The World Is Now Laughing at Trump, and it Is On Video


Do not take this quite as lightly as you might initially be inclined. Video can tell a story or translate truths during times when words might fail. This could prove pretty powerful.

Twitter brings us video of the world’s most respected leaders laughing at, and about, Donald Trump. This is powerful imagery. Note that Trump “friend” Boris Johnson is among the leaders yucking it up. Trump isn’t going to be able to toss this aside as no one but “deep state snobs” (whatever that is) like Macron and Trudeau. No, this is everyone, including Trump allies:

If this video catches fire and gets around, and it likely will, it can change people’s opinions, quickly, especially with someone like Trump, who specializes in creating a fictional reality where he is all-powerful, “perfect.”

Except video doesn’t lie. There is no covering this up. There is no context, or making it look less bad. It speaks for itself.

He is being mocked and Trump is uniquely susceptible to potential humiliation that can come from this experience. The only way to disempower this type of thing is to join the laughter, to laugh at oneself and demonstrate some humility, maybe even apologize. He can’t do it.

We mock him all the time, for us it is normal. But some Republicans don’t see him in this light, ever. It is possible that this is the type of thing that can change Republicans, especially the senate/jury, perhaps seeing Trump in a new light. Play this video while referring to Trump as the “chosen one,” or describing the man who can destroy careers in two sentences thumbed out on the can. Some Republicans might see him as just some fat guy behind the curtain with a phone and temper. There is very little in the world that can shake faux strength with greater efficiency than laughter.

Some Repubs are already doing the knee-jerk denial of reality, and it just doesn’t play:

I can feel it from all the way across the pond and I feel the weakness that comes about from being laughed at, being the joke, the butt. We were utterly humiliated today during the press conferences. But this is even worse, in my opinion. I can’t help but wonder if Republicans feel it, too. This is shameful, the once mighty and noble United States, reduced to a joke.

It could lead to bigger changes than one might initially think. Or we could be at war by morning.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom



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His minders (babysitters) will never let him see this. And even if he does accidentally see it, he won’t believe they are referring to him, let alone laughing at him. Sigh. This too shall pass. Thank you, Jason.


Yes, I must agree with Laura Ingraham (something I’d never thought I’d actually do) but world leaders HAVE been laughing at Republican presidents since Reagan.

The problem is the laughing leaders then were our ENEMIES, not our presumed allies. Even when our allies found Reagan’s doddering, verging-on-senility behaviors and actions to be amusing or comical, they were polite enough to keep their laughter well out of any kind of public setting where cameras *might* be recording (the only time they’d be publicly caught laughing at Reagan was when he’d make a genuine joke).

This revealing video of our (formerly) closet allies’ impromptu genuine reaction to our man-baby national disgrace is both utterly unsurprising and utterly despairing for the confirmation it gives us that our nation’s profound loss of respect and trust among the “free world” is universal and severe. What this means in terms of long term injury to our nation’s 1) trade relationships, 2) ability to attract top talent from all over the world to crucial science and technology research and industries that have long served as the biggest engine of economic growth and quality of life increases for our country, and… Read more »

They know he’s weak…that’s why they laugh so openly. He has no credibility with them, no true threats that they can take seriously. And they are making the calculation that his time is coming to a close, be it removal by impeachment, resignation or becoming the first one-term president since Bush Sr.


The man-baby emperor was upset after seeing the viral video and cut short his summit visit and left in a pout. Then he had his little predictable twitter tantrum and called Trudeau “two faced”.

Must be hard for a 73 year old forever trapped inside a 5 year old maturity level, knowing he will never measure up to his peers.


Hello from the UK! Just to add to the deliciousness, the lady partially obscured on the left is our very own Princess Anne who seems to be thoroughly enjoying the merriment. BTW, I am no fan of Boris, but he is not quite the ‘Trumper’ he is portrayed as. He has written some scathing comments about the Tangerine Treasonweasel, but needs a trade deal.
Keep up the good fight!

Dave Holland

Trump shouldn’t take his frustrations out on Aluminum.