LIndsey Graham Digs Up Irony’s Skeleton to Deliver More Lasting Death


Here is a great question. In a “post-fact” world, can irony even exist as a “thing”? Does irony not require a baseline of agreed-upon fact? Is “reality” necessary to have irony?

I think so.

It is an interesting theoretical question because if irony could exist, Lindsey Graham would do everything he could to render it dead(er) in minutes.


Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey. You have got to put at least a tiny bit of effort into this, bro. Come on. Can’t you at least make it look like you’re slightly interested in covering-up your plain awfulness?

Apparently not.

Well, yeah, if you want to get all “technical” about it.

If there is any investigation to be done about children of politicians trading on their name and position, it best start with Jared Fcking Kushner, the guy who “WhatsApp” texts MBS and gets his shit loans refinanced by those same Arabs.

While I have you here. Who doubts that the NSA can crack “WhasApp” in less time than it takes to eat a taco?

The problem is that the NSA doesn’t want the world to know it can crack “WhatsApp” while popping microwave popcorn. Indeed, the NSA is so well-served by having the rest of the world believe “WhatsApp” is “secret” that the NSA is unable to use a lot of the evidence it gleans in monitoring scrawny little shits like Jared.

Okay, back to Biden and irony. Look, have no doubt, what Hunter and Joe did is smelly, and Hunter shouldn’t have taken the position. That is not disputed. What is both breathtaking and ironic is the fact that not one person has alleged that the Bidens did anything illegal. Even the Republicans haven’t alleged that any crime was committed.

That would  not be true if Jared and/or Ivanka, or Uday and Qusay used their “inside knowledge” to gain contracts across the globe. If I were Joe Biden, I would be sorely tempted to throw my hands up and say:

“Fine. Let’s go. Let’s have the biggest public hearings in the history of mankind on the possible money made by children of current or ex presidents and vice-presidents.Let’s open the entire thing up. My son and I will set forth every receipt and financial document subpoenaed, and we will personally testify, on the condition that you and your kids open the books and testify, too.”

That is what I would be tempted to say.

Which is precisely why I am sitting in the middle of wonderfully mild Mississippi on this Feast Week, and not campaigning for president. That, and I’m originally Canadian. But wouldn’t you be tempted?

Actually? The person with the best response to Lindsey Graham is Alyssa Milano, who might run a close second to Nicole in … never mind. Here is how one deals with Lindsey Graham’s axe wield on irony:

Atta girl.

The Right truly does believe that Biden was terribly terribly “corrupt” and they are willing to overlook everything about the most corrupt president to ever contemplate office. We live in a post-truth world. Orwell was off in timing, but not by much.

Did Orwell ever ask if irony could exist in a post-truth society? I don’t think it can, and damn, I am going to miss it. We know Lindsey misses it, he raised it from the grave just to take another whack.


Peace, y’all

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6 Comments on "LIndsey Graham Digs Up Irony’s Skeleton to Deliver More Lasting Death"

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p j evans

I don’t think Jared has ever come clean on his financial past. He should be in jail, along with his father-in-law, his wife, and her brothers.

chris whitley

I the wimp goes over to Saudi Arabia and gets on his knees for the prince. Then you have don jr. going over to Russia for Putin’s cut. Hell they even got Rudy working Ukraine.

Nick Sullivan

We need a new word for ‘hypocrisy’ to cover the breathtaking scope and level the GOP takes it to.


“Anyone else would be fired, but there they are.”

I must disagree with this. It’s not because they are family (not that that hurts, but…) It’s because they are toadies.

“E-7 Eddie” Gallagher is not family and look at what he got from Traitor Tot.

dana fairfield

I have brought this up with right wingers on numerous occasions. Somehow, Jared and Ivanka are always different. Regarding Hunter, they say Daddy didn’t bribe anyone to get those Chinese trademarks (like Joe did with that million dollars). I am not the one saying Joe bribed anyone.