Trump Re-emerges to Tweet His Latest Impeachment Defense


In case you didn’t hear, 53% of Republicans believe Trump is a better president than Lincoln.

Any president with an ounce of grace and/or humility, one who hears that half his party ranks him or her above Lincoln, responds with: “Well, I find it endearing that my supporters are enthusiastic. But I think perhaps maybe this poll has some snags in its methodology, or is disinformation to suit a political agenda. I know that my vote goes to the man who saved the Union.”

That was so easy even a moron sitting in the middle of the sticks could do it.

Trump, on the other hand, couldn’t resist promoting the poll, and using it as justification to save himself from impeachment. Were that not enough, he spoke in third-person to do it.

Dude. That poll says far more about your supporters than it does about you. Here, see if this helps you understand:

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for real political staffers whose job it might be to help Trump, or even Republicans sitting on the sidelines wanting for Trump to broaden his appeal. That poll presented the perfect opportunity to deliver a surprisingly elegant and humble rebuke. I wrote my response in less than 30 seconds, and it sucked. But it is in a higher existence than Trump’s tweet, which managed to reinforce his most loathsome qualities.

Would a normal person even want to be seriously compared to a founding father like Lincoln? No normal person wants that kind of adulation. Even most rock stars get over it at about age forty and start having families and become “people.”

Actually, the saddest aspect of the response is Trump’s palpable need to be adored by his followers. This is a man who doesn’t object when someone like Rick Perry says Trump is “the chosen one.” I guess it is a little much to expect “humility” from a man whose followers see him as above humanity. Franklin Graham says it is “near Demonic” to oppose Trump. If Graham is right, and it is demonic to oppose Trump, what does that make Trump?

I don’t know. Not Lincoln, on that I am certain.

Happy Saturday night everyone.


Peace, y’all

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7 Comments on "Trump Re-emerges to Tweet His Latest Impeachment Defense"

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Teresa Travaille-Murphy
Teresa Travaille-Murphy

I’m sorry. He pretty much acts like it’s someone else. Not him. He might grow up one of these days. Oh.. Not!! Please republicans.. Grow up to and remember what’s happened before. Happy holidays


When this is over, we’re going to be hard pressed to find 1% of that 53% who are talking now…and just because more funerals are coming for them. As for humility, Jason, well, a guy who transposes his face on a 1980s Sly Stallone physique has not much hope of that.

Cherl Harrell

To me it seems to reinforce how infantile he is. I guess that’s his emotional age. Even visiting the troops in Afghanistan, all he could do was tout himself. The kind of stuff that comes out his mouth doesn’t change.

Lone Wolf

He is only a useful idiot, for the GOP and is just too stupid and/or ignorant to realize it.

chris whitley

The only reason he is still there is that the federalists society has been trying to take a Republican President and make him into some sort of dictator. For context check McConnell and Barr’s actions. They want some buffoon in there to make original one then put their guy in later. Has been reported on by different news agencies. Look it up!


Of course he is “the chosen one”. He was deliberately chosen by Putin.

p j evans

It isn’t the Democrats who are the “do-nothing party”. They’ve sent hundreds of bills to the Senate, where Moscow Mitch is stacking them in his office for use as insulation in the mansion he’s been promised.