Mark December 7 on your calendar. It’s not only a day that will live in infamy, but one that will resound in the annals of absurdity as well, once Rudy Giuliani leaves his inimitable mark on it. Giuliani has been bounced from Fox News, at least until further notice, so he’s beginning a two-part series on Fox’s rival network, OAN, this weekend, entitled, “REVEALED: UKRAINIAN WITNESSES DESTROY SCHIFF’S CASE EXCLUSIVE WITH RUDY GIULIANI: PARTS 1 AND 2,” wherein he’ll share the fruits of his labors in Hungary and Ukraine this week. The series is hosted by OAN White House correspondent, Chanel Rion, best known for proselytizing conspiracy theories about Seth Rich and Pizzagate, when she isn’t busy penning anti-feminist children’s books or drawing anti-left political cartoons, amongst other swamp-fevered fantasies. Daily Beast:

In October, Rion claimed that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page had an affair with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Rion’s vaguely sourced report went viral in corners of the right-wing blogosphere that has become obsessed with Page’s sex life and her connection to the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia. But Rion’s network quietly retracted the entire story later that month. […]

Before joining OAN in May, Rion developed some level of notoriety on the internet for her bizarre political cartoons, in a self-published set of online cartoons dubbed “The Left Edge.” In one, Rion promoted the conspiracy theory that Clinton was behind the unsolved murder of DNC staffer Rich, which police have concluded was a botched robbery. In another, she referenced “spirit cooking”—the baseless claim, popular with believers in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, that top Democratic officials are involved in Satanic cannibalistic sacrifices.

You know, this is one way of dealing with the Republicans. We could just bake ’em in a pie and eat ’em. Or, maybe we could do a fast food version of our cannibalistic cuisine. How about a Big Mitch burger, or some nice Dunkin Devins, with a coffee? Look, eating them has got to be better than listening to them, right?

Now here’s my personal favorite from Rion’s album of Democratic delusions: Harry Reid is a visitor from beyond the stars, Planet Zoombo, to be precise. Dammit, how did she find out my home base? The Imperial Nawab is going to be very distressed when she hears about this.

Not all of Rion’s cartoons promote conspiracy theories, but many of them are still strange. In one, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), dressed as an alien, comes to Earth to criticize then-FBI Director James Comey. Reid is depicted as arriving in a UFO inexplicably labeled “Planet Zoombo.” In another, she called on “armed citizens to defend America from violent left,” claiming without evidence that Democrats were plotting assassinations.

In one cartoon, Rion portrays the Academy Awards’ Oscar statue as a woman named “Oscareena.”

“He claims his name is Oscareena and he wants the keys to the little girls’ peek-a-boo room,” one character in the cartoon says.

This is a White House correspondent, okay? This is the level of intellect and ability that holds that title, in an era when the likes of Alex Jones was given press credentials to attend White House press briefings (back when we did such things) while Jim Acosta had his revoked, after a number of years on the job. OAN has credibility in this White House, while the New York Times and the Washington Post do not. While this situation is ludicrous in the extreme, on one level, it is no laughing matter for the sitting president of the United States to have a personal attorney who is muckraking in conspiracy theory abroad, in an effort to distract from impeachment proceedings and to justify foreign interference both in the 2016 election and in the upcoming 2020 election, as well.

Our government has been hijacked by a circus troupe, with the full support and complicity of the GOP, who will kill their own dogs if it will assure them staying in power. Court jester Giuliani has already sold his soul and will discard whatever tatters of credibility that he might have left in a few days time, being the television face of alternate reality, in an effort to rally the base and maybe pick up a few independent votes to keep Trump going. Giuliani and OAN are just like Trump. The pursuit of profit is their only motive and they have no scruples, whatsoever, let alone a social conscience. We live in dark and dangerous times.

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It is an epidemic of stupidity.


I will be busy on Dec. 7. Shoot.