Fox’s Napolatino Predicts Trump Will Testify on His Own Behalf at Trial


This won’t come true because I haven’t been a good enough person for Santa to deliver this present to me. Having said that, it is fun to ponder, kind of like buying a lottery ticket just to sit and think about what you’d do with a few hundred million. Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano predicts that Trump will testify on his own behalf at his senate trial.

Please, god, yes.

Per a transcript in The Hill (and not interpreted by John Solomon) Bill Hemmer asked Napolitano who might testify on behalf of Trump, given that Trump hasn’t allowed anyone to testify yet.

“Himself,” said Napolitano.

The Judge states it will be the biggest political showdown in modern history, with 200 million people watching, in a trial overseen by the Chief Justice. Trump and his ego simply won’t be able to resist.

Before you all laugh along with me, do note that unlike a real trial, Trump has this jury stacked. He might well believe he cannot possibly lose in this context, and will want to go all in on the matter. He is arrogant enough that – with a stacked jury – he might well think that he will finally show everyone that he can “own the libs.” It really could happen.

I confess that I hadn’t thought through the fact that Trump will have a hard time presenting any sort of “defense,” since he hasn’t allowed anyone come to the capitol yet. If Trump were to call witnesses like Mulvaney or someone, they would be exposed to cross-examination. Thus, Trump is likely to act like a criminal and plead the 5th, basically, not put on any defense. Just assert that the Democrats didn’t prove their case.

But if Trump thinks this matter is guaranteed, because he owns the Republican jurors, he might be stupid enough to walk his ass into the trial, fully expecting his stable genius-nature to walk on over the Democrats.

On the one hand, yes, the Republicans are near certain to vote on Trump’s behalf no matter what. So what’s the risk? On the other hand, you know the risks. If Trump testifies, schools will close. People that could care less about politics will be listening in, and it is entirely possible that Trump will fall on his face under cross-examination. Yes, Trump has his “base” that believes he’s been terribly maligned. Yet how many of those people actually know what happened in the scandal?

I will tell you the number isn’t many. Republicans have brilliantly spread so much bullshit in so many directions that their own voters truly don’t know what this scandal is about. The only thing of which they’re sure is that all this is terribly unfair to “the president.” (They will never refer to him as Trump, it is always “the president.”) So there is risk that too many people will watch. Trump will then inform those people, aka voters, as to what actually happened, and have a lot of people staring at each other uncomfortably, including senator-jurors.

Sounds delicious.

But I have been doing more thinking lately, as the trial gets closer and closer. I worry.

Without regard to Trump testifying, if the Republicans still clear Trump, look the ever-living fck out. We will be living in the type of fascist dystopian nightmare of the likes we’ve never before contemplated, but something I am contemplating deeply right now. What happens after? 

We will have a president who fended off an impeachment by denying ALL testimony by the executive branch. He will never, ever, answer a congressional subpoena again, nor will he feel in any way limited, after hearing Republicans stand in front of microphones and defend the indefensible. I am scared. But as scared as I am, Trump should have even more fear about testifying. No trial, ever, is a “done deal,” where one’s fate is wholly predictable ahead of time. Yet he will likely strongly consider it, and we best start preparing for just such an end, as well as the afterward.


Peace, y’all

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12 Comments on "Fox’s Napolatino Predicts Trump Will Testify on His Own Behalf at Trial"

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Hmmm… I hadn’t considered this, really. Also, what about his narcissism? Will he be able to resist being on tv, with millions of people tuning in? He really thinks he is a God on mount Olympus. He might think he could make it through because he is so “perfect.”

p j evans

He can’t avoid lying about everything, as well as contradicting what he just said. He can’t even keep it honest in depositions – in a hearing with a live audience as well as video cams? He’d be grandstanding and incriminating himself at the same time.


I think he’ll do it, unless his family members put him in a straitjacket.

I’ve been trying to think of another country that would let me in if he’s re-elected. I’m old and broken. Can’t think of one that would want me.


Then it looks like you make your stand here…the reckoning approaches.

dana fairfield

Maybe move to California. The fifth largest economy in the world probably has the best chance of fending off a second-term, unrestrained Trump.


Fascists need the sort of support Trump has undermined from the start. Testifying in public will just undermine it more.


Let Pelosi keep calling him a coward and daring him to testify.

He might fall for it.

p j evans

He *is* a coward. He can’t fire people in person, he can’t badmouth them in person. He has others do it, or he does it long-distance.


You have to know that trvmp is furious that fox doesn’t dump Napolitano.