Trump Supporters Will Support ANYTHING He Does, Which Is Why Stephen Miller Wasn’t Fired


It has been well over a week since an email dump conclusively established that Stephen Miller is not only a racist white nationalist, but a proud one, a proud one who does all he can to encourage others to join him in his faux racial pride and hatred of others.

It is fairly easy to mock Stephen Miller as a hopeless, despicable dweeb, because he most certainly is a hopeless, despicable … But he is also one of the few White House advisors to have endured the administration to this point. Stephen Miller works for a president willing to act impulsively upon the advice of whichever advisor last spoke to him, and that makes Stephen Miller one of the most powerful people in the country.

And he is still employed.

This is so damned symbolic of everything ailing this nation right now.

Stephen Miller has not been forced out of the White House because Donald Trump likes Stephen Miller. Moreover, Donald Trump is at a point in his presidency where he doesn’t want to “pretend” to care what people outside his base think. Because Donald Trump doesn’t care about Miller’s racism, he isn’t going to pretend to care about it.

Not a single person within Trump’s base is going to penalize Trump for keeping Stephen Miller on the team. This is not because all of Trump’s supporters are avowed racists, they are not. But every Trump supporter is willing to support whatever Trump thinks or does on any given subject, absolutely. If Trump says something, or believes something, his supporters will back him up on it, god-like.


Bear witness, Trump supporters will defend anything Trump does, even stuff done by someone else, but attributed to Trump:

Trump supporters have all the traditional characteristics associated with cults, but they also possess an even stronger tribal instinct due to the unbreakable hold social media places upon their critical thinking skills.

So, lets apply the problem to Stephen Miller.

Just to throw out numbers for arguments sake, let’s say that 50% of Trump’s base supports Stephen Miller’s racist views. They are avowed racists themselves and are damned glad that it is finally okay to be a racist again. And now let’s say that the other half of Trump supporters are “uncomfortable” with express racism. They don’t like it, and were it anyone else, they would demand a resignation. That half, the “non-racist” half, will not punish Donald Trump for keeping Stephen Miller because of the cult-like hold Trump has upon them. They will forgive anything Trump does, including rationalizing keeping Stephen Miller. See the video above, they’ll justify it somehow, even if it makes no sense at all.

Trump knows he has this cult hold over his “base.” He now knows that he has permission – granted by his base – to do whatever he pleases, and Trump isn’t going to pretend that he cares about racism. Indeed, he is much more likely thrilled to have a chance to flaunt that the rules no longer apply to him.

This is what makes the Stephen Miller situation so dangerous, and symbolic of where we stand as a country. Have no doubt, all the “rules” that we presumed to apply to all of us, especially the “president,” no longer apply. Indeed, had the Stephen Miller emails come out in the first two years of Trump’s presidency, Stephen Miller would have been forced to resign.

But not now. Not only are we no longer the democracy we were before we had the Trump administration, we are no longer even the democracy that we were early in the Trump administration. Trump doesn’t care what the majority of Americans think, and he isn’t going to be constrained by rules or norms imposed by a majority of Americans. He IS the dictator.

This should scare the living shit out of us.

Because it is not stopping, either. If we know anything about Trump, it is that he is going to continue pushing those limits, he is going to push and push and push in one direction only. Think of it this way, step outside our little box, take a deep breath, and acknowledge: Outright racism is now tolerated in the White House. Period. Stephen Miller has been outed on paper, and he isn’t going anywhere. The one hard and true rule we though always applied: “Proven, overt racism will not be tolerated,” that rule no longer exists.

Welcome to America, late November 2019.

Now what?

Trump knows that there is no line that the Republicans will not let him cross, so long as he moves incrementally. Outright Saddam Hussein-type fascism wouldn’t occur overnight in the U.S.. Stephen Miller would have been fired in 2018, but not in 2019. The only White House guardrail that exists is that the movement must be done in manageable increments. Trump knows this, and he is just starting to feel the power coursing through him. Imagine where we will be, “incrementally,” in 2023, if Trump is not stopped.

We have Saddam Hussein Trump as president, and he damned sure is not going to let “liberals” tell him to fire a racist. Nor is he going to let those same liberals (anyone outside his base) dictate any aspect of how he runs “his” country.

Pay attention to each step taken, incrementally. Stephen Miller’s retention is a hugely significant. We crossed a major boundary that no one would have envisioned two years ago. Now think about what else Trump might do that you cannot yet envision.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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Maybe this says little about me but I lost the capacity to be shocked, scared or terrified by any of this about two years ago. Let Miller burn with the rest of this administration…you can’t say this discount Goebbels doesn’t deserve it.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Bareshark, I kind of feel the same way, and agree about this excuse for an administration. But…who’s gonna light the freakin’ match???


All I know is that someone’s going to. This much infighting and jockeying for position leads to that kind of fire sooner or later.

p j evans

Trmp is racist and sexist. Of course he won’t fire Miller: they speak the same language.

Cheryl Lawrence

On the other hand he fired Spencer for going around chain of command?