For This Impeachment, Follow The “Rumsfeld Doctrine.”


The coyote is the most aware creature there is. Being totally paranoid, he misses nothing   Charles Manson

Welcome yet again from your old and crotchety, yet somehow charming and lovable ol’ Uncle Murf. I’m going to give you all some very sage advice, and I want you to listen with all of your ears, because it just might turn out that what I’m about to tell you makes life a whole lot easier. And that advice is, pay attention to Donald Rumsfeld.

Donald Trump is not going to have a very happy Thanksgiving. Neither is Mike Pence. Ditto goes for Mitch McConnell. Don McGahn is looking over his shoulder. And there are 20 GOP Senators who are going to spend their Thanksgiving dinner pushing their Brussels sprouts around their plates while their minds are a million miles away. Because this whole impeachment thing is bad juju. But even more so, they’re going to be remembering the immortal words of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, trying to bullshit his way out of the wind up to the Iraq wr;

There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we don’t know we don’t know.

This is the ticking time bomb in the middle of the Republican party tight now, and it’s the sole reason that I hold out hope that Trump may yet actually be impeached and removed from office. The GOP’s line of defense is that there is “no smoking gun.” But the whole problem is that nobody, in the GOP or elsewhere actually knows what the fuck is going on! Oh, by this time pretty much everybody knows the facts, but nobody out there actually knows what the story is. And right now, there are far to goddamn many stories out there, and nobody knows which ones, if any will be told, and by whom, and with what to back it up.

This whole Trump-Ukraine thing was stupid, ill conceived, and childishly executed from the start. It was also arrogant, because everybody took as an article of faith that His Lowness’ power could protect them. And now, there are a whole bunch of people who have their personal chestnuts starting to roast over an open fire, and they’re starting to see the outlines of The Mango Messiah’s loyalty to his faithful minions. Which, if any of these cretins will crack to save themselves, and what can they prove?

Take The Ghoul Man. He’s already huffing and puffing about not being worried about being thrown under the bus, because he has an insurance policy. Ghouliani was hanging around the Trump clubhouse during the time when Michael Cohen was in his prime, and he saw what kind of damage a well placed secret audio recording can do. Rudy G has got to already be feeling hot breath down his back from three SDNY investigations, and he knows that not only is Michael Cohen modeling an orange jumpsuit, but Paul Manafort took one for the team, and he wakes up every morning on a lumpy mattress to powdered eggs and dry white toast. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Rudy G kept a stopper if the water starts circling the drain too quickly.

Then you have Mick Mulvaney, the one who actually potentially broke the law by holding up the Ukraine military assistance. If Mulvaney was smart enough to make sure that his title has the word acting in front of it, giving him an easy out if the shit gets too hinky, you can bet he knows enough to cover his ass around a blighter like Trump. And if you think that Trump has even the slightest idea of what’s on a single piece of paper that he’s ordered withheld from congress, you need a reality check. But you can bet your ass Mulvaney knows what’s on every important one, and he knows just where to find them.

With the release of the first two tranches of state Department documents under that FOIA request, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just became a full fledged co conspirator in the Trump-Ukraine saga as deals with the character assassination of Ambassador Maria Yovanocitch. Pompeo was already in regular contact with Sondland and Volker as a regular part of his duties, but his newly discovered contacts with Giuliani takes this to a whole new level. Pompeo is already making moo-moo cow noises about leaving the State Deartent to run for Senate in Kansas. What did Pompeo know, and when did he know it? We don’t know, but if the pressure hits high, we may find out.

And who the fuck is Lev Parness anyway? Whomever he is, the kind of a guy who jumps out of a vanity sports car to threaten his former landlord in Florida with a handgun is not the kind who normally walks in the rarefied air of official Washington DC. He’s a thug, and he’s spent his life knowing how to cover his ass. Parness is no card carrying Trumpista, Trump was a target of opportunity for Parness through Giuliani, nothing more, and nothing less. Parness has been photographed with Trump in the White House too many times to be just another hanger on, and it appears that Parness may not enjoy very much being locked in his apartment 24/7 with an ankle bracelet, since my colleagues here have reported that he has already had his lawyer turn over a couple of potentially juicy tidbits to Adam Schiff and the Intelligence committee. Parness can’t even be deported, since he’s an American citizen, but he might be induced to relocate to another clime in return for his freedom.

