WSJ: Giuliani Being Investigated for Money Laundering, Fraud of the U.S.


The Wall Street Journal and The Hill are out with a new stories into the possible charges aligned against Rudy Giuliani. The possible charges listed go well beyond the campaign finance violations levied upon Parnas and Fruman, Rudy’s partners in crime.

According to the Journal, the SDNY is investigating Rudy and his consulting business for money laundering and defrauding the United States. The possible charges are listed within subpoenas recently served upon Giuliani’s business partners:

The subpoenas, as described by the newspaper, listed numerous potential charges under consideration including obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the United States, making false statements to the federal government and money laundering.

They also seek materials relating to pro-Trump groups America First Action and America First Policies.

Rudy is, to put it mildly, terrified, and sounding so very confident, while also shitting his pants:

“All they have to do is come and ask me,” he told the newspaper. “There’s obviously a concerted effort to spread as many lies about me as possible, to destroy my reputation so that I’m not credible when I continue to reveal all of the massive evidence of criminality by the Bidens,” he said.

Joe Biden must be the most powerful ex-Vice President in American history. Through his pure corrupt nature, Joe Biden is able to will the SDNY public corruption division into proactively manufacturing an investigation into Rudy Giuliani, all to discredit Rudy’s mountain of evidence against Biden. If only Rudy had someone on his side, someone even more powerful than an ex-vice president, perhaps Rudy would stand a chance.

Rudy’s plea: “If only they would talk to me,” is just that, a plea. “Please talk to me.”

It is the silence he abhors. Police generally, and the FBI especially, want all the evidence they can get their hands on prior to “sitting down to talk” to someone they might be prosecuting. If you have dabbled around the outside of “white collar crime” and are invited to sit down and chat with the FBI, just know, they already know everything, or you wouldn’t be talking. Cops value interview statements when they back up what is already known. If they catch you in a lie, they have “consciousness of guilt,” which is powerful evidence. Rudy knows this. At this point, Rudy wants to speak to the FBI because he wants to know how much the FBI knows.

The charges are interesting because Rudy has been acting as Trump’s “lawyer,” or “agent.” An agent or lawyer acts on behalf of, and with the permission of, the principle. If Rudy is doing things that Trump – his principal – approved, and those things are criminal, it is impossible for Rudy to be charged with a crime and not have Trump criminally liable for the same charges. That is also why the “money laundering” and “defrauding the United States” charges are eye-brow raising, since these are charges that have been tossed around as applicable to Trump.

Now, the FBI is notorious for taking  forever in their investigations. The FBI loves for targets to believe that so much time has passed, they’re in the clear. At that point, the target gets lax and the FBI strikes. But things are moving fast now, and I don’t see Rudy lasting much longer. Right now, it would be a big “present” if Rudy is not charged by Christmas.

I have been wrong soooo many times about Trump. But, I am willing to stake a lot of my reputation upon the fact that if and when Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s “personal lawyer” and errand boy, gets arrested, the narrative changes, significantly. I am in agreement with my good friend Murph over there. I think Republicans are far more uncomfortable right now than they’re letting on.

After all, just as Rudy remains oblivious as to all the FBI knows, Republicans – too, must spend each day wondering what gawdawful headline they’ll have to defend tomorrow. We only know that the FBI believes Rudy is extremely shady. Meanwhile, Rudy is sure acting like someone who is guilty, talking about insurance and all.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly what one expects of a man who partnered with Parnas, since Lev is currently running around looking for someone to hear his confession.



Peace, y’all

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Lil Blue Sock

It’s been years in the making, but finally Rudy the Worm, the bell tolls for thee.

*contemptuous smirk*

p j evans

Bus, Rudy. Rudy, bus, bus, bus….

Cherl Harrell

It must be eating him up inside, not knowing what the FBI knows. Couldn’t happen to a better person, except “himself”.

Through all of this news about Rudy, I keep thinking about his chatter about revelations to come about Clinton right before the 2016 election. He knew that something big was going to happen, and bragged about it on television. Then Comey sent a letter to Jason Chavetz about emails on a computer of Andrew Weiner, and of course Chavetz crowed about it to the world! The only way Rudy could have known about that was through his connections to the FBI in NYC. He shouldn’t have known. There was a leak, and he flaunted it. That leak was never investigated,… Read more »

Countdown begins for Trump’s first statement of disavowal…’ I hardly knew the guy, didn’t he make the covfefe or something?’