Melania Trump spoke at a youth summit in Baltimore Tuesday on the opioid crisis, which is one of her platform issues, along with #BeBest, and she was booed for the first time at a solo event. It’s not surprising, considering the rancor with which hubby Donald spoke about Baltimore and the late Elijah Cummings, who was greatly loved in his home city.

Vox populi is not a voice to disregard, and it is booming it’s opinion at the Trump family in quadrophonic stereo. In recent weeks, Donald Trump Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle were resoundingly booed off stage at UCLA and by their own followers, no less, when Junior canceled a Q&A session. Trump and Melania were booed at the World Series and the same week Trump was booed at the UFC matches.

This is a trend that is likely to continue and it’s long overdue, in fact. Maybe it will finally begin to sink into the Trump’s skulls that the ritual of a photo op from time to time on a relevant social topic is not going to met with the fawning adoration and flash bulbs that their show biz mind sets tell them is their due. Donald Trump is an elected public official and if he and his retinue can’t cut the mustard on that level, then they can expect more of the same — although I think it behooves us to invoke Obama’s words of wisdom here: “Don’t boo — VOTE!” Better advice was never given. Make the protest that matters.


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Smart kids.

p j evans

I wonder if dead silence, no response of any kind, would have been even more effective.


Boo — AND Vote!


And without the kids, Trump and anyone following his lead is as good as finished. Gen Z is over his nonsense and has been for a while.

The Trump clan has its ups and downs, mostly down, and now, the shitgibbon has reached into his empty bucket of friendly voices to smooth things over for him, BUT alas, he has set himself up for the big one and no one will care … there will be reports on TV, “suddenly, DJT at 6 AM EST, was starting down the steps from the Trump family quarters, stumbled a couple steps and rolled all the way down to the first floor … amid language not printable here, president Trump showed signs of injury to his face, and had to… Read more »

Nothing says “I’m a rope sucker” like having nickname like meathead…..

yaya nana
I think the White House knew exactly what would happen with that audience & will make hay with their “outrage.” These were inner-city middle & high schoolers, not primary school kids. They have heard the insults for 3 years, the blatant racism & they know all about the detention camps on the border. They saw Melania wear that hateful jacket. On a lighter side, it took nerve for her to strut across a stage wearing thigh-high leather boots when every one of those kids has seen her soft-porn photos on the internet! Or perhaps she is just as out of… Read more »