Trump Humiliates United States in Epic Press Conference with Macron


Donald Trump is busily humiliating the United States. In a press conference with Emanuel Macron, Trump couldn’t help himself and snarkily offered to send ISIS fighters to France. This, friends, is not how it is done:

Macron, who happens to be a serious adult, responded like a serious adult who is also the president of a large and prosperous nation:

“Let’s be serious,” said Macron. “The very last numbers of fighters on the ground are the fighters coming from Syria, from Iraq. It is true that you have foreign fighters coming from Europe, but this is a tiny minority of the overall problem we have … second, some of the foreign fighters are being in Iraq because of the — we have a humanitarian approach for children. very organized. and we’ll have a case-by-case approach. But we need to finish war against ISIS and don’t make any mistakes. 

Indeed, let’s do be “serious,” and we should be “seriously” upset with our brat president.

Trump humiliated us by stating that the EU was formed to “take advantage of the United States,” which is …. well, humiliating.

Originally, I conflated the European Union and NATO together, an error which I deeply regret. I said that NATO was not formed to “take advantage of the United States …” when clearly Trump is referencing the EU as being formed to take advantage of the United States.

In thinking on it more, I am starting to think that Trump intentionally referenced the E.U., which was formed to maximize the Europeans bargaining power and ability to trade among and govern each other, at the NATO conference specifically to confuse and conflate the two entities in the United States.

This is a NATO conference, meant to celebrate the anniversary of the NATO alliance, which is why Trudeau is there. So why would Trump be talking about the EU and its original purpose? I suspect he wants people back home, like me, conflating the two entities, and he especially wants his supporters believing that NATO might have been formed “to take advantage of the United States.” The E.U. might have been formed to “offset” some of the U.S.’s bargaining power, so in that way it could – maybe – be thought of as taking advantage of the United States. But not NATO, and this conference is about NATO. It is entirely possible Trump meant for us to confuse the two entities.

Regardless, I deeply regret confusing the two entities in my original column, especially when I think about the possibility it was purposeful.

The humiliation wasn’t done.

The United States is being shamed on Twitter:


Trump supporters deserve it, and I feel a sense of shame as an American generally.

Trump “declined” to strongly uphold Article V, the core provision of NATO that says an attack on one is an attack on all. He “passed.”

This was, in my opinion, Trump’s most epic “fail” on the international scene. Trump obviously cannot get the impeachment off his mind, and thus he’s going to humiliate “us” (punishment) for bringing it upon him. This is how Trump “acts,” it is who he “is.” When Trump feels attacked, he will punish anyone near him.

We need to watch this closely. When threatened, Trump lights a blow torch and carries around a gas tank, lighting up all around him. He punishes others because his ego cannot handle that he is going through so much pain and chaos. In his fit of pique he’s destroying seventy-plus years of trust and good will. He will continue to protect his friends in Russia and weaken those who oppose him, personally, like Macron, Trudeau and Merkel, all to benefit Putin.

Here is a taste of the latest:


Peace, y’all

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23 Comments on "Trump Humiliates United States in Epic Press Conference with Macron"

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OMG! This doesn’t surprise us does it? How long will it take to undo the damage this orange t**d has done to our country? As far as I’m concerned anyone who votes for him in 2020 is a traitor.


I agree totally. Sadly, he still has a discouraging number of these traitors who support him and an equal number who are unsure.
Hopefully the Democrats won’t f**k this up again and give him another term.


And, of course, the ONLY time that Article V has been called on by anyone is when the USA called for support after 9/11, and the rest of NATO responded, and came to America’s aid, and joined the USA in Afghanistan.


I don’t agree that ‘we deserve this.’ No one deserves to be bullied, abused and gaslighted. I do agree that it is shameful so many Americans voted for this criminal. We need to accept responsibility for the actions of this “president,” which we are in the process of doing.


I am so embarrassed for this once great country.
If he wants to “Make America Great Again” he can start by moving out of the White House (and into the “big house”).

Nick Sullivan

Yes but never forget: Biden says “malarkey.” I’m sorry; this is a deal-killer. He cannot ‘earn’ my vote now. I am a progressive and we need systemic change; no one who paints ‘malarkey’ on his bus can offer that.

Yes this is disgusted snark. Deeply disgusted snark.

dana fairfield

I would choose malarkey over the, shall we say, more colorful synonyms in vogue today.

Gary Pighetti

The EU was formed, to a great extent, to allow Europe to present a united front against getting hosed by the US. IMHO, of course.