“A Vote Of Conscience”


Your mothers aren’t here to take care of you   Sgt Hulka   Stripes

Although sadly I have never met her, just like my own beloved one, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be one helluva mother. Pelosi knows that her job is part “den mother” to start with, and she’s played the part perfectly throughout this whole impeachment saga.

The word is on the street. Neither Speaker Pelosi, nor her House Majority Whip, Steny Hoyer, is “whipping votes” among the Democrats for the upcoming floor vote to impeach Trump. For those unfamiliar with the term, “whipping” votes is the act of informally counting the caucus to make sure that the 218 votes are there to pass a bill, and applying presure among recalcitrant members as necessary to obtain the desired result. Pelosi and Hoyer are making no attempt to pressure caucus members to vote for the articles of impeachment. Instead, Pelosi is falling back on the tried and true mothers trick, self induced pressure. She is calling the upcoming vote a “vote of conscience.”

Remember when you were a kid? Not a little kid, but a mid to late teen? You wanted to do something that your mother didn’t approve of. And as you tried to wheedle and cajole her into compliance, she would finally say to you, Look. you know my feelings o this subject, but you’re old enough to start making your own decisions. You do whatever you want to do, but just remember, you’re the one who is ultimately going to have to live with your decision, not me.

And with those words. you were totally, fatally screwed. If you were anything like me, you didn’t do it. Because you knew deep down that if you did do it, any temporal pleasure you might have had would instead be ruined by the vision of your mother, whom somehow mad magically sprouted a halo over her head, in the back of your mind, sadly shaking her head in disappointment. And if you did go, you almost certainly had a really shitty time, and for the next week, nothing she said to you could be worse than what you were already sating to yourself. Mainly because, goddammit, she was right!

And Speaker Pelosi is right this time around too. Because this is not about healthcare, or infrastructure, or higher teacher pay, or any other legislative agenda. This is about an oath that each member swore to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States. They have to decide whether the conduct described falls under the constitutional parameters of high crimes and misdemeanors, and if so, what they are gong to do about it. It truly is a matter of conscience.

Last night, during the 5 minute speeches each House committee member was permitted to make, I heard several Democratic members say something akin to I didn’t come to Washington to impeach the President/ And this is true, in fact, most of them stayed as far away from the subject of Donald Trump as it was possible to get while staying tethered to planet Earth. But it is also not a justification for abdicating their responsibilities. Because while all of them made promises ti their constituents, promises they have striven to keep, they did not swear an oath to their constituents. And here, in their first terms, they are discovering exactly what the weight of public service feels like, and the decisions it entails.

And that’s why, watching this spectacle unfold, the Republicans on the committee seem so familiar to me. Because they’re the idiots who went ahead and did what I didn’t go out and do. And when it all went sour, and the shit came down around their ears, they all had an excuse ready, and a justification in their pockets. Forget the fact that the excuses were bullshit, and the justifications palsied, those were their stories, and they were sticking with them. Besides, it’s not like they were going to suffer any serious consequences personally, and they went along with the rest of the herd. In short, they’re broken mentally and emotionally.

So I give Speaker Pelosi full marks for her legislative motherhood. She protected her 40 freshman members from the dangers of the real world when it came to impeachment over the Mueller investigation, the time wasn’t right, and the risk was too great. But when Trump forced her hand with his Ukraine extortion scheme, she told her caucus, You’re big enough now to make your own personal decisions, but just remember, you have to lve with the consequences of your actions. And never were truer words spoken.

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Worth noting as well: Pelosi has taken nonstop crap over how she was moving ahead by some of this same crowd. That she made all this work out so well (my man Hoarse Whisperer pointed out yesterday that Donnie Boy is going to be stewing over being impeached over the holidays) is a testament to her good judgment. Also–and I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating–the caption for your picture should read “Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall wield the power of Nancy Pelosi.” (RIP Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for coming up with the basis… Read more »
p j evans

Some won’t vote for it, for whatever reason – like Jeff Van Drew. They’re attracting opponents in their primaries. I hope it’s not enough to eff up the vote.

dana fairfield

I am wondering why the Articles of Impeachment do not include everything. However, so far Pelosi has called it down the line, so what do I know?

Carol O
I wish it included everything too, but the list would be endless. There isn’t a type of crime that this thug hasn’t whole-heartedly dived into. I heard him referred to as a one-man crime wave, and that’s it in a nut shell. While I get why they went the way they did, I still would have liked to see the whole long, ugly, shameful list of his crimes and sins on display for all to see. But if not now, then after he’s out of office. Then, at least, he can go to jail for all his corruption. Fingers crossed.