Team Trump is not made up of rocket scientists and apparently it’s not made up of cultural mavens, either. They tweeted this in a fundraising effort, and unfortunately, the message that is being transmitted is not one of ultimate power, but of imminent doom. Could it be that nobody in Trumpworld saw the movie? Or, maybe they don’t know the difference between winning and obliteration? With this crowd it’s hard to know.

So the character Trump is being compared to here is Thanos, a super villain psycho with dreams of mass murder who then is defeated by the good guys. Is there a mole at Team Trump with a wild sense of humor? Or Trumpers are just too stupid to understand how the movie ends, but thought the image was cool, in any event? Who knows? If you’re looking for a gig as a social media director, Team Trump probably has an opening — in the walls, where Brad Parscale is throwing people through.

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8 Comments on "Trump Campaign Attempts Powerful Pop Culture Reference, Falls Right On It’s Face"

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Who did the art work at the top? Oh, I have decided stupid people want to elect people as stupid as themselves.


Holy moly! Hahahahahahahah! Please proceed!


The Marvel villain I compare Trump to is Ultron, erratic, insecure, surrounded by an army of mindless drones and trying to fill the hole he feels inside him by causing as much harm as possible. Whoever came up with the Thanos comparison obviously didn’t watch Avengers Endgame.


Considering how, um, protective Disney is of its “intellectual property” (Disney owns Marvel), wouldn’t it be truly ironic if Disney sues “Trump War Room” for copyright infringement and THAT is what brings down Trump?

The “House of Mouse” knows how to pick and choose its battles and Disney would be one of the few entities that could take Trump (or his surrogates) to court for as long as it takes.


Talk about “Avengers!…assemble”, eh?

p j evans

They can start with a DMCA takedown.


What a bunch of morons. I guarantee that whoever put that together is really ignorant or threw a major Freudian slip on it. I’ll put my money on Freud. this isn’t the first time sh*t happened