Private citizen Rudy Giuliani will be requesting an audience before Congress in the not too distant future, according to the man he serves as personal attorney, on a pro bono basis, Donald Trump. “… he did get back from Europe just recently and I know — he has not told me what he found, but I think he wants to go before Congress and say, and also to the attorney general and the Department of Justice, and I hear he found plenty.” Here’s what Giuliani tweeted two days ago.

Rudy and his henchmen, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were engaged in a shadow foreign policy scheme in Ukraine, and managed to topple Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, but expect that to be whitewashed entirely with finger pointing and more unsubstantiated allegations about Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Both-siderism and bullshit are Trump’s key weapons, a default position that he has to take, since his “defense” to impeachment — and everything — lacks any substance, let alone the depth he’s alleging Rudy will provide. But the pretense of both will be pretended and presented by Giuliani and by Trump’s newest right-wing media ally, OAN network. If you doubt for a moment Trump’s commitment to this delusion, take a look at what he tweeted about being “the greatest of all presidents.”

This is what 73 years of self-obsession and consequence-free bubble living, while eating junk food, spraying strands of hair over a bald pate with glue, and watching Fox TV gets you. Word to the wise. As to Giuliani, this may be his last stand. He’s been banned from Fox News and purportedly Jarvanka is out to get him. Either one of those circumstances is bad for a Trumpite, the two in concert are certain death. Rudy may need to grab some coffee filters and head out for his new career in obscurity. The next few weeks will be interesting, that much is certain.

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6 Comments on "Rudy’s Back, Trump Is Promoing A Talk Before Congress and DOJ"

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Carol O

tRump runs a three-ring circus. He’s clueless about how to conduct himself with any integrity or honesty. He only knows how to be a two-bit criminal, mafia don wannabe, and a side-show freak. There is no ‘there’ there, no one is behind the orange mask, it is just a vapid, empty husk full of hot air and BS. It takes many sycophants to keep this hot air balloon floating or he would already be gone.

ALL-IN ALL, the circus has flux built in, there is no spine evident in either Trump or the Ghoul, that cannot be bent by sudden shifts in the flow of large sums of money, or the flow of praise and back-slapping that will turn either one of these heathens in a different direction, so far, however, the wave of idiocy between them has filled the sails of their schooners as they sail directly into the abyss of freefall in the impeachment proceedings … This attack ad by Biden and others to follow, showing the good guys laughing at Trump is… Read more »

Lock him up ..United thu USA