We’re gonna have to start calling him “Slick Rudy.”


Ruuuuudy. Don’t take your love to town   Sorry Kenny Rogers

You know, the emoluments clause of the United States constitution was put in there to try to prevent a President from turning the US government into one giant Salvation Army Thrift Store, but when the chief executive repeatedly gets away with every form of corruption known to man, why shouldn’t everybody associated with him not try to “dip their beak?”

The Hill is reporting that “Slick Rudy” Giuliani has been one randy lad lately. All the way back in March of this year, when The Ghoul Man was already over in Ukraine, trying to get the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice to open a series of bullshit investigations into the Biden’s, he was also trying to pitch the services f his own consulting company to the very same Ukrainians!

According to the reporting, sourced to The New York Times and The Washington Post, Giuliani pushed a proposal, on company letterhead, to represent then top Ukraine prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko, as well as the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, as clients.This was at the same time as Ghouliani was already pushing Lutsenko to open investigations into Joe and Hunter ‘Biden, as well as Burisma.

An updated March proposal, on Giuliani company letterhead, and signed by Rudy G himself, called for Ukraine to pay Ghouliani, along with the Cluster FUX Boobsey Twins, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, $300,000 in return for the trio’s advice on recovering Ukrainian funds in financial institutions outside of the Ukraine. The proposal was not signed by either Lutsenko or any member of the Ukraine government. Who do I have to know in order to get paid $300,000 for advice that may or may not work? But here comes my favorite part;

Giuliani has repeatedly denied having business dealings in Ukraine and says none of these deals were completed. He told the Times that the Ukrainian official had asked to hire him, which he rejected. But Giuliani said he considered a different deal with the Ukrainian government before scrapping those plans.

Don’t you just love it? Giuliani swears on a stack of bibles that he has no business dealings in the Ukraine, and then, when documents on his own company letterhead show him directly pimping for $300,000 of Ukraine’s hard earned money, his knockout legal defense is yeah, but the deal didn’t go through. So, there! With legal expertise like that, it’s little wonder that the Ukrainians didn’t sign on the dotted line. My best professional advice at the time would have been to tell the Ukrainians that they would be better off investing their $300,000 in Haitian penny stocks. But that’s just me.

I’m sorry, but this is just getting to be ridiculous! You have a President who wants to hold a global summit at his own failing golf resort, which also apparently is the bedbug capitol of the world. You have one cabinet secretary that used the US Treasury for his own personal travel agency, including unnecessary, prohibitively expensive layovers in Paris, as well as Caribbean snorkeling cruises. You have another cabinet Secretary who got the huge contract to restore electrical power to Puerto Rico to a mom and pop bodega operation in his home state, with literally something like 3 employees, and practically run out of a home office. And now you have the resident’s personal ambulance chaser running around the Ukraine with his own personal legal twist. It’s called quid pro quid, and it goes something like this, You guys conduct a couple of sham investigations for my client, and while you’re at it, give me $300,000 to boot. And the only complaint from the congressional =Republicans is that they aren’t getting cut in on the deals! What a way to run a railroad.

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Ivwasnt sure before, but now I think he will be indicted.


I was ALWAYS sure, Cmae. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that someone was going to have to go down for all this, someone big. Nor will Rudy going down stop the train or the story.


The leaks are certainly ramping up.


Sick Rudy more likely.


If there’s one thing I’d never call Rudy, it’s Slick.

p j evans

He was probably much better at it in the 80s and 90s.


Rudy? Loe? I think it’s is PHONE he shouldn’t take to town.