Danger: Trump Signals Firing FBI Director, the Second Director Fired For Lack of “Loyalty”


FBI Director Christopher Wray agreed with the FBI I.G., accepting the conclusion in the internal investigation. Both the I.G. and Wray agreed with the report’s finding that FBI acted without any political bias in their investigation of Russian interference in the election. Wray also agreed that the FBI had absolute justification to investigate Russia and its actions with regard to the Trump campaign prior to the election.

Of course, Trump finds their position unacceptable and may well have just signaled that he’s preparing to fire Wray. If he did fire Wray, he would obviously insert the most “loyal” candidate possible.

My god, you asshole. I’m sorry folks but this is so obviously a signal that Wray is hanging on the thinest of threads and we will now expect Trump to fire Wray. Wray will be the second FBI director fired by Trump, and the termination will be based upon the lack of complete and total loyalty to the president personally.

It is beyond outrageous and extremely dangerous. Traditionally, presidents knew the importance of appointing the best law enforcement director possible, without any regard for any political bent. Equally true is that any law enforcement candidate at the highest level prevented himself or herself from even adopting or considering any political consideration in any action.

All candidates at that level were completely independent of the president to the point that Director Comey appreciated an invitation by President Obama to play basketball with a big group of all kinds of political positions, including Republicans, out of concern it would simply appear wrong. This independence has been embedded in our government without question.

Trump cannot accept such a situation. He expects and demands complete loyalty to him because he alone is the government of the United States. He believes the constitution allows him to do “whatever I want.” He also could not care less that in reality, the constitution is written such that no president could adopt such a lawless position.

Trump is the president that the framers feared most, the one that terrified them to such a degree he could be tossed out on his ass without any care that the he was a “duly elected president.” They meant what they said. An election doesn’t matter if the president broke from the limits in the constitution.

FBI Directors were appointed for a period of ten years to ensure that no political considerations would enter into any equation. FBI Directors were simply not fired, period. Until Trump. The second firing in just a little over three years in a first term is beyond comprehension. Even Republicans should be terrified of such actions.

But the framers never considered that there might be a party that simply accepted, like automatons, that their president is beyond question. The framers would find it abhorrent that a party, one in control of just one branch in the senate, would allow the president to basically takeover all government positions by requiring absolute loyalty. Republicans simply accept that it is their job to do what Trump wants and await Trump to tell them what to do.

Let’s just put it this way. This is how absolute dictators take control. Blooming fascist dictators fire people who question an action to the point that the dictator has total control.

Here in the United States, the ruling party will never say that the president is acting outside the constitution. They will never say that unconstitutional acts are justified in some situation. They will insist that all actions are obviously constitutional without regard for the fact that they are so obviously not. A fascist government will be in place. Period. Elections will be manipulated such that at least one or two branches will accept the dictatorship. He is doing what they want, mostly.

Sorry. Pointing this out first thing in the morning is somewhat tough. For the most part our loyal and wonderful readers will be near sickened throughout the day knowing this. Indeed, our readers knew this all along, and are now just seeing  how it develops.

Despite the Republican’s unlimited control of the impeachment in the senate, we still have power in elections and in messages, to reject their attempts and return the country to its normal and lawful structure.

Let that be your motivation throughout the day. We will be loyal, too. Our loyalty will be to democracy, the law, and the constitution.

We cannot and will not accept anything less. We will win in the end. Our job is to get that win as soon as possible. We could prevent unimaginable abuses which are coming our way. On that part, we all agree.


Peace, y’all


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8 Comments on "Danger: Trump Signals Firing FBI Director, the Second Director Fired For Lack of “Loyalty”"

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Well, this will probably make me sound stupid, but here I go, anyway. Could democratic leadership have left out obstruction of justice because of them knowing Trump would do this? Do you think they intend to impeach him for obstruction at a later date?

Lone Wolf

It doesn’t sound stupid at all. What does sound stupid, and has been from Jan 2017 on is the fact that thief in chief, that life long conman, money laundering tax cheat, and probable drug addict is still in office thanks to his international network of gangsters and all of the co-conspirators of the GOP.


The screaming shenanigans they pulled yesterday, made my blood boil. The look on Daniel Goldman’s face ssggested he felt the same way. He was so kick butt.

Cherl Harrell

Thank you for being honest and delivering the truth. It might be awful and unpleasant. Hopefully, it will motivate us to get out the vote and rid ourselves of this mess.

old grey dude

while I appreciate your position. Hoover ran the FBI for decades and controlled presidents with his information. To pretend he was non-partisan is not helpful. To pretend the FBI is non partisan is also not helpful. They have lots of information and know how to use it. If wray is fired it is because he did not get enough dirt on trump, not that he was disloyal. I think Comey got fired because he bet on Hilary to win and spent time getting dirt on her to control her when he should have been getting more dirt on trump.