Rudy Giuliani Is Either Very Unwell, Or Speaking in Code


Rudy Giuliani is speaking gibberish, unless he is not speaking gibberish, and is actually speaking in code to the people that the world perceives to be his sympathizers, Trump, Republicans. and international crime figures.

None of the Bidens are wealthy.

When Beau Biden came down with cancer, Joe Biden talked with President Obama about being able to “sell the house” if needed to take care of costs. From the Independent:

Biden said he and his wife Jill, a community college professor, thought about selling their house to help support Beau’s family if he resigned because there was “nothing for him to fall back on, no salary”.

“He [Obama] got up and he said, ‘Don’t sell that house. Promise me you won’t sell the house,’” Biden said.

“He said, ‘I’ll give you the money. Whatever you need, I’ll give you the money. Don’t, Joe – promise me. Promise me.’ I said, ‘I don’t think we’re going to have to anyway.’ He said, ‘Promise me,’” Biden said.

The story was published in 2016, after Biden had determined he would not run for president, and at a point in time when no one seriously considered Biden a viable future candidate. His “last shot” had been the 2016 race that he declined to enter, heart broken and not wanting to go up against Obama friend, Hillary Clinton. The story is legitimate.

The Bidens did not have a lump of money to utilize, even with a son dying of cancer. He did not “monetize his office” for four decades.

So what the fuck is Rudy talking about?

Four decades worth?

First of all, no one ever brought up the “under the bus” thing as relating to Biden. The reporters asking the question of Rudy asked it in the context of what might happen if TRUMP tossed Rudy to the side of the road. So, “sarcasm” about Trump disowning Rudy has nothing to do with files pertaining to Biden.

Rudy Giuliani was in the U.S. Attorney’s office from 1983 to 1989, and he later went on to become mayor of New York City. If Rudy Giuliani has “four decades of files” pertaining to anything in his “safe,” it is pertaining to Donald Trump and his place in a RICO scheme. Rudy would have been in a position to know a shit load about Trump during those heady days in the New York real estate scene.

The Bidens and the DC “swamp” have never killed anyone. But Putin has. Joe Biden cannot “throw Rudy under the bus” (god I hate that saying, it needs to expunged from the English language, just like we did with “going ballistic”). So, neither Biden nor “the swamp” can turn on Rudy, but Trump certainly can, which is why Rudy was asked about the possibility in the first place.

IF Rudy is lucid and actually communicating something sensibly here, he is communicating a threat to Trump, not Biden. He is communicating with Putin and other unsavory folks with ties to organized crime that might want to see Rudy “gone.” Rudy does not, actually, have special access to any evidence against Joe Biden – or it would be out in the open already! – but Rudy most certainly does have access to all kinds of evidence against Trump.

Who is Rudy really speaking to here?

The clouds? Quite possible. He truly has demonstrated some real loss of acuity in the last few years.

Or is he speaking to Trump and … friends? After all, one can lose a shitload of “acuity” and still know there is a giant target on one’s back and some insurance might be a good idea.

Tell me your thoughts in comments because I am genuinely interested in seeing the breakdown. Crazy or crazy like a fox?


Peace, y’all

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There are only so many explanations for his tweet. I just hope we get to the end of the road soon.


Saw a bit of the clip of him on Fox. He’s been acting unwell for a while. Tonight, he just looks drunk, which tells me that something happened recently that he needs anesthesia for. I doubt he’s got the active brain cells for Pig Latin, never mind code.

Odd, we haven’t heard from the filth in a while and now he is out spouting trash. It seems Biden attacked Graham for harassing him and his son, requesting documents from the state department, etc. And of course Rudy gets in the middle of it, plus he has written Graham wanting to get visas for a couple of Ukrainians who he says have all kinds of information on the Democrats, blah, blah blah. The only article I could find on the goofy tweet was from Time. They didn’t know what to make of it either. I’m not in the camp… Read more »

I couldn’t fathom how he could possibly have four decades of information on Biden either, unless it’s newspaper clippings of Biden’s political career. Rudy might be talking in code to someone, but it’s possible he just tRump-talking BS. He’s falling apart.

chris whitley

I agree. If that little leprechaun had anything on Joe Biden. He would have pulled it out before now. The documents probably are about him and trump and their schemes.

I see no code here. This is the Putin propaganda party line in keeping with the plan to espouse an alternate fake truth (both siderism) to create doubt in the ongoing crimes of the GOP_Nazi Party. Putin’s ultimate goal is to have the left and right constantly fighting so as to weaken the US from within. Putin’s immediate goal is to keep his bought off GOP-Nazis in positions of power to continue to do his bidding. Colludy Ghouliani is just as much of a Russian puppet as Agolf Twitler – both are owned by Vladimir and must do this whether… Read more »
Yes, it’s very evident that 1. anything he thought he had on Biden is already out in the open 2. Biden is not of a temperment to do him physical damage, and he knows it, having been friendly with Joe in the past. 3. he has to know that his greatest threat is Trump. 4. and the question pertained to Trump. So, he’s continuing to let Trump and friends know that he has a “dead man’s switch.” He has been advised by his attorney not to sound threatening to Trump, so he has just rearranged things a bit. So now… Read more »

From what little I have observed, I think it fair that this is not a case of either/or, but one of both/and. Being familiar with Rudy’s activities during his glory days, he has slipped and is continuing to slip further downhill. He still has sense enough to send the message and the code is clear: Don’t tread on me! So the conclusion that he is warning T & Co. is probably correct.


Vote for “crazy.” Cozying up to Trump can do that to someone.

elna benoit

His “like a fox” days are in the past. At best his thinking is more like a chihuahua with a prostate problem that leaves him in a constant frenzy of urgency and frequency. I don’t believe Giuoliani’s mental acuity is such that he could handle generating or translating a “code”. Giuliani is just blustering and blathering like the old guy in the nursing home who shot himself in the foot and tells everyone it is a war wound.