on the same night (different flight) that Parnas and Fruman were arrested. Friends like that oughta maybe getting a little nervous right now.

We on the other hand might feel a bit of anticipation. We might well be getting closer to the truth.

It cannot happen at a better time. Because my god do I want a lot more truth popping up prior to the start of the impeachment trial in the senate. Some Russian links could prove quite interesting.


Peace, y’all





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Lev Parnas will be spending his time in custody and pining for the days when he was only restricted to his home. Rudy Giuliani needs to join him.
Thank you, Jason.

Ilene Proctor

Wonder if Crudey Rudy is afraid to return to the US, maybe with some really good luck he will return to share a cell with his commie homie Trumplethinskin.

p j evans

Apparently the million was repayment for a couple of financial deliveries that they made through Parnas. He got a couple of hundred thousand for himself, and used it as a down-payment on a house.
(The accounts seem to have been in his wife’s name.)