Trump Says He Asked for Favor on Behalf of America, Not Himself


As we all know, the memo (it is not a transcript) from the “perfect call” referenced the critical line: “I need you to do us a favor, though,” as Trump spoke to Zelensky. It is Trump’s demand for the deliverable, the investigation of Biden.

Now, today, Trump wants you to know that he was acting on “our” behalf. Yes, Trump was just looking out for you:

And it only took him three months to come up with this explanation! Bravo.

Moreover, Trump forgets to add in his tweet that he also wanted Zelensky to speak to Rudy Giuliani, who is not a government official, does not work for us, but is Trump’s “personal lawyer.” The tweet is totally credible.


The Tweet does, however, demonstrate why we so desperately need Bolton and Mulvaney’s testimony. We are arguing about the meaning of one word in a document that I am not convinced is an accurate a reference. I can easily see some words twisted; take out a “me” and insert “us,” leave out a clause of a sentence, reword a different sentence and “voila,” the perfect call.

It would explain where Trump came up with the “perfect call” meme, would it not? If the White House went under an intense review of the memo and slyly altered just a few things, changing “me” to “us,” and leaving out just a couple clauses, one can see them convincing themselves it was “the perfect call,” especially compared to how it originally read. One can almost see a few people, including bad lawyers, talking about it after alterations: “There, it’s perfect now, it looks just fine …” and Trump picking up on it.

I do not want to get too far out in speculation because none of the witnesses noted anything too obvious missing from the memo. Moreover, I don’t find Trump using the word “us” to be in any way less condemning. Trump thinks of himself as the King of the United States, and thus I can easily see where Trump would believe that Zelensky is doing the United States a favor by destroying Biden and doing Trump’s personal bidding. Given that Trump subsumed the entire nation into his ego, saying “us” doesn’t mean a thing to me.

Regardless, the focus on the word “us” screams out for greater discovery into the evidence. I want to hear from Bolton and Mulvaney, even though I do understand the House’s reasoning. I feel like they’re just pushing ahead into a known outcome, and a dangerous aftermath. There has been some discussion about calling Mulvaney or Bolton at the trial in the senate, especially since Trump has talked about calling Schiff and Hunter Biden. That is some high stakes pool, there. As a general rule, you never ever call a witness if you don’t know the answer to every question you are asking, and can prove it should the witness choose to lie.

Still, it does need to be considered. Right now, though, I would expect Mulvaney to lie his ass off. Bolton … he would have to tell the truth, if he wants his book to sell. Again, the stakes couldn’t be higher.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter: @MiciakZoom


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He and shouty jerk, gym Jordan, comparing notes, i see.


Again, the man-baby thinks we don’t have video, audio recordings of what he has said in the past. The Narcissist-in-Chief regularly substitutes “we” and “us” for “I” and “me” in order to pretend that every selfish and self-centered action and proposal (which includes, well, everything he does and thinks, because he is incapable of caring about anything besides “me me me me me!”) is the opposite of selfish. He’s doing it for you guys…”believe me!”

Lone Wolf

The lying liar, is lying again.

Anyone else think Al Franken is LONG overdue with a sequel to his classic, “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them?” Just change the title to “Lies and the Donald Who Tells Them”; he wouldn’t really need to do very much research with it. Hell, it’d be the easiest book he ever wrote; of course, it’d be close to 2500 pages (at least) with half the pages being Trump’s lies and the other half being the credits to the websites that’ve already been chronicling them. If he really wanted to, he could mischievously add a “Volume 1” to the… Read more »

He withheld millions of dollars in aid, to “help,” America. More lies, and if this was true, it is another example of his total incompetence.


Hundreds of millions.


I read that “so-called” transcript. I used to be a legal secretary and had to type what I heard to create transcripts. I could easily tell that this one was not long enough to have taken up as much time as the actual length of the call. It was not a transcript. It was a memo. It even says so at the bottom of each page.


“It even says so at the bottom of each page.”

That’s what gets me. Trump and his Joseph Goebbels propagandists over at Trump TV can lie brazenly and blatantly, and the cult will still believe the Goebbels version rather than their lyin’ eyes. I swear, Hannity could hold up a shit sandwich while telling the cult that it is a bar of gold, and the cult will see a gold bar!

Alfred Higgins

The orange impostor clearly took this late and lame excuse directly from Prof. Kaplan’s exclamation regarding the royal usage of “We”, or at least one of his staff sycophants did. Just because tRump lacks creativity and memory doesn’t mean that everyone else lacks them, especially Mr. Memorex.

chris whitley

Now that’s rich. Trump hasn’t done a dam thing for America in his life. Why’s he gonna start now. BULLSHIT!💩


Reminds me of Billy Jeff Clinton arguing what the meaning of “is” is.
I read that tweet hearing the Richard Pryor bit about a little kid explaining how the vase got broken…