Trumps Legitimize News Organization that Calls Impeachment “Jew Coup”


This is beyond “unsettling.” And though none of this is “surprising,” it isn’t getting enough attention. Anti-Semitism and racism power the most savage instincts within Trump’s base, and Trump is delivering on their support, a positive feedback loop.

First, the headline:

So, you say, who cares? Tru News is probably just some [skinhead] guy in his basement. Don’t overreact over one racist site. Or, at least that was my first reaction, until I hit the link.

Tru News is likely made of skinheads, and it is a far right racist organization (obviously) but it is one that Trump is doing his best to dignify and legitimize.

Trump called upon a Tru News “reporter” during a presidential press briefing, and no it was not by accident. In any presidential press setting, the president has total control over granting press passes generally, never mind upon whom to call. Trump purposefully lifted “Tru News” to the highest media pedestal in the United States, the ability to attend presidential press-conferences and ask question.

“Jew Coup,” says an organization that carries a White House press pass.

Not to be outdone, the man who sees himself as the 46th president of the United States, Don Jr. gave an interview to Tru News recently:

This is utterly horrifying.

It is also makes me realize that there is another dangerous element at work in the entire impeachment matter that I hadn’t fully appreciated. That being, what happens when Trump and his followers interpet an acquittal as a license to really get abusive? Will this become increasingly “normal”?

Of course, it is natural to point out that most Trump supporters are not anti-Semitic and would not tolerate outright anti-Semitism from Trump or the White House. But that assumes that people on the Right will have the courage to even voice their opposition. Right now, perhaps most of the Right-wingers still feel free enough to loudly criticize Trump, should they so choose. That won’t necessarily always be the case, if they continue to grant him unlimited power.

Trump enablers might, at some point, enable Trump right out of ever being accountable to anyone, supporter or not,. Even now, pre-impeachment vote, I wonder how many Republicans have chosen to back Trump due to nothing more than abject fear of what Trump does to the people that anger him. Again, we’re not even out of his first term, yet, and think of how far we’ve come. Think of how far Trump can go, if not stopped in impeachment, or by elections.

Dictators become even more powerful when they no longer need “support,” only silence, and that is the direction we’re heading. Moreover, keep in mind how tribal society can be. Views that some might have found abhorrent become increasingly tolerated if they are increasingly accepted in one’s tribe.

This isn’t just some skinhead in his basement with a website. This is a national news organization that the White House has actively promoted. This type of racist shout is important to note, and pass around. Racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, it always seeks dark corners to fester. It is also always easier to defeat while on the rise, rather than when it sweeps a country in waves. A movement has formed to get Tru News banned on Twitter, I encourage you to lend your voice and demand it.

There is never a day off in the resistance, and we shouldn’t want one, if this is the type of stuff popping up.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom




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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Whiskey Tango Alpha Foxtrot even.

Lone Wolf

He’s a Nazi, his ancestry is German you know. Wonderful, eh?

p j evans

They need to be called on this. It isn’t a “coup” – it’s a completely constitutional remedy for unlawful actions be elected (and appointed) officials. And it’s not being done by Jews – it’s being done by people who take their oaths to the Constitution seriously, unlike Himself and his cronies.