Trump Trial Looms and Biden Could Take Trump Down at Trial


The trial of Donald Trump will be the most substantial seismic moment of the decade. The impact will ripple through the next three generations. As the trial begins, the nation will come to a standstill. American citizens are the ultimate jurors and will render their verdict in November, regardless of what Republican senators do.

At stake is literally the direction of democracy, with Republicans wholly at ease kicking it to the corner to beat “leftists” they believe are taking “their” country away. They see defeating us as their highest patriotic duty and will proudly tear the fabric of democracy apart to do it.

“If conservatives are forced to chose between conservatism and democracy, they’ll abandon democracy, not conservatism.” Conservative David Frum

The trial’s verdict is far less important than the nation’s reaction to what they hear. Removal is the goal, but if the nation recoils from a president so damned reckless that he’s willing to use the most corrupt foreign powers to choke off an election, the voters’ might rise up in a wave similar to 2018.

No one really knows how this will go. It is impossible to predict what evidence might emerge and its impact. This is especially true given that criminal proceedings have begun against two key players, and one is looming against Rudy.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden may be busy blowing a massive opportunity. The Republicans keep threatening to call him as a witness. Yesterday, in answering a question, Biden said he will not voluntarily appear. Obviously he is leaving open his choices if he is subpoenaed. But he’s making a massive mistake and needs to reverse it as fast as possible. He needs to come out and say: “If called, I will do my duty and appear.”

He has an opportunity for which most candidates would sell their staff. He has a chance to show the country how a leader should respond when called to be accountable. He has a chance to say:

“I am certainly not the issue. This is not about me. But unlike the president, I will not hide. I will be upfront with the American people. The American people hold the power in this country. I owe the nation no less. The president is cowardly hiding, hoping to rip that power from the people and impose his will. He needs secrecy. It is reprehensible. I will be there if called, I always will. He never will.”

That answer would terrify the Republicans. In front of a nation watching like a Super Bowl, Biden has a chance to demonstrate how an adult that loves democracy treats the process. Fearless. By shaming Trump, he has an opportunity no one else has.

Joe is not my candidate, but I’ll be damned if I smear the Democrat that has a good shot at being our nominee, our hope, going into November. That being said, he is making a massive mistake and needs to reverse it, today. He needs to lead, and set an example.

The contrast with Trump would be overwhelming. On one side is there, unafraid. The other is a man who has ordered everyone to ignore Congress and the people, a man who hasn’t turned over one document, a guilty coward. Biden can even admit he might have had poor judgment, and then rip the president for his abuses that go well beyond poor judgment. He can sit there and light Trump up with the country watching.

Biden has the best chance to present the starkest choice.

Ultimately, the contrast is the heart of the issue. One side wants to honor the law, honor openness, honor humility, responsibility and accountability. The other wants to honor power, pure unbridled and unaccountable power. The nation must pick between that contrast. If six out of ten Americans choose accountability and humility, the next three generations will flower from that choice.

But if the trial muddles that issue, doesn’t expose the contrast clearly enough, and the nation stumbles along with the 44-50 spread that Republicans rely upon for minority rule in the electoral college, then the near future could be horrendous. Republicans will be freed to manipulate democracy right out of existence.

Yes, it is a risk for Biden and might be scary. Yes, he might look a little bad, somewhat “dirty.” But if he wants to be president, and wants the nation behind him, he has to set an example and turn it into a positive. He must reverse himself on this.

If Biden steps up, Democrats better rally behind that example and do all they can to demand accountability. Take the privilege issue straight to the SCOTUS or Justice Roberts, and demand similar openness. Democrats must pierce the veil of secrecy around the White House and Trump Tower, the one that hides the criminal conspiracy. Democracy is at stake, and when the stakes are this high, nothing but the most transparent and open process is acceptable. They can make that case far more powerfully if led by someone setting an example.

I cannot stand the fact that we’re going into this without piercing Trump’s “Wall” of secrecy. Biden can make Trump “pay” for the only wall Trump ever built, the one around his crimes. Do it, Joe. Step up, I’ll bet they don’t even call you because they’re afraid of the contrast. But if they do, lead.


Peace y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom



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Cherl Harrell

Well said, Jason, well said. From your lips to Biden’s ears.


As you say above, he SAYS, he is the guy to take down trump. On the other hand, I can understand him balking at republicans trying to manipulate him.


Biden should take your advice. Too, they should force SCOTUS to make a decision on the stonewalling and criminal obstruction. Hell, impeach him on the bribery while teeing up another set of articles. Not a thing that says they can’t. Keep it going till November of 2021 and beyond if necessary. And sick Nancy on our bogus new media every week or so.

Miranda Allison Young
Miranda Allison Young

There is one thing that can be done by the Republicans in the Senate. If at least three of them are willing to stand up and insist on a change in the rules, whereby the vote for or against conviction will be secret, then those Senators who want to convict but are afraid to do so because they are up for reelection, do not have to worry about what their constituents would say because those people will never know who voted for conviction and who voted against it. That will do it.


Another way to do it is Joe could say he would testify if Trump would. Dare him.

Trump’s mind right now must look and sound like the old pinball machines … following that big polished steel ball bearing as it careens around the obstructions in its way, all sense of balance and direction for single thoughts to complete are now being tested … what may have been a mini stroke or TIA before, COULD actually surface as a downer he cannot escape, his WONDERFUL diet and severe lack of good exercise, makes his current rants and obvious tensions, in combination with his latest international screwups, seem like a dense minefield, his new gait would surely trip those… Read more »
SORRY Jason, I disagree w your premise that the TRIAL of this lying, lazy, racist, draftdodging, oathbreaking, rapist and adulterer WHO admits to working in cahoots with Foreign Autocrats to weaken our NATION and poison our Elections has anything to do with any of the 2020 Presidential candidates.. except for the obvious relationship that it was Biden TRUMP was after. JOE BIDEN is not an issue.. His Son is peripherally. Joe is not a Senator and has no role in the Removal vote. AND we’ll see if the #RussianTool Senators would call him. THIS Impeachment Trial is on the merits… Read more »
dana fairfield

Actual comment from a Trump supporter regarding Bill Barr’s police speech.

” ‘and if communities don’t give that support and respect, they might find themselves without the police protection they need.’ Meaning that the Commie Dems will put something else in place–totalitarian police and gulags Soviet-style.”