Trumps Declines Opportunity to “Participate” in Impeachment Hearings


I think that House Democrats need to start giving serious thought to granting each Republican request with respect to impeachment, because I seriously doubt that Republicans have any plans to actually do anything if invited to participate in the process. They only want to use denials as ammunition in the process.

After Trump spent the last two months complaining about the “lack of due process” in the investigation phase (we generally don’t allow defendants to participate in investigation), Representative Gerry Nadler, head of the House Judiciary Committee, offered Trump and his lawyers a role in the hearings on drafting articles of impeachment. Trump and his lawyers just said “no.”

Rawstory has a brief summary:

“We cannot fairly be expected to participate in a hearing while the witnesses are yet to be named,” Cipollone complained in a letter. “It remains unclear” whether the Judiciary Committee “will afford the President a fair process” through more hearings.

Sure, right on, sport – we sure can’t see through that. After all, when lawyers are confronted with “unclear processes,” the first thing we do is decline the invitation to participate and be there to register objections or question the evidence.

If you would like to read this letter, it is here:

The “bluff” was so easily called that I think the Democrats need to give serious thought to calling out each and every future one.

Today on Fox News, GA Rep. Doug Collins demanded that Adam Schiff be the first to testify.

Yes, it is crazy. However, I am assuming that Schiff has not done anything wrong. Perhaps have Rep. Schiff sit there and answer their questions. Indeed, because I believe that the Democrats actually have the evidence and the constitution on their side, they might well want to consider using each demand as yet another opportunity to argue their case and the evidence.

No, it won’t work in every context, but it is getting to the point where I would strongly consider it. Paint an even bigger contrast between the two sides. One side is open, unafraid to be asked questions, will not be bullied and can explain all its actions and plans. That same side will sit at the microphone and produce documents while answering questions. The other party is attempting to keep everyone from testifying, including the people closest to the matter, and will do all it can to change the subject.

It needs to be strongly considered.

By the way, when one hears complaints about “due process,” do note that eight of the jurors, all Republicans, spent July 4, 2018 in Moscow attended closed door “meetings.” How very symbolic. That doesn’t seem like “due process” to the House managers, who will be attempting to prove that Trump is doing Russia’s bidding. Perhaps these jurors should recuse themselves?


Peace, y’all

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p j evans

They’re trying to derail it. Or make people think it’s unfair, even though the committees are giving them *more* access than Clinton (or Nixon) got.


Hmm. Perhaps then Republican Senator Ron Johnson (I think I have the name right) should testify as well. He had conversations with both Sondland and tRump about the delay in Ukrainian funds. That was around September 1st. Doubt he’ll want to comply.

p j evans

They’d want to ask him questions about that trip to Moscow a couple of years ago, the one for the 4th of July.

gettin too old for this shit
gettin too old for this shit

So would I. I have been wanting to ever since it happened.


Schiff had to be ready for this play. I’m certain that he’ll surprise us with a tactical and strategic move that will make the GOP look foolish yet again.

p j evans

Nadler’s the chair of the Judiciary committee, which is the one starting hearings this week. He’s not quite as good as Schiff.


While true, Schiff will need a response to this BS call to be a witness, which is what I was referring to. And Nadler may yet surprise us.

dana fairfield

Schiff gave Nadler and all of America a master class. Hopefully Nadler is consulting with Schiff.