Judicial Committee Releases Thousands of Docs, Repubs Beg for More Time


It is Sunday, which means another Republican senator will make the rounds speaking in tongues about Ukrainian fictional drama. We hear that the Ukrainians are awful and corrupt people, and thus of course a president would ask these most awful and corrupt people to  announce a big investigation of, surprise! your biggest political rival. Never mind that Trump doesn’t say a thing about Ukrainian-American corruption on the phone.

Ted Cruz, who according to Trump, had a father who supposedly killed JFK, and has a “dog” of a wife (actually his wife, aka mother of his three kids, is pretty great in my mind), stood up and played Trump ball. Ted Cruz, who is a very very smart guy, magnanimously said Russia did manipulate our election buttttt, so did Ukraine! His evidence is that the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States wrote an op-ed that favored Hillary! Oh the humanity.

I am gonna disagree here. Writing an op-ed against the guy who favors Russia in a war against you, FFS, wouldn’t qualify as “election interference” in my opinion, or in anyone else’s who doesn’t have a Trump agenda. 

Cruz should be embarrassed bringing Ukraine up when compared to hacking voting databases, sending money to the NRA, hacking the DNC at Trump’s invitation, viciously applying propaganda t Facebook and openly vowing to do it all again. Ted Cruz knows this. He is just a prominent member in a post-fact party.

It is also a party of the “gotcha” opposition to anything not glowing to Trump. Trump has unquestioned “loyalty. ” (the only value Trump demands. Amazing that Trump doesn’t like dogs, a historically loyal animal. Though, Dogs do have a hall of fame BS meter in them). Republicans’ unquestioned loyalty has led to flip flop on their complaints without shame. (Shame is inherently fact-based.). Last week, Trump was calling upon Nancy Pelosi to get the impeachment done, quit stalling in any way.

Today, Rep. Collins, one of the “most loyal” (and most without shame) is arguing that he and his party need more time to absorb the thousands of pages of supporting documents, released yesterday in the Judicial Committee report: Details via Rawstory:

“The information Democrats released today is partial, biased and curated to support accusations that have, to date, been thinner than cotton candy,” Collins said in a statement Saturday.“Chairman Nadler has no choice but to postpone Monday’s hearing in the wake of a last-minute document transmission that shows just how far Democrats have gone to pervert basic fairness.”

“It is impossible for Judiciary members to sift through thousands and thousands of pages in any meaningful way in a matter of hours.”

Well alrighty then. Just the moment you can show me that Republicans have demonstrated even passing interest in the facts, I will support their call to delay ….

No. Actually, that is not my answer, no matter how much they deserve it.

I say, give them a continuance, Congressman Nadler. Give them five days or a week. We are dealing with a process that needs to appear as though both sides are interested in a search for truth. There is very little downside to granting it, and a big upside.

For one, it gives Nadler an opportunity to demonstrate that one party is composed of adults who will listen to an argument that seems to be in good-faith.

But more importantly, Nadler could walk into the hearing room tomorrow and announce:

“These accusations are not partial (give example), nor biased (give an example of documents supporting neutral truth), are not “curated” in any way, except in the sense that each new fact discovered seems to support the complaint at the heart of impeachment.

“But, our Republican colleagues have made what I consider a good-faith request. If they believe they have not had time to absorb the important facts within this report, they should be reasonably accommodated. The only agenda in these hearings is to get at the truth. A continuance will not harm that investigation into truth. I do expect my Republican colleagues to openly acknowledge that a spirit of patriotism and bipartisanship can have a place in this process.

“We will continue this matter until next Monday at 9:00 a.m.” and slam the gavel down.

I think that is a win, Zoomers.

I also think it is critical to monkey-wrench the “No due process!” argument from time to time. No, the Repubs will never stop complaining of due process, but it’s good to spin their heads unpredictably. It helps when the Dems need some counter-examples, just as window dressing that might impact a critical 5-10% of people.

Let’s be honest. Dumping thousands of documents on people on the Saturday before a Monday hearing just sounds manipulative. Whether it actually plays out as manipulative is largely irrelevant. So why “give” Repblicans that clear argument? Why not pull it right out from under them? One week isn’t going to have a massive impact on proceedings, and perhaps they could even hold the hearing this Thursday, so 3 days.

It might benefit us!

I am fully supportive of our leadership. They have more than enough experience and smarts to earn the presumption that they’ll make the right calls. But it’s only a presumption, one they can fail from time to time. Some of their decisions of late have caused me to scratch my head. I understand the benefits of pushing through a clean bill, fast. But I think there are limits to that benefit. This is especially so when the goal causes them to take action that just sounds unfair to any untrained ear.

Stop it, for a bit, Dems. Take a deep breath. Consider the benefits of spinning Republican heads by granting what they want from time to time. Granting a reasonable request is soooo unrepublican, they might be paralyzed for a couple days. But more than anything, the chance to say: “Trump has been afforded due process. When Republicans have made reasonable requests, we have granted them,” is one of those little victories that might make a difference when added-up.


Peace, y’all


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I agree, give them a few days to go over the documents and go from there. It would also give Nadler more time to gather more evidence that seems to pop up every day. Regardless what the republitards do they will continue to obstruct the proceedings


I agree. I also must add that I saw a clip of Chuck Todd’s interview of Ted Cruz, and he actually challenged Cruz! Amazing! Thank you, Jason!


This is a perfectly fine idea. On the other hand, republicans will complain, lie, whine and moan, no matter what Nadler does. If he gives them more time, they will find another excuse to blame the Democratic process.


Repubs aren’t reading any of the papers anyway. I wouldn’t give those lying bastards the time of day. They are doing what they always do, bullshit their way through anything!

The vile crap that pours out of Collins’ mouth will never change, he only stumbled a little when an expert Prof. in law studies nailed him … all the stinking rhetoric is tuned to ONE THING, example this morning on THIS WEEK with George … as George asked for an answer to a yes/no question from the political ass, speaking for the Republicans …. “Do you personally believe it is OK for a president to plead with a foreign government for dirt on a political foe?” 5 minutes of BS, never said YES or NO, they never do, it is… Read more »

“Dogs do have a hall of fame BS meter in them”

Which is why the Trump family can’t have pets.

Other than, of course, bedbugs, the only creature they have any affinity for.


Bull shit. All those members on the Judiciary have had the same amount of time the Dems had to read them. Sheesh they bull shit so well.

Don’t see any problem with a delay. I am worried about giving McConnell control over this impeachment. Even if it is never submitted to the Senate, or if it is not submitted till next summer. That way we maintain control of the narrative. Too, he has just done way too much. He may never pay the price, but he can be slammed on the floor of the house. Go after the abuse of power that includes the bribery, but go after the treason, the emoluments and the breaking of the law in regards to the border. Nancy indicated that the… Read more »