Over Half of the “Republicans” Polled Believe Trump is Better than …



Nah, just kidding. I think.

I mean they didn’t ask that question, so …

Over half – 53% – of Republicans polled say that Trump is a “better president” than Abraham Lincoln, according to a poll reported on by Rolling Stone.

I showed the headline to my daughter who said nothing. Instead she gave me the best subtle Picard facepalm and a gentle sigh. Other responses are perfectly acceptable.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not like most Republicans think that Trump is the “best president ever.” No, they’re not that delirious.

However, the never-ending love from party loyalists for former president Ronald Reagan could not be toppled even with the seemingly unshakeable support for the current president. Reagan still bests Trump 59 percent to 41 percent as their favorite.

Normally you might point out that Lincoln won the civil war and abolished slavery, whereas Reagan … but normally we’re not left to choose between a president who put the United States ahead of Russia (Reagan) versus one who operates the United States on Russia’s behalf, as in Trump. So, if more Republicans believe that Reagan is the best president ever, good for them, at least they’re putting the United States ahead of Russia. For now.


Jesus Christ giving an address at Rotary, Lincoln? Trump is a “better president than Lincoln?” Go to school, Republicans!

Ha, sorry. Had they gone to school, they wouldn’t be Republicans.


Peace, y’all


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