“You’re A Damn Liar”


I don’t know about you, but personally, I love it when a politician kicks off an extended campaign tour under the banner of No Bullshit. Yeah, I know, the sign on the side of Biden’s bus actually says No Malarkey, but we all know what malarkey means, don’t we.

And just a few minutes ago, Joe Biden got a shining example no bullshit thrown at him, and met it head on. Biden was at a smaller venue stop, on a stage that appeared to be just about 12″ high, not very high, but just high enough so tht at least his head and shoulders could be seen by everybody in the room. Biden had just completed his prepared remarks, and was in the process of taking questions from the crowd, something that he has been trying to do more of in order to establish a more personal connection to Iowa primary voters.

The question came from a man I took to be my age, early to mid 60’s. He began by saying I am a Democrat, which I found to be odd, since this wasn’t the kind of setting where you’d expect to find a lot of communist or Green party supporters, and then launched into his question. His original question started out to be about Biden’s age, and whether Biden still had the mental faculties to be the President, but then the question veered off into Deep Space Nine. The man tossed out a litany of GOP talking points about Hunter Biden and Burisma, mocking Hunter Biden’s lack of experience in natural gas, and accusing Joe Biden of personally sending Hunter over to Ukraine to work for Burisma, while Biden paced the stage with a tight, controlled face, waiting for his inquisitor to finish.

When the man just kept ranting on, Biden finally stepped to the front of the stage, no more than 8-10 feet away from the man, and in a low, controlled voice growled, You’re a damn liar. And you have no idea of what you’re talking about. The man kept digging away, with Biden responding repeatedly, including an exchange where the man said, I’m not voting for you anyway, to which Biden tartly responded, I know you’re not, and you’re too old for me anyway, until the microphone was finally taken away from the agitator, and the questioning resumed.

You knew this was going to happen sooner or later, and I’m glad that it was sooner. The GOP will celebrate this as a success, showing that their propaganda mill is working, and that their bogus charges against Biden are sticking to the wall. And in fact there are only two ways for Democrats to look at today’s confrontation.

For the hand wringers and nervous Nellie’s in the party, this will be an affirmation of their worst nightmares come true. Their front runner is damaged goods, and Trump has found the magic hammer to clobber him over the head with. Although the fact that the fool found it necessary to verbally identify himself as a Democrat in a room full of Democrats only tends to confirm his status as a plant.

But I look at it this way. Up until now, Biden has sought to take the high road on this whole Hunter Biden and Burisma mess, responding only sporadically, and responding more to defend his son than himself. But don’t forget one thing. By far and away the #1 quality that Democratic primary voters are looking for in a candidate is the willingness to go toe to toe with Trump, and to beat him. And here, today, in a spontaneous situation, Biden was confronted with exactly the kind of attack he can expect from Trump if he’s the nominee. An d just as spontaneously Biden answered the call. Everything in Biden’s physical appearance, from the tight, grinding jaw and flashing eyes, to the bunched shoulders, showed that if this was O’Toole’s on a Friday night, the two of them would have been stepping outside to continue that conversation. Biden clearly heard The Rising Of The Moon in the background, and he was ready for battle.

For many years, through his time in the Senate, through his failed residential bids, to his eight years as President Obama’s wing man, Biden has shown such an affable, goofy image that the world has forgotten that he’s an old fashioned, Irish, bare knuckles politician. Witness the fact that he dug in his heels and defended his position on busing when he felt that Kamala Harris was misrepresenting it. Biden is a Murfster35 kind of Irishman, whose explanation for any fight is likely to be, Well, you know, if it isn’t sports or politics, it’s likely just for fun. Little wonder Trump want him gone.

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Archy Cary

Joe’s losing it. Quickly.


I don’t share your enthusiasm for Uncle Joe, Murf, but goddamn if I wouldn’t have personally kicked that guy’s ass on general principle. Joe’s is a Dem, which politically makes him family. And on some things, like his son, YOU DON’T EFF WITH THE FAMILY. Good on Joe not to take any BS here. Wonder if him and Pelosi have been comparing notes when it comes to shutting down the haters.


I’m soooo glad Biden stepped right into that deplorable’s face and called him out. I have NO problem with the use of the term “No Malarkey” or what it really means. So what if it’s from the fifties? Is that really so important? What I like about Biden is that he is too much of a gentleman, statesman intelligent and respectable leader to use profanities like guttersnape-traitortrump. I’m voting for Joe “No Malarkey” Biden!!!

I guess I’m going to be the odd man out here, as I don’t think Joe losing his temper and yelling at a voter in this case made him look good. In fact, it is in total contradiction to Joe Biden’s campaign theme of presenting an image of the ‘wise statesman’, ‘the adult in the room’, ‘the guy with the calm intellectual competence who can right the ship of state and reassure an anxious, frightened electorate looking for the cool contemplative thoughtful intellectual leader who will present a complete contrast to the out-of-control foul-mouthed perpetually angry emotional basket case man-baby… Read more »