Is FOX News Having “Growing Pains?”


God, I love it when they eat their young! I don’t know whether it’s because FUX News is beginning to try to pivot away from what they see as the inevitable end of the era of Trump, or whether they’re just sick and tired of being ridiculed as The Trump Ministry Of Propaganda, but slowly and surely things are changing at FOX.

A part of it seems to be because some sitting Democrats are more willing to go into the belly of the beast, agreeing to appear on FUX news broadcasts and panel shows, trying to put in holes into the bubble. Congressman Eric Swalwell is s semi regular guest, and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile regularly appears on panels.Possibly because they were stung by being refused to host a Democratic primary debate, FOX has hosted multiple Democratic candidate town halls, with respectful audiences and fair questions.

Obviously there is a risk in this for FX, since they are purposely introducing a virus into the bubble, with no way of knowing what the ultimate effect will be. But it turns out that there is an even greater risk, and that’s the risk of ot knowing exactly what a guest will say once the little red light goes on over the cameras.

A case in point is Democratic National Vice Chair Michael Blake. Blake was invited on with morning host Bill Hemmer, who brought him on to discuss the state of the Democratic primary race, and especially to discuss persistent rumors that eventually former First Lady Michelle Obama would join the fray, and become the eventual nominee. According to reporting in The Daily Beast, Hammer asked his question, and was treated to an earful, but not about Michelle Obama;

“She is not running,” he asserted. “But the core question is why the hell does Tucker Carlson still have a job here in the first place? The reality is this is someone who said white supremacy is a hoax and why does Fox allow him to still be here in the first place?”

Blake was steaming largely due to the fact that three days after an avowed white supremacist entered the Walmart in El Paso and slaughtered dozens of people, purposely chosen because of their Hispanic heritage, Carlson went on the air to opine that this whole white supremacy thing was “a hoax.”

Hemmer tried to soldier on through, repeating his original question, and pressing Blake for an answer. “Ain’t gonna happen,” Blake responded, before immediately pivoting back to aver that the core issue was why Carlson still had a job with the network. At which point Hemmer snapped out,” We get it!”, and reminded Bake that they hadn’t brought him on air to slam Carlson, but rather to discuss the Democratic race. Bake pivoted to discuss the race, but the point was already made.

The funny thing is, Blake slapping at Carlson was a particularly fertile field to plow. Mainly because long time FOX host Shep Smith had been in a bitter and protracted on air pissing contest with Carlson that went all the way up to the day of Smith’s sudden departure from FOX.

You know, it’s one thing to make a big show out of turning up a new leaf. But as FUX News is quickly learning, a big part of being “fair and balanced” means having somebody occasionally show up who has a differing point of view from yours, and being prepared to defend and support your point of view. This could get entertaining real quick.

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elna benoit

I dunno. Having Tucker Carlson shriek that he’s “rooting for Russia” doesn’t indicate to me that there’s much growth to be had at FUX. The plain fact of the matter is that zombies just can’t “grow”. They aren’t alive. All they can do is stumble around and mumble absurdities while looking for brains to eat. I’m afraid that’s the best that FUX can ever offer.


Imagine if it were a Democrat who… Oh, nevermind.

rory darjiit
The Fox family is probably a microcosm of the current GOP. You have some respectable conservatives who want an honorable party reflective of conservative traditions and values. Then you have some political trash who believe any conspiracy theory and have no values or principles. Doesn’t that mirror the establishment vs Trumpism of the entire party? Fox can’t get rid of the “respectables” because that’s the only thing that offers them legitimacy and holds together some semblance of a political ideology. But they can’t get rid of the deplorables, because that caters to their base and without them they lose a… Read more »