Have No Doubt, Prof. Jonathon Turley Is Full of S**t


Jonathon Turley will likely go down as history’s greatest concern troll.

Have absolutely no doubt that Turley is a hired gun, called by the Republicans to help get Trump’s ass out of the sling while acting as if he’s maintaining some kind of intellectual standard and honesty. He is not. Anyone who supported the impeachment and removal of Bill Clinton, but not Donald Trump, is someone who is only out to hurt Democrats, period.

If you didn’t believe it before today, you have far more evidence now.

Turley wants you to believe that he is coming at you straight, no agenda at all. He just wants more evidence, and thinks that the “thin file” and rushed procedure are objectionable. His argument might have some weight if the Democrats specifically chose to only call the non-political staffers around Trump (Vindman, Taylor, Yovanovitch), while leaving the testimony of Bolton, Mulvaney and Giuliani waiting at the curbside. But Turley knows damned well that Trump has blocked, and will block, every single individual and document that he can. Facts are Trump kryptonite.

In effect, Turley wants the Democrats punished for not having more evidence, knowing that Trump is going to take a year, minimum, in litigating each and every piece of evidence and individual that might come before the committee. Meanwhile, in the background, Trump will busily rig the fcking 2020 election and then – if he wins – declare the entire proceeding “Null and Void” because “the voters have spoken.”

IF Turley were being intellectually honest, he would blast Trump for his blatant obstruction of the proceeding. It would be “semi-honest” to say; “Congress, you are going too fast. But, Mr. President, you are obstructing the proceeding without any good faith justification.” But Turley isn’t saying that, only Congress has done wrong, in his eyes.

He got caught on it, too. In this questioning by Congressman Neguse, one can see the bullshit flow from Turley’s eyes. Transcript via Rawstory:

“And you’re aware that President Trump has refused to allow his chief of staff or White House counsel to testify in this inquiry, correct?”

“Yes, but various officials did testify and they are remaining in federal employment,” said Turley.

So Turlely is expecting Congress to give Trump bonus points for not firing these people the moment after testifying? And, point of order, but Vindman was sent packing back to the Pentagon, and Ambassador Yovanovitch was fired prior to even testifying.

“Am I right that President Clinton provided written responses to 81 interrogatories from the House Judiciary Committee and during that impeachment inquiry?” said Neguse. “And you’re aware that President Trump has refused any request for information  the president submitted by the president in this impeachment inquiry?”

“I have, yes,” said Turley.

At which point Turley did not die of embarrassment .

“Are you familiar with the letter issued by White House counsel Pat Cipollone on October 8, written on behalf of President Trump, in effect, instructing executive branch officials not to testify in this impeachment inquiry?”

“Yes, I am,” said Turley.

The “You Can All Go Blow Me” letter? Yes, I have heard that it was issued. So?

So what is Congress supposed to do when the president tells Congress to go blow itself?

“And am I correct that no president in the history of the republic, before President Trump, has ever issued a general order instructing executive branch officials not to testify in an impeachment inquiry?” said Neguse.

“That’s where I’m not sure I can answer that affirmatively,” said Turley. “President Nixon, in fact, went to court over access to information, documents, and the like, and he lost.”

You cheap, legacy-minded, lying ass mother fffff. Wrong!!

Nixon did “go to court” over access to “information, documents and the like,” but not ALL OF IT, as Trump did! And you know damned good and well it makes a huge difference. Nixon went to court over the tapes, bitch. (Sorry). And even with respect to the tapes, Nixon released edited versions prior to going to court!

Nixon most certainly DID acknowledge Congress’s right to call witnesses, and allowed those witnesses to testify! The U.S. v. Nixon case only dealt with Congress’s attempt to subpoena the unedited tapes of private White House communication, tapes of actual conversations between the president and others in his staff. And in THAT case, even with TAPES, the SCOTUS said in a 9-0 decision that “No privilege applies!” Yet Trump thinks that he can keep Mulvaney from even showing up!!

The U.S. Supreme Court decided 9-0 that Nixon had no “privilege” in secretly recorded private conversations about how to deal with a legal problem. Yet Trump thinks he can keep Mulvaney from even showing up?

Turley, you scheming little whiny …

“Well, Professor Turley, I would just again refer you back to the history that’s been recounted by each of the distinguished scholars here today, because we know, as we recount these examples, that President Nixon did, in fact, allow his chief of staff and his chief counsel to testify, and this president has not,” said Neguse. “We know that President Clinton responded to the interrogatories propounded by that impeachment inquiry, and that this president has not.”

“I agree with that,” conceded Turley.

Only because you cannot lie any further. You realize you’ve been caught, by someone who understands the history and the law.

Turley’s contention, “Nixon went to court, and when he lost at court, he stepped down,” is one of the most intellectually dishonest statements I have heard in some time. In many ways, it is more offensive than someone like Collins, who comes right out and admits he’s full of shit and wants the Georgia senate seat. Turley tries to hide in the veneer of some neutral academic hall monitor, so “concerned” about the speed of all this.

Turley knows damned well why the Congress is going “fast.” He also knows that we’ve never, ever, had a president like Trump, and that the country cannot survive as a Republic if it has a president like Trump. Turley probably doesn’t particularly “like” Trump. He is just personally satisfied that a Democrat would be worse.

That is how “Professor Jonathon Turley,” concern troll, can come out very “troubled” by all this, yet have advocated for Clinton’s removal. He is nothing but a Gym Jordan, with fifty more IQ points, a graduate degree, and a coat.

Sorry, bit of a rant, there.


Peace, y’all


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I’m no lawyer, but I definitely saw him for what he is . He makes me sick. A smug, lying pos.

A wonderful rant, as soon as Turdley opened his mouth, he was acting as a bought and paid for Republican plant … he had dead eyes, trying hard to stay on point … a feeble attempt to appear intelligent and the master class potent SHOULD be obvious, for all to see … I could have sworn that he slipped in the God comment, probably my mistake as he was muddling through some extra gibberish, but it made me wonder if he was presently working at a religious University somewhere. Keep up the rant, our TV had a dressing down again… Read more »
Cheryl Lawrence

Turley is a lawyer. He defends the innocent and the guilty. The guilty pay better. He really enjoys being center screen and might even accept that in lieu of big bucks.
He has a lot in common with trump. Lies pay if you can keep them up, but lies dig holes in your soul so there’s a little less good in you each time. Have you noticed that?


“He is nothing but a Gym Jordan, with fifty more IQ points”

Fifty? As many as that?

Alfred Higgins

Of course, Turley’s strongest argument can be reduced to the contention that the Intelligence Committee is premature in it’s recommendations because it lacks the evidence clearly withheld by tRump’s unconstitutional obstruction of Congress. All told, this is a pretty lame argument.


Turley was a regular on “left wing” MSNBC when I watched that s**t-show.