Ha ha! Texas Repub Party Accidentally Emails 2020 Strategy to Dems!


I will take anything right now, anything, really in need of some good news. Looking around the net, hmmm … Wait, what? What’s this in Newsweek

Texas Republicans emailed their blueprints for 2020 to who? Wait, they emailed their entire 2020 strategy to the Democrats? Bwahahahahaha

Texas Republicans blamed a “staffer” Monday after their blueprint for winning 2020 elections and plans to mitigate President Donald Trump’s “polarizing nature” began showing up in Democrats’ email inboxes.

Mother of god, are you freaking kidding me?

It is worse than you think, because having more than a passing familiarity with campaigns and the consulting business, let me assure of you one thing. They operate on secrecy, and money, all of them, the bigger they are the more money involved and the bigger the need for secrecy. Ask Texas, they are awfully “big.” They just blew a shitload of money (since their “strategy” is now blown, and it took months to put together) and ALL their secrecy.

It gets better as the details are laid out, imagine having your opposing general read …:

The Texas Republican Party mistakenly sent a document laying out their upcoming 2020 primary and general election plans to Democrats Monday evening, including a target list of 12 statehouse districts they are focusing negative ads on ahead of next year’s elections. In a move The Dallas Morning News described as the party’s latest “bizarre political blunder,” the internal strategy email offered advice on how to counter the “narrative driven by Democrats” about the GOP’s lack of diversity as well as a timeline for a rollout of websites which will bash specific Democratic opponents.

My first reaction is that this is too good to be true. It must be an intentional countermove, right?

Nah. Ha Ha.

They sent their 12 target districts? They sent how they will bash specific Democratic opponents? They sent how they are going to counter Trump’s polarizing nature? Holy shit, the motherload. Is this actually a staffer “mistake,” or is it a “mistaken staffer,” someone who “got in” under the guise of being a good young Republican, good enough to get the strategy and email it out?

Who cares! Same outcome.

I admit, it is a waayyyy better story if it is truly just an email “Reply all” type of fck-up, because that’s just epic “nice-job, Ace” type of stuff. Funnier. But it’s a fuck-up either way.

The email urges Republicans to encourage people to vote straight GOP tickets “all the way down” and warns of Trump’s unpopularity with moderates.

Hey, how much are they paying people to recommend that Texans do things “straight?” I need that job! Perhaps they will be hiring again here soon … in which case you could look forward to their second massively expensive strategy being emailed out!!

Okay, I gotta stop. This did make my day, though. Hope this helps.


Peace, y’all


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Cherl Harrell

They are emphasizing voting a straight ticket, because this will be the first election where voters cannot vote a straight ticket, with one click. That’s how it was before, but now people must click each and every candidate for each office.

p j evans

Ah, they’re joining the late-20th-century. (I’ve never had a “straight ticket” option when voting in California. But an average-length ballot takes maybe as much as seven or eight minutes, if you’ve marked up your sample ballot beforehand and have it with you.)

Not sure what the problem is with “straight ticket” voting. Alabama’s had it for at least as long as I’ve been voting here. The ONLY “problem” one might encounter with it is that marking the appropriate space (or, as in olden times, pulling the appropriate lever) meant that you could not vote for offices (not even cast a write-in vote) where “your” party didn’t have a candidate running. For instance, if I’m voting “straight ticket” Democrat and the only candidates running for my State House District seat are a Republican and a Constitutional Party candidate, I can’t mark my ballot… Read more »

Could they be any more stupid or inept?

It’s starting to look like they can’t be.

But I’m not holding my breath.


Yes! Just you wait.


And people wonder why I refuse to be scared of these clowns.


In hell, Richard Nixon is shaking his head in disbelief.
Who needs to break into HQ with dip-wads like this?
This is the quality you get as the party of tRump.

rory darjiit

Can we have their analytics too? If they want to attack their voter lists to those strategy emails, go right ahead.


I had a good laugh when I read about this one. I’ve always known these re-pubs hair in Texas are nothing but a bunch of racist bigots, I just didn’t realize how stupid they were too. LOL


That should read repubs here in Texas. Stupid auto correct got me again.