Dumb Man Does Dumb and Dangerous Deed


The Republicans have acted shamelessly throughout the impeachment process. One of the more consistent features is their dripping, snarling and vindictive anger directed at the “Whistleblower who started it all.” If anyone doubted that Trump has become the GOP god, one need only listen to the talk of the GOP House members. One expects a member to rise and scream “Blasphemy!”

Yesterday, a man unrivaled as the dumbest ever elected to federal office, Louie (Louie) Gohmert (R-Tonka Toys) used part of his five minutes to state the name of the suspected whistleblower.

My readers don’t need any sort of explanation, but for historical purposes, let’s just note that the Whistleblower’s report has been flushed out by actual witnesses, and not a part of it debunked in any way. Indeed, the original report has been emboldened by government officials and witnesses who did testify.

Moreover, the whistleblower report is not cited in any way as the basis for the impeachment. The vote is based solely upon the witness testimony. The report, and the whistleblower, are irrelevant.

Of course, the White House and Trump had every opportunity to send their own witnesses in and prove all the whistleblower had it all wrong. They chose to send none, and ordered all to resist any subpoena.

The one and only reason to release the whistleblower’s name and identity is to put that person in harms way. The Trumpers’ violent tendencies is well-documented, real, and a near defining feature at this point The whistleblower has already been sufficiently vilified such that there is no conceivable way that person could ever live in peace again. Look at what happened to Dr. Ford and the response to her testimony.

Akin to and flowing from the above reason is the intimidation of any possible future whistleblowers. The message is clear: “There will be no anonymity, you will pay. Keep your fcking mouth shut.”

Louie Gohmert is the one stupid enough to ignore both the law, and the danger that would come back at him for releasing the name should anything violent come about. The dumbest man in politics, the representative of bumbling idiots everywhere, is the one that came through in the end. He went there, apparently in a desperate attempt to make himself relevant again, or just too dumb to understand the instructions and the process. Coin flip.

IF the observations and assertions made by the whistleblower could have impacted the fate of the impeachment hearings, there might have been an argument that the testimony was somehow needed. Instead, it couldn’t be less relevant. The only point is direct anger and rage at the person, put a face on the man who would question the deity.


Peace, y’all


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There has thankfully been a flipside to this. In contrast with the usual media practice, nobody’s been willing to let the actual name loose on the public record. That too sends a message of protection from those that would do all such WBs harm.

Cherl Harrell

I seriously wish there were some sort of repercussions to be applied to Gohmert. A person should not be able to do something like this and get away with it. I think you meant to say the testimony “fleshed” out the report and not “flushed”.
Although it is a little humorous.

elna benoit

The testimony is fine. It’s the Republicans that need to be flushed.

p j evans

I was thinking about letters to the editors of the newspapers serving his district: “Aren’t all y’all embarrassed by having someone like this as your representative in Congress?”


This guy was a prosecutor and a judge? Gohmert is not even meretricious.


And here we must remember the appellation given to us by the great Charlie Pierce of Esquire Infamy: Rep. Louie Gohmert, Padishah Emperor of the Crazy People!

elna benoit

Gohmert has regressed from “irrevocably stupid as a potted plant” to “careening drunk toddler in a glass miniatures store.” Out of control, blindly destructive, over his head, pre-verbally falling over his own feet. I’m thinking Gohmert and Giuliani may be twins separated at birth.