Rudy Gets Benched: Trump Won’t Allow Rudy on Fox


According to a new story in Vanity Fair, Ivanka and Jared have been telling Donald for over a year to get Rudy “off” the team, which is somewhat interesting since Rudy isn’t in the government or currently involved in any position. Regardless, Trump ignored the advice, even liking Rudy in interviews, “interviews” being the coin of the realm in the Trump White House, since it is all a reality-show.

Rudy won’t be doing interviews anytime soon, though:

The relationship has grown so strained that Trump has even directed Giuliani not to appear on Fox News, a Republican briefed on the conversations said. (A Fox source said Giuliani has declined producers’ requests to appear on the network in recent days). “Rudy is cut off from Fox News,” the Republican told me. One Republican close to Trump put it this way: “We had to do something, we don’t want Rudy out there. Every time he talks it’s bad for Trump.”

But don’t go thinking that Trump watched Rudy go batshit insane and had a revelation that perhaps Rudy has lost his edge and needs to be walked back. No, don’t be silly, that’s not it.

Rudy only got run because he did two things that Trump simply cannot abide. One, Rudy threatened Trump, no matter how obliquely:

The turning point seems to be Giuliani’s Fox News interview on November 23 in which he claimed to have an “insurance policy” in case Trump throws him overboard. “Trump was pissed,” a source told me. Giuliani tweeted that his comment was “sarcastic” and later called Trump to apologize.

You do not threaten or joke with Trump. He thinks of himself as a mob boss, and has fck-all sense of humor. Go ahead and spill the beans on your international criminal conspiracy to Jake Tapper, look insane, if needed. That’s all fine. Lightly threaten or “joke,” and you’re done.

The other thing Rudy did? Got greedy:

Then, on November 27, the New York Times reported that Giuliani tried to land business deals in Ukraine at the same time Trump assigned him to conduct a shadow foreign policy campaign to pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Trump, sources said, was furious. “Trump hates when people make money off working for him,”

Ha! Leave it to Trump to make it such that I feel just slightly sorry for Rudy. Keep in mind, Trump wasn’t paying Rudy to go around the world and promote Trump’s criminal enterprise. So Trump was already getting Rudy’s “services” for free. But Trump is such an asshole that he objected to Rudy making money “off” working for Trump? Of course that upsets the mob boss. Only the bosses are supposed to make money off working for others!

You might almost be tempted – if you’re Rudy – to think that Trump wouldn’t respect a person who didn’t figure out a way to monetize running one’s ass around Eastern Europe concocting crazy schemes that would get rejected as screen plays. Almost. I believe that I could almost see myself telling myself such a tale; “He’ll respect that I needed to make some money while …”

No, “he” didn’t.

Trump truly is a dick.

Newsflash, I know.

Ha ha. Yes, I’m over it. I no longer feel bad for Rudy. But damn, for just a moment … Trump can do the darndest things, no?


Peace, y’all

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Cherl Harrell

“Every time he talks, it’s bad for Trump” oh my gosh, that’s hilarious! What about every time Trump talks? Oh, I forgot, everything he says or does is perfect.
That’s why he makes a perfect ass of himself, almost on cue.

“Then, on November 27, the New York Times reported that Giuliani tried to land business deals in Ukraine… Trump, sources said, was furious. “Trump hates when people make money off working for him.” This is an important observation, and goes a long way to explaining why Trump threw his Secretary of Energy Rick Perry under the bus so fast and tried to blame his “perfect” call to Ukrainian President Zelensky on him, claiming that, “the call was Rick Perry’s idea.” Recall that Rick Perry was working on his own little corruption scheme in Ukraine, pressuring Zelensky to replace the board… Read more »

Next stop – under the bus!


Too little, too late…the damage is already done and like a fine scalpel, Donnie Boy won’t feel the cut until his nerve endings catch up.