Yesterday I wrote about the sitting Republican president’s curious rant on rainfall, faucets and recalcitrant toilets, who simply will not cooperate until you flush them “ten or fifteen times” and I characterized those musings as absurd even for Trump. Little did I know that the very next day would bring this jewel, however. Donald Trump has gone on record stating that “there are laws that allow birth in the ninth month of pregnancy.” Yes, there are. I believe those laws were put into effect by God, Mother Nature, or genetics, whichever phrase suits your worldview. Trump, however, has called for these laws, immutable, so far as we know, to be abrogated. Hoe kay.

I will take a leap of faith here and assume that Trump doesn’t know the difference between childbirth and abortion. Or, maybe it’s more prudent to be cynical and judge this whack-a-mole comment as the logical extension of the GOP’s paternalistic dictatorship over women’s reproductive organs. With Trump’s call to ban childbirth in the ninth month of gestation, everything women do would be illegal — preventing pregnancy, terminating pregnancy, going through with pregnancy. If giving birth in the ninth month is going to be deemed illegal, man, are we going to have a prison crowding problem then.

However you call this shot, though, this is weird. Trump is really coming unglued. How many of these incomprehensible, clear-as-mud, ramblings do we need to see, back to back, before the 25th Amendment is deemed warranted?


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39 Comments on "Calling All Women: Trump Says Births In 9th Month Of Pregnancy Will No Longer Be Allowed"

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I noticed today, the radio news, I think AP, just played the parts that could be construed as sane. No wonder this country is so full of it. Hell, if the light is just right and my head is turned a certain way I look pretty good, too.



p j evans

I think he believes that laws allow abortion right up to the time you leave the delivery room. That no one has any reports of this actually happening outside the wingnut-o-sphere and the rabidly anti-abortion groups doesn’t seem to get through.


Some time ago he was raving about women “giving birth, and they wrap the baby, and then the doctor and the mother together decide if they will let the baby live.” Somehow he’s convinced that women actually give birth just so they can then kill the newborn . . . so glad I don’t live in his head.


Palm slapping forehead.

Carol O

What the ever-living hell is he burbling on about now? As if yesterday’s babble wasn’t absurd enough. Some states have rain, some women give birth at nine months. What’ll it be next? Some pants have pockets? Some dogs have tails? Some apples fall from the tree? I think some moran let his brain fall out and lost it. Someone please commit this guy before he hurts himself or others.


He is definitely doing both!

dana fairfield

My question is why do we not have a plaid-shirt-guy moment from the person behind Trump? Are these people wearing earplugs?


Further proof that his brains are leaking out his ears.


Can’t stand him or his policies or how he wants to control women’s rights over their bodies. But trying to work out why this is blowing up now when he made these comments in January last year

critical mass

Wasn’t this said almost two years ago at March for Life January 2018? Why is it getting so much press now? Obviously it’s stupid but why is it coming up now?


For a guy that was born 666 months after Satan impregnated his mother this makes sense.


Im going to take not much of a leap of faith and assume that Trump is addlebrained and has no idea what he is talking about.


And where the heck else are babies going to be born from, if not the womb? They aren’t brought by storks or come out of a woman’s belly button. He’s freaking insane.


When I read that it seemed fairly obvious to me that he uses Autocorrupt (which must save him a good deal of time and thought – thought has to be painful) and that it had autocorrupted “yorn” or “rorn” or “gorn” or heaven knows what to “born” (due to the proximity of the word “womb”?) instead of to “torn” which is the pro-birthers standard automatic outrage phrase.

Not that that excuses anything, of course. It’s still evil.


You are quoting a tweet and video from Jan 2018, this didn’t happen yesterday as your story “quotes”. Keep the integrity flawless when attacking the Pres because little missteps like this will draw a huge amount of backlash and gives him more ammunition about “Fake Press”.

John M Sheehan

Over here in Asis Der Tangerine Terdbucket is viewed as crazy as a mad hatter, and as dumb as a rock.

I suppose that if Trump had been on site when I delivered, he would have ordered to stitch me up when I went into labor, two weeks earlier than my doc had predicted. But, you know what? I went into labor the exact day that I had predicted, because I knew exactly when my last ovulation had been in relation to when I’d had viable sex with my husband. My doc actually sent me home from the hospital, saying I was not in labor, but as soon as I set feet inside my house, my water broke, and I ultimately… Read more »

I think he was saying bc the law says his or her.

Sean Riddolls

I think Trump intended to say “torn” not “born”. Your hear him falter when he realizes the wrong word has fallen out of his mouth. But in typical Trump fashion, rather than admitting fault and correcting himself, he just blunders on with this resultantly outlandish statement, and hopes no one will notice.


Does anyone fact check anymore? This was a while ago and this article like others twisted it around. Lordy are there a lot of gullible people. You’ll believe everything 😂

john locke

Well, it would be nice if children were born able to walk and toilet trained. If Republicans can outlaw a woman’s right to choose, it seems only logical that they should legislate the length of time she must contend with the discomfort of gestation. (Disclosure: this is sarcasm).