The Gilded Age Of Stupid


Moe, Larry, the cheese! Moe, Larry, the cheese!   Curly Howard

You know, it’s really too bad that so much of the country is either head-over-heels crazy about Donald Trump, or so totally sick and fed up with him that they’re ready to stick their heads in an oven, because there’s some really world class stupid shit going on these days. The kind of shit where if it were your child displaying this kind of behavior, you’d at least consider calling a doctor. But since it’s Trump, it just means that it’s Wednesday.

Trump was asked yesterday if the US was supporting the pro democracy protesters in Iran. Trump said that nobody had asked us to support the protesters, but no, we’re not supporting them. Apparently, somebody on his staff got into his ear, telling him that US President’s supporting pro democracy movements is kind of a no brainer, and it’s OK this time, because they aren’t going up against China or Russia, so he tried to clean it up. He resurrected the question later, saying that while nobody had asked the US to back the protesters financially, we were certainly ready to do so, and backed them 100%. Nobody asked us to back them financially because that would be fomenting a coup, but with Trump, everything devolves to money eventually.

Pocket Donnie Depends took a cheap swipe at the Biden’s the other day, like there’s some other kind? He drooled out some slobber about being successful in his own right, as opposed to having to count on his father’s mane, as well as his taxpayer paid job and influence. I think that Dipshit Donnie Redux was referring to his new political pup-up book being #1 on the NY Times best seller list for non fiction. What Trump’s Satan Spawn didn’t mention was the little dagger symbol after the ranking, signifying large mass purchase orders. The RNC, as well as other pro Trump PAC’s and fund raising mechanisms have bought somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 copies of Trump Jr’s dreck, either to resell to the sheeple, or as throwaways in return for a particular dollar amount donation. Nope, no capitalizing on Daddum’s name or taxpayer paid job there!

In a recent poll, 53% of Republican voters said that Donald Trump was a better Republican President than Abraham Lincoln. No shit, and it was a reputable pollster, Pew Research. On the one hand, you have the first Republican President, one who struggled to end the bloody and divisive civil war and who died trying to reunite the country after it, and with Trump, you have a Republican President tht is hell-bent-for-leather to restore the south to the pre civil war days of glory. I don’t know why Pew bothers asking questions where the answer is already self evident.

Alleged constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, often of CNN told the House Judiciary committee today that President Donald Trump is not guilty of obstruction of justice unless he defies a ruling from the United States Supreme Court. I’m left wondering just why Turley thinks that the Founding Fathers bothered wasting all of that time in outlining in the constitution exactly which powers each branch of government had, and how they were t be used, but that’s just me. The one thing that I do know is that I wouldn’t want to be Turley’s client the next time that he argues a case in federal court, not after he basically turned whatever their decision is into basically a “participation trophy” in the federal legal system. Turley might want to ask His Lowness about how long judicial memories are.

John Kennedy doesn’t know whether to shit, go blind, or wind his watch. Senator “Not that John Kennedy!” went on Chris Wallace’s FUX News show a week ago Sunday, and floated the GOP’s conspiracy flavor-of-the-month that it really was Ukraine that was responsible for hacking the DNC servers in 2016. Kennedy gor such a total shit shower in the media over that statement that he went on CNN the next day to walk it back, although rather ineptly. This of course meant the immediate dumping of another 55 gallon drum of shit over his head from Glorious Bleater. Which required another trip this Sunday, this time on Meet The Press, to once again express his total fealty to the Ukraine conspiracy theory.This earned Kennedy a tweet that was the electronic equivalent od a presidential belly skritch. It also earned Kennedy a tweet calling him a “Putin useful idiot,” and all Kennedy can do is to fume in silence, having nowhere else to go.

Representative Devin Nunes sent 5 days on national television, excoriating Chairman Adam Schiff for “hiding the identity” of the whistle blower, which only happens to be required by federal law, and basically calling hum a traitor. I don’t wanna play poker against Schiff, who just sat there with a stone face, and never said a word, letting the release of the committee’s report to the Judiciary committee be the equivalent of Schiff slamming a royal flush on the table.The report not only chronicles Nunes’ overseas fact-free-finding mission to Europe, but also exposes phone logs showing that Nunes was not only in contact with Rudy Ghouliani, but also indicted Ukrainian-American thug du jour Lev Parnas during the scheme to oust Marie Yovanovitch as US Ambassador to the Ukraine. This places Nunes in the ethically uncomfortable position of having continued to participate in a congressional investigation into an issue in which he was now a fact witness. That’s what I like about Devin Nunes, you don’t even have to give him enough rope to hang himself with, he brings 50′ with him when he walks in the door. See ya in the ethics investigation, fool!

I’m sure that there are other examples of spectacular GOP stupidity, but this has dragged on long enough. The funny thing is, that all of these circus contortions are designed exclusively to entertain and amuse a base that the GOP already has in their pockets, while convincing the rest of the country that a vote for a Republican is like giving your kid a 1 lb bag of Oreo’s, and then expecting him to take a nap. Wadda way to run a railroad.

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Cherl Harrell

I think someone said the other day, that we are headed into another dark age. Just today, my hairdresser told me that one of her clients (who supports Trump) says it’s because he speaks like we do. So the dumbing down continues.

p j evans

Turley is saying the exact opposite of what he said when he was testifying in 1998.


I had initially given Kennedy props for having his cake and eating it.
Go on Faux “News” and spout bat-crap crazy talking points for the knuckle-draggers, then walk it back on CNN for the grown-ups. Too bad Tangerine Nixon had to insert his stubby Twitter-digits into the plan.