The “BLT Team” Should Enter Our Lexicon: International Conspiracy


One of the reasons that I believe the House is going a little too fast with this impeachment proceeding is the ongoing revelations brought about by late-breaking evidence, though I strongly disagree with Trump apologist Prof. Turley, in that there is plenty of evidence to impeach now. One cannot help but be left breathless at the power of the revelations contained within the phone records released yesterday. It would seem we need to become very familiar with the “BLT club” and all it did on Trump’s behalf.

The BLT club is made up of our favorite impeachment players. They are; Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, “The Hill” reporter John Solomon, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing as Trump’s official attorneys, and Devin “Moo” Nunes’s “chief aide.” Make no mistake, this club was formed to bury Biden, and was not going to be held back by law. From Rawstory:

On the same day Joe Biden announced his presidential campaign, John Solomon wrote a falsehood-laden column “alleging that Ukraine had planted Russia collusion allegations against the Trump campaign,” according to the Post. “The column also described Biden’s efforts to oust a Ukrainian prosecutor and questioned whether Biden had acted to protect his son Hunter, who served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company facing an investigation, as the fired prosecutor has alleged.”

That was back in April of 2019, long before Trump thought to hold-up Ukraine.

The “BLT club” was so named for the second floor restaurant in the Trump Hotel in Washington DC where the group would meet. Back in April, they were conspiring to get out misinformation about Joe Biden:

The very same day, April 25, Giuliani received a call from “-1” (i.e., Trump). Giuliani then called Sean Hannity at Fox. A while later, Trump appeared on Hannity’s show to comment on Solomon’s report in The Hill. “That sounds like big, big stuff,” he said.

That sounds like a big big conspiracy to me. It sounds to me like the president of the United States was conspiring with his attorneys and congressional staff to put out known disinformation and spreading it around the media through The Hill and Fox News.

It boggles the mind of ordinary Americans to contemplate the wide array of seedy underworld characters involved in a vast global conspiracy. (Another side of this involves another dirty former Ukrainian prosecutor who did a favor for a Ukrainian mobster fighting extradition to the US. Dmitry Firtash, the mobster, got Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor, to say Biden was dirty. That won Giuliani’s attention. His friends diGenova and Toensing went to the US Department of Justice to plead with the US attorney general to go easy on Firtash.

People who read this column regularly are starting to see the pattern emerge. Some of the same names continue to come up, Firtash, Shokin, Lutsenko, and that is because this is the Putin-wing of the Ukrainian government, the criminal oligarch underworld.

Rudy cannot keep himself away from that underworld, indeed just today (Today!) Rudy is in Europe, meeting with some of these same characters. Rudy cannot help himself.

He is still there!

Same names again.

This BLT club combines elements from government and media to further Trump’s purposes, including Trump’s private attorneys, Giuliani et. al., members of the media at The Hill and Fox (through Trump phone calls), members of Congress through Nunes’s staff and Nunes himself, Trump (or Individual 1), indicted defendants in Parnas and Fruman as well as various criminal Ukrainian elements. The BLT club acts like and talks like an ongoing criminal conspiracy, especially given that Lev Parnas has already been indicted on campaign finance charges and Rudy Giuliani is in Europe today tilting at the same old windmills. If the money utilized to keep this group going was illegal, and it sure appears to be, than everything this group did in furtherance of money was and remains illegal.

It seems to me that this is a far larger conspiracy than even the Congress knows at this point (depending upon how much Parnas has been able to tell the Committee). I understand that the Democrats desperately want this proceeding over and done with (including the trial) prior to the March primaries. And yet can we afford to actually come up short here? I realize that the Republicans have shown no predisposition to “getting it” and changing their minds, no matter what the evidence shows. Yet I still think that it is dangerous to bring the case to trial when there is so much evidence still outstanding that needs to be evaluated.

We will see.


Peace, y’all

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They can always impeach him again later on new evidence. There don’t appear to be any limits on how often impeachment may occur.

p j evans

The House Intelligence committee has made it clear they’re still investigating.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

I’m of two minds about this. I totally get wanting to get this done before the primaries, assuming we get something to our advantage from it. On the other hand, if we don’t, we will have rushed it for no reason. If we impeach again later, they’ll just add “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” to “Witch Hunt” and all that BS. Which will greatly lessen our credibility.

If we spend a little more time trying to solidify things, we may get a better result. My crystal ball’s out being polished, so I have no freakin’ idea.


Well tell your ball polisher to hurry it up. We need some insight here!