The Biden campaign didn’t miss a beat getting this one out and up on the board.

This should hit Trump where he lives. He can’t stand being laughed at and it’s impossible to deny that these two events took place, the one at the United Nations and the one at the NATO summit. It will be interesting to see what Trump puts up as a counter-attack ad — Hunter Biden counting money on the beach, something like that?

It’s going to be an ugly campaign, making 2016 look civil by comparison, but this is the level Trump has dragged us down to and we have to fight fire with fire. I think this is a good beginning. I admit to some trepidation recently when Joe Biden got his “no malarkey” bus rolling, but this, on the other hand, is a very smooth move. This is what we need more of.


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24 Comments on "Joe Biden’s Attack Ad ‘The World Is Laughing At Trump’ Looks Like A Winner"

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Bullies Don’t like to be laughed at. I read that Joe instructed his people to wait until trump was back on American soil before he started running it, fifteen minutes later. It is a total scorcher.

old grey dude

I have to say that is a pretty powerful ad. hits his supporters a leaners in a bad spot. and every other candidate can use it. I wonder if there was some collusion between candidates to let Biden role this one out ahead of everyone else.


Not as crazy about Uncle Joe as some here, but this was goooood. It hit Trump exactly where he lives and will keep his blood pressure up for at least the next week.


I hope you’re right. I’m just afraid that if “safe centrist” Biden is the nominee, fewer millennials and young persons of color will be inspired to bother voting, a repeat of 2016.

Good to read you over here, Ursula. Like you, I’m a recent DK exile, having been bojo’ed last week after getting ambushed by DK’s “community policing” situation, in which people are often flagged for disagreeing with one of the cliques after getting provoked into a heated discussion by those who don’t seem to get flagged for behavior that is objectively equivalent or worse.


I share your concerns about Biden but it’s a long primary yet. The real rubber hits the road next year. I frankly haven’t seen a primary season this wild from the Dems since 1992…so don’t count out anybody.

For what’s worth coming from a guy monitors “the mothership”, as Jason calls it, without ever climbing onboard, I hate that you were done that way by them. Glad to have you around!


I hope the entire Democratic party learned a big lesson about apathy in 2016.

Ilene Proctor

Hooray Biden. I’m more progressive than you are, but I certainly applaud this nitty, gritty, to-the-point ad. Congratulations. But, if you are the nominee, I will vote for you.

This whole piece from the artist spot makers, has been blended from numerous, fully public occurrences of Trump’s idiocy, combined with ACTUAL WORLD LEADERS comments and reactions, their comments, released en masse has placed them nicely in the public domain … Trump cannot squash them, or legally attack them, it’s wonderful !! What’s he going to do? Cry like the diaper-wearing balloon, that resembles him? [OMG, these guys really hurt my fe-fe’s], let’s look at Trump’s quick, un-announced exit from the fray over there, and check out his leaving an open place in a scheduled meeting with the Queen, he… Read more »