And let’s not forget about former National Security Adviser John Bolton. Bolton disagreed vehemently with Trump on many policy issues, and was tres displeased with the method and manner of his departure. Bolton has been teasing the public, as well as congress, with his alleged treasure trove of information. If the judge rules on December 10th that Bolton and his aide are subject to congressional subpoena, even if Schiff doesn’t hold a special hearing for him, he could certainly be called to testify at the Senate trial, and wouldn’t that be interesting

There is one more person here who bears close watching, and that’s William Barr. Barr has already thrown away his dignity as well as his professional integrity by his diddling of the system for Traitor Tot, but he may well also have thrown away his ticket to practice, with his repeated refusal to recuse himself from several issues as required by ethics rules. But if there is one thing that Tubby the Ewok has avoided like spent nuclear rods, it’s anything having to do with Ukraine. Barr refused to hold the presser Trump wanted to clear him on the phone call to Zelensky, and has so far kept his tubby fingers off of the SDNY investigations into Giuliani. If Barr suddenly becomes legally culpable, especially criminally, who’s to say that, in a belated fit of conscience, Barr doesn’t order that musty old OLC memo revisited, and, in a true come-to-Jesus moment, discover that maybe the constitution doesn’t actually protect a sitting president from legal prosecution? After all, you already have three sitting federal court judges who say that the OLC memo doesn’t hold a teaspoon of legal authority.

Normally, the television announcers would sit squarely forward, look solemnly into the cameras, and intone, “Only one person knows the whole story here, and that person is President Donald Trump.” But that’s nothing more than sophomoric bullshit. Trump doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Trump makes up bullshit as he goes along, and with the attention span of a horned toad, he puts no effort into retention of information, nor of following up on anything. Trump can’t remember whether he had the quarter pounder with cheese or the eight piece bucket for lunch yesterday, let alone what he said to somebody last July. But one thing we all know for sure, whatever it was, he’ll lie about it.

This is The Rumsfeld Doctrine in a nutshell. While the characters  may be known, what they have is unknown, and the conditions under which they may be induced to share whatever they have is also unknown. But there is one thing that we do know for sure. All of these men, by their very natures, would be sure to have taken steps from day one to protect their own personal asses. And whatever steps they took would include rock solid evidence to back themselves up. And any one of them could be holding the smoking gun that could move public opinion, and make it impossible for the GOP Senate to cover for Trump any longer. Don’t touch that dial.

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Cherl Harrell

Nice explanation why Parness is coming forward with info on the situation. I think your summary of that is spot on.

p j evans

Some of the info that Parnas wants to turn over is held by SDNY. So it’s going to get interesting.

Is that a fleet of buses I hear warming up, with Rudy’s name on their headsigns?


We are lucky they are as stupid as they are evil. The one exception is the smart and even more evil guy above them all, Putin.


But Putin isn’t going to live forever. He’s already hit the life expectancy of your average Russian and so his odds of survival will now go down with each new sunrise. To me, he’s just another old man vainly trying to hang on to a past that never will be again.

p j evans

He’s got a lot better medical care than your average Russian.


A delaying action…he’s still gonna die. And I wouldn’t be surprised if his own brain stopped working in the same way Ronald McDonald Trump’s has. With no clear successors, that means a likely power struggle within the next decade to a decade and a half.


A favorite quote from Andrew Vachss’ novel Blossom: “I’d be seeing him again. The Senator wasn’t cut out for crime. He was the kind that’d put vanity plates on a getaway car.”

B. Murphy-Bridge

Correct spelling in Lev Parnas NOT Parness


You can make the same as your quote without bringing Rumsfeld into it by alluding to the Johari window. It was designed as a tool to help individuals, but it also applies to groups, right up to nations and international coalitions.


Ugh. Rumsfeld. I had forgotten about that old poop. What you laid out here makes a lot of sense. Thank you, Uncle Murf!


Great reading! Thanks.

chris whitley

Feel real bad about that. To bad they don’t have some nice grey bars to hang decorations from